Variants of knots for a tie with an elastic band


An elastic tie is a versatile and practical wardrobe item that will suit every day. The knot needs to be tied only once, and then sewn up. Subsequently, the length of the tie can be adjusted to suit the child’s height. At the same time, it is important to know how to tie a tie properly with an elastic band.

What is and why do you require a tie with an elastic band

This garment includes 2 parts — a finished knot and an elastic band that is sewn to it on each side. Occasionally, a thin ribbon is used instead. It is usually buttoned up. A special fastener is also often used. This model is called regattas. Its main advantage is its ease of use.

Such a piece of clothing is suitable for people of different ages — adult men, schoolchildren, or teenagers. Ease of fastening allows you to use the accessory as part of a school uniform. Furthermore, it is frequently worn by employees of different departments. This wardrobe item is perfect for formal or festive occasions.

This accessory is made from the following materials:

  • wool;
  • atlas;
  • jacquard;
  • silk;

Experts advise against buying synthetic models. They are affordable, but they don’t look very attractive. With such models, even the highest quality suit will not look so elegant.

The colors of the products are different. They are frequently made monochromatic, performing in black, gray, blue tones. Light accessories look beautiful. It is also permissible to choose a green shade model.

Bespoke ties are often complemented with company or school logos

The tie with an elastic band with a print looks interesting. Such models are decorated with checkered patterns, geometric shapes or original patterns. Custom products are frequently complemented with company or school logos.

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When choosing a tie with an elastic band, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Seasonality… Don’t wear the same accessories all year long. Different fabrics are recommended depending on the season.
  2. Length… For boys, the end of the strap should not reach the strap buckle. Adult men decide the length on their own. In this case, it is worth focusing on height and physique.
  3. The cloth… The tie must be made of the same material as the suit.
  4. Color… It is best to get a universal model that will go with any outfit.

Step-by-step process of tying an elastic tie

To get the perfect result, it is important to know how you can tie a tie with an elastic band. To achieve this, it is worth adhering to a certain scheme. The step-by-step instruction onion like this:

  1. Lay the product seamy side up. In this case, the elastic should be in the center.
  2. Fold the model so that it is positioned around the retainer.
  3. Draw the thin part from left to right, moving around the wide one, and take it to the left. Thereafter, the tie needs to be tied.
  4. Circle the elastic band from bottom to top and pull out the tip of the thin element. As a result, the seam will turn out on the outside. An additional knot will appear on the other side.
  5. Pull the wide part down and adjust the knots. As a result, a triangle will appear outside. On the seamy side, fasten the structure with threads.
  6. Everything is recommended to be done cautiously. If you follow the scheme, you get a flawless knot.
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There are many other ways to tie an elastic tie. Strict adherence to the schemes helps to get an impeccable result. Usually, a quarter knot and a half-windsor are used. The trinity method is also often used. These circuits have different designs. There is also a difference in tying methods.

How to tie a four-knot on a tie
How to tie a quarter knot on a tie

The quarter knot is considered one of the most popular. It combines well with different collars that differ in shape and width. This tying scheme is universal. How to tie a tie with an elastic band correctly? Step by step, this scheme onion like this:

  1. Put on a tie. In this case, place the voluminous tip on the right side, and the thin one on the left.
  2. Place the larger part on the smaller one.
  3. Wrap around and take out to the left.
  4. Move the wide element from left to right.
  5. Bring the ribbon to the neck and bring it out, moving from top to bottom.
  6. Thread the resulting knot into the loop.
  7. Pull down slightly.
  8. Adjust the tie to make it even.

It is not difficult to untie the product. To achieve this, it is recommended to loosen the loop, pull the tip out of it and do everything in the opposite order.

Semi-windsor tie knot pattern
How to Tie a Tie with the Half Windsor Knot

The half-windsor knot is also easy to tie. It is permissible to combine it with various collars — the model looks perfect with wide and soft items of clothing. This tying pattern looks symmetrical. The step-by-step process involves the following:

  1. Place the tie around your neck. In this case, the wide part should be placed on the right.
  2. Place it over the narrow side.
  3. Bring down and bring the tip to the right side.
  4. Lift and lead inward.
  5. Bring to the left.
  6. Move the ribbon to the right. This is done horizontally.
  7. Lift it up and bring it inside the knot.
  8. Thread through the loop that appeared on the front side.
  9. Tighten a little, straighten the tie so that it takes the required position and does not untie.
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The most original and rare variant is the «trinity» scheme. The unit is characterized by high labor intensity of execution. Therefore, the implementation of this idea requires skills. A step-by-step scheme for tying a tie looks like this:

  1. Place the model on the neck, wrong side up. In this case, the volumetric fragment must be placed on the left side, and the thin one on the right. As a result, the tape should reach the belt.
  2. Bring the narrow part to the wide one.
  3. Raise the thin end to the neck and bring it out under the knot.
  4. Direct it to the left.
  5. Place under wide section and point to the right.
  6. Raise and lower again.
  7. Direct the tip to the left.
  8. Move to the other side horizontally, and then lift.
  9. Thread through the eyelet and move the end to the right.
  10. Skip through the loop again and hide the tip on the collar.
Trinity tie knot diagram
How to Tie a Tie with a Trinity Knot

A tie with an elastic band is considered a convenient accessory that is versatile. To make the product look flawless, it is important to follow the tying patterns step by step.