DIY door decor: ideas and photos in the interior

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Decorating the door with your own hands is not only a great idea to diversify the interior of the house, especially on the eve of the holidays, but also a great way to eliminate defects that may appear over time. Today we have prepared interesting examples of door decor that will refresh your home environment.

Bohemian atmosphere

You can easily create a bohemian charm in your home by decorating your interior doors with rows of rivets and beads from a craft store.

Drilled holes, artfully lined up in beautiful patterns - another original idea for registration.

Beautiful doorway

In addition to the door itself, you can also design the space around it in an original way. Bows, colored ribbons, New Year's wreaths will help to create the atmosphere of the New Year holiday. For Valentine's Day, it would be a great idea to make an impromptu curtain from hearts strung on long threads, and by spring - decorate the doorway with live seasonal flowers.

Door decoration with wreaths, bouquets and other details

An incredible atmosphere of family comfort and homely warmth can be created with the help of an original decoration on the front door. Themed wreaths, interesting bouquets, funny characters and other compositions are a sign of the hospitality of the hosts and the joyful atmosphere inside.


Baguette decoration

A popular way - baguettes and painting, following the theme of decorating walls. In this case, you can use one or more pictures in the framework.

Door painting

However, the desire to decorate the house for the holiday or simply to refresh the interior is not always the reason for the door decoration. Decorating can be a great idea to hide the small damage that may occur over time. Masking chips, cracks, scratches will help staining, decor mirrors and wallpaper.

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door painting

Bohemian chic room will add a mint-colored paint and a polyurethane rosette for chandeliers.

do-it-yourself door decoration

Partial coloring of the door with a bright color looks very stylish and original. The fine decision for a nursery.

We decorate with wallpaper

When pasting the door with wallpaper, you can, of course, use classical variants, but the fabric wallpapers will look much more aesthetic.

Before you start gluing, you need to properly prepare the surface of the door, eliminating all irregularities. Remove the paint and sand the door thoroughly, then coat it with a coat of primer. Now you can proceed directly to decorating with wallpaper.

An alternative option may well be ordinary matter, which will first need to be prepared. It is not necessary to decorate the entire door in this way - it is enough to disguise only the location of the defect using stencils, stickers, stickers with the designs and shapes you like. A door like the one in the next photo will undoubtedly become a bright accent in the interior.

A brief description of the step-by-step actions of pasting the door with wallpaper is as follows:

  • we estimate the size of the canvas;
  • cut off all unnecessary;
  • quickly apply glue to the door leaf;
  • paste the wallpaper (better to dismantle the door and arrange it horizontally);
  • set the door back.

Decorating mirrors

Interesting varieties of mirrors can also be used as decor. An excellent option is curly mirrors in the form of flowers, butterflies and other shapes. The design of the doorway will look great in the same style. The finishing touch in creating a holistic composition will be the cabinet doors, decorated with the same figured mirrors.

Vintage decoration

This style is very relevant lately. This type of decoration for your door is not only a great way to disguise minor damage, but also to be in trend of modern decor in the interior.

To decorate the door in vintage style, you will need:

  • rough sandpaper;
  • rollers;
  • brushes;
  • baguette black;
  • White glue;
  • construction adhesive;
  • clear nail polish;
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To create a beautiful door in a vintage style, you can take sheets from old newspapers, music notebooks, special pictures for decoupage, moldings, beads, braid and other decor.

First, the door must be removed and well-processed - to putty and polish thoroughly. Now you can proceed to the very decor. Door painted white. After complete drying of the paint, we create the effect of aging, sanding the object with emery coarse paper. We decorate the center of the door and panels, for which notebooks or newspapers need to be broken in a chaotic way. With a pencil on the doors, we randomly draw rectangles and squares, put glue on them and immediately paste the paper into the shapes, smoothing it with our hands right away. At the end we cover the surface with varnish in two layers. Along the perimeter of the resulting glue black baguette. As additional elements, you can use any details in the retro style.

To decorate the door in a similar style stencils are perfectly suited. This decor is the perfect solution for both doorways and sliding wardrobe doors.

Focus on individual elements

Chic and concise - this is how you can imagine the selection of individual parts of the door leaf in bright color. So, for example, black moldings look luxurious against a snow-white door.

If this combination seems banal to you, try experimenting with tint contrasts. An excellent solution would be to paint the door in pale yellow with sky blue, white with green, or blue with red.

Moldings on the door can be made independently - all you need is to nail thin wooden strips. First you should paint them, and then only fix them with small studs.

An unusual solution would be to focus on bright areas and frames of wooden planks painted white.

More examples of door decoration are presented in the following photos.

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There are quite a few interesting decor options for entrance and interior doors. If you want to refresh your home interior, you can use ready-made ideas, or you can show imagination and individuality, creating something original and impressive. The main thing is to maintain harmony and balance.