Loggia design: ideas and interior photos

Interior Design

Loggia design is becoming increasingly popular; thanks to a carefully thought-out interior, a modern balcony is becoming an important functional space in the apartment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with photos and landscaping tips.

Often, modern owners of the loggia use this room as a kind of storeroom, where unnecessary things are found. This is due to the inability to organize space and the lack of imagination. We offer you to get acquainted with interesting design options of the loggia, which will make it a real cozy corner, where it will be comfortable and pleasant for both the apartment owner and guests.

Registration depends on the size!

Little Loggia

A loggia of 3 sq.m is a small room that, with proper design, will turn into a real cozy corner. Flower lovers can create a stylish greenhouse or winter garden here. And you can make a room out of it for relaxation: put a small sofa in the corner, next to it is a coffee table, arrange pots of flowers on the windowsill.

In small rooms, you should make the most of the space: you can hang several shelves on the walls, and transformer furniture is also perfect: if necessary, it can be easily removed.

So that the room does not lose comfort, you should carefully approach the placement of accessories: they should not be bulky, a pair of clay pots with flowers, a picture in a frame will be quite enough. Visually increase the boundaries of the room will help the active use of light colors.

Average loggia

If the loggia is medium in size - 4-6 sq.m., then the owner's imagination is limited only by taste. In such a room, you can reproduce almost any style, create a real installation of stones and living plants. Those who wish to add an element of romance can install an artificial pond. Playing with light will help visually expand the boundaries of space.

Loggia design 14

Loggia design 15

Large loggia (more than 7 sq.)

Loggia Design16

Loggia design 17

In this case, the design project may involve zoning the premises: a large balcony can be divided into zones by using screens and partitions. From such a loggia, you can easily create a real relaxation room: put a large corner sofa with pillows and a table for the whole company. A mini-gym can also be equipped here.

Choose a style

When making a loggia, you can give real space to the flight of fantasy: the style solutions are limited only by the taste of the owner. Consider the most common styles.

Loggia design 18


When choosing this style, you should adhere to the principle of naturalness: use only natural materials, in particular, wooden boards. An excellent option would also be tiles - imitation of natural stone, decorative plaster. The ceiling and walls should be painted in light colors: it does not have to be white, you can dilute it with delicate pink, blue, beige. Read also how to decorate a Provence style bedroom!

The color scheme of the style is distinguished by a wide variety:

  • White
  • Baked Milk
  • Terracotta
  • Beige
  • Light orange
  • Mint

Loggia design 19

The combination of these tones will create a unique flavor of the French province. To make the effect more noticeable, the colors should not be bright, it is better to use pastel colors. From furniture, a small sofa with floral upholstery or a wicker chair is perfect. Will complement the interior table "antique". This style is also convenient in that you can successfully use old furniture: paint it white, giving it a Provencal flavor - and it will be a real decoration of your loggia. The metal table and chairs of obligatory white color look very nice. The final touch will be made by accessories: forged chandelier or shelves, sofa cushions, flower pots. An abundance of fresh flowers is also welcome here.

Did not like the style of Provence? These design options are also very interesting.

Loggia design 20

Loggia design 21

Loggia design 22
Photo registration of the children's area on the loggia.

Modern style

A very interesting option is the design of the space of the loggia in a modern style. Frameless furniture, wicker chairs, decorative panels with an original pattern are perfect for this design. Do not forget about the accessories: original lamps, modern paintings on the walls, colored blinds or bright curtains will complete the design. A touch of freshness will bring fresh flowers. You can safely play with the color palette and use a variety of colors: both the most popular in the decoration of balconies are white-brown and extravagant: red, deep blue, mint.


Fans of Eastern exotic can opt for a Japanese-style loggia design. Facing the spirit of the Land of the Rising Sun will help wall cladding with panels depicting hieroglyphs, red-black and dark brown lacquered furniture, screens and partitions, bamboo blinds and mats. As a decoration, you can put a beautiful fan on the wall, or a panel depicting a pretty Japanese woman, arrange several vases with decorative bansai bushes, multicolored origami figurines, an artificial flowering cherry blossom would be appropriate.


To give the loggia a flavor of the Mediterranean, you should use natural materials: lined the walls with wood or tiles with a suitable pattern, put wicker chairs.

Loggia design 27

The most common colors in such an interior:

  • Turquoise
  • Mint
  • Brown
  • Olive
  • White

Perfectly fit into the interior striped hammock or a pair of lounge chairs. To create harmony should not overload the design with an abundance of accessories. The original addition will be a palm tree in a pot.

Loggia design 28
In the photo - an interesting option to design windows on the balcony.

Loggia design 29


Fans of bold experiments will surely appreciate high-tech loggias: they are distinguished by minimalism, an abundance of glass and metal accessories, and a predominance of silver, gray and black colors. The most popular facing material is metal-like panels. To visually expand the space so inherent in this style, you should use a large number of LED lamps by placing them under the ceiling.

Loggia design 30


The use of decorative stone, the presence of wooden elements, the abundance of fresh flowers, bright colors will help in the design of the loggia in the country style. On the windows you can put curtains with a large ornament, lay colorful paths on the floor. Of the furniture, preferred wooden benches, a simple table, old chairs with bright calico.

