Living room for the whole family: 4 secret of a cozy interior

Interior Design

There are an incredible number of families in the world! And each has its own traditions, its own way of life and its own tastes. But the tradition of getting together in the living room is common, if not for all, then for many. And we know what kind of living room design should be so that it becomes a pleasure for every family member.


What could be more comfortable than a rocking chair? Nothing. Old people will love it with pleasure, tired heads of families will use it with pleasure after work. And that a rocking chair (albeit an armchair) is the dream of any child, you don’t even have to say it out loud.

But the most necessary acquisition in the living room will be rocking chairs for young parents who have to rock newborn babies day and night.

Knowing about such functionality of rocking chairs, designers have long offered them in any color, style and quality.

Rocking chairs in the interior of the living room 1

Rocking chairs in the interior of the living room 2

Rocking chairs in the interior of the living room 3

Rocking chairs in the interior of the living room 4

Rocking chairs in the interior of the living room 5

Practical design

Statistics say that up to 40% of all quarrels in families are due to clutter in the apartment! What does this knowledge give us? Wise advice: choose not only beautiful furniture for the living room, but also practical. For example, dark in color, if your children have a tendency to dirty everything around them within a radius of 3 km.

By the way, the most practical sofas are leather. Guess why?

Practical living room interior 1

Practical living room interior 2

Practical living room interior 3

Practical living room interior 4

Practical living room interior 5

Love in the little things

Every family has things, hobbies or dreams that are intimate and able to unite at the same time.

When developing a design project for an apartment, you need to tell the designer about them so that he can create a special and individual project for your family.

Whether it's an old Provencal chest of drawers or family photos from around the world, your living room should definitely have something that makes your family unique and valuable in itself.

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Family living room accessories 1

Family living room accessories 2

Family living room accessories 3

Family living room accessories 4

Family living room accessories 5

Kids Friendly

And again about the children. In order for a child not to have the desire to close in your own room, it is necessary from childhood to form the habit of spending time together. And for this, it is important to create appropriate conditions so that the activity is interesting for the child. For example, in the living room there must be a small play area so that the child realizes himself as a full member of the family with his own interests.

Living room with play area 1

Living room with play area 2

Living room with play area 3

Living room with play area 4

Living room with play area 5