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An excellent option for owners of large balconies: partitions and screens are used to divide the room into zones. Illumination should be maximum, which is why this style is especially suitable for loggias with panoramic glazing. Decor elements are presented to a minimum, this, as a rule, from the realities of the life of the plant - metal pipes, concrete, steel sheets. Furniture is the simplest, no frills. All items in the loft interior should be kept in the same color scheme, usually blue or gray.

Accession of the loggia

Loggia design combined 01

Loggias are also convenient because they can be attached to the main room. The merger in this case can be either complete or partial (in this case, permission is not required; only the doors leading to the balcony are removed). In order to make the desired complete redevelopment of the apartment, you must first obtain permission.

Loggia design combined 02

Most often, loggias are connected to the kitchen; here it is possible to combine without demolishing the window sill, which can be stylishly used as a bar counter. If the kitchen is small, then combining it with a loggia will help increase usable space. Less commonly, the combination of the loggia occurs with the living room, bedroom.

A negative feature of such redevelopments is the laboriousness of the process: first, coordination with the housing and public utilities, the drafting of the project is necessary. And the implementation itself will require a lot of time and effort.

About finishes

Loggia design 02

Loggia design 03

Warming of the floor

Serious step in giving a loggia of comfort is floor insulation. It is important to choose the material, it can be:

  • Expanded clay.
  • Styrofoam.
  • Mineral wool.
  • Penoplex.
  • Penophone.

Let us consider them in more detail.

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Expanded clay Easy installation, light weight, flame retardant It takes a large amount, absorbs moisture, is fragile. For the best effect, a large layer is required, which reduces space.
Styrofoam Low price, lightness Low strength, insufficient hygroscopicity
Mineral wool Long service life, the material is non-combustible; easy installation Low moisture resistance
Penoplex It is strong, will serve long, it is frost-resistant Made of combustible material. Quite expensive
Penofon Excellent hydro and thermal insulation, will save space Used in conjunction with penoplex

Stages of insulation

  • Surface cleaning (vacuuming the floor);
  • Laying the first layer of thin insulation (it is recommended to use solid pieces so that the joints are as small as possible; if required, trim them);
  • Laying the second layer;
  • Installation and fixation of wooden beams (distance between longitudinal beams - 30 cm, between transverse - 50 cm);
  • Filling of “chambers” formed between bars with polystyrene;
  • Alignment;
  • Laying on top of a sheet of plywood, chipboard.

The process is quite time-consuming, but if desired, can be done by hand.

Wall coverings

An important stage in the improvement of the loggia is wall cladding, which allows not only to level the walls, but also to achieve noise and waterproofing, and additionally insulate the balcony.

We choose the material

The following materials can be used for covering the walls of the loggia:

  • Drywall
  • MDF panels
  • Batten
  • Plastic panels
  • Probka
  • Decorative rock
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Let's get acquainted with them in detail.

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Drywall Easy installation - even a beginner can handle it! The material is afraid of low temperatures (not suitable for non-warmed balconies)
MDF panels Attractive price, wide variety of options, including imitation of natural materials Low moisture and frost resistance; contains resin
Batten Environmentally friendly, beauty, interior acquires refined chic The high cost of quality material, the complexity of installation. Cheap low-quality material can rot, crack
Plastic panels Moisture resistance, ease of installation, there are models with high frost resistance; wide range of colors They tend to lose color brightness under the rays of the sun.
Probka Natural material, dampness is not terrible No variety dear price
Decorative rock Durability, moisture resistance, variety of options Will cost expensive

When choosing a material for wall decoration, you should proceed from the principle of practicality: choose the material that best suits your room. So, it is better for owners of loggias on the sunny side to avoid brightly colored plastic panels; in this case, the choice should be clapboard or cork. Those who want to save money should think about plasterboard or MDF panels. If the winters in your city are severe, it is better to properly insulate the walls with natural stone, which, of course, is not cheap, but will last for many years.

Redevelopment options

Cabinet from the loggia

Loggia design cabinet 01

What could be better than making a real study out of a loggia: place a small computer or desk here. Working outdoors is easy and pleasant, natural light does not harm the eyes. In the corner of even the smallest loggia, you can hang shelves with books and CDs. If there is a large window sill, you can also use it as a work surface.

Loggia design cabinet 02

Loggia design cabinet 03

Kitchen from the loggia

Loggia design kitchen 01

Loggia design kitchen 02

An original and bold decision would be to turn the loggia into a kitchen. It's easy to do it yourself! A compact table should be placed along one of the walls, several cabinets should be placed, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, and a double boiler should be placed. You can also cook with the windows open. Such a non-standard solution will partially free up the kitchen!

Loggia design kitchen 03

Bedroom from the loggia

What could be more magical than a good sleep in the open air! It invigorates and refreshes, gives strength and eliminates negative emotions. That is why the transformation of a loggia into a bedroom has become very popular: a strict design, blackout curtains that do not let in light, a compact bed. To create a summer bedroom on the loggia, you can hang a hammock.

Improving a loggia is not only important, but also interesting. The wealth of options allows fantasy to roam, limited only by the tastes of the owners!

The design of the loggia from the inside is a real creative process that will help to fully realize your ideas and make your dreams come true.