Brown in the interior: 100 photos of the best design ideas and combinations

Interior Design

The world's leading designers believe that the use of brown color in the interior helps to make the house truly cozy, to give warmth to the room. The whole number of shades of this color is difficult to count. The combination of the remaining options for the color palette with brown increases the capabilities of design specialists.

Using brown in design

Psychologists say that brown color relaxes, has a calming effect, gives a feeling of security and comfort. People make responsible and difficult decisions easier and faster when they are surrounded by its shades. Successful, successful people who know exactly what they want from life choose their brown tones. Brown is rich; it can be both cool and warm.

A few recommendations for using color:

  • orange-red color options will add mood and optimism, and “milk chocolate” will relax and soothe;
  • a light shade of coffee with milk is able to visually expand a small room;
  • dark tones such as coffee or dark chocolate can be safely used in large and sunny rooms.

This natural color on various textures looks natural. The following textures will bring individuality and freshness into the room - mat weaving, stone roughness, leather gloss, velvet hairiness, soft silk, wood structure. In the design of the room, a combination of brown with other colors is used in almost all styles - from country to classic.

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Brown color in different rooms

Brown color can be used in any room of a house or apartment. The only rule is that the smaller the area of ​​the room, the brighter the shades you need to choose.

The combination of brown in the interior of the living room

In the largest room of the house, brown shades can be applied in unlimited quantities. The main thing is to choose the right tone, determine its combination with various elements of the room. Against a brown background of the walls, furniture of the same shade will become completely invisible.

Using brown in the bedroom

In the bedroom, this color will contribute to complete relaxation and a relaxing holiday. A small room, completely decorated with different tones of the same color, looks incredibly elegant. White linens and a ceiling will dilute brown.

Brown in the nursery

Brown can have a calming effect on children with increased activity. This is the color of stability, and the child surrounded by him is constantly developing and growing. But it is best to use its individual elements, which can be supplemented with active and cheerful tones.

Using brown in the kitchen

The brown kitchen indicates the solidity of the owners. This color does not provoke overeating and helps to enjoy the process of eating.

Brown in the bathroom

Materials with a natural brown tone - terracotta tiles, natural stone, brick, will give an ecological focus to the interior. The combination of white plumbing and dark brown trim looks very stylish.

Shades of color in the interior

To create stylish and elegant living spaces, a combination of exclusively brown color is often used, but only in its different shades. Decorative accents, as well as furniture look advantageous against such a background. By varying the color saturation and using its different tones, you can raise the ceilings, visually increase the space, align the asymmetry of the room.

To add “air” and light to the room, visually increase the area, create a feeling of spaciousness in the interior, it is necessary to use light brown tones. A thicker shade allows you to place accents, emphasize or highlight individual architectural elements.

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The combination of other colors with brown

Groups of colors go well with brown shades:

  1. Contrast (purple, green).
  2. Neutral (white, gray, beige).
  3. Accent (orange, blue, turquoise).

A combination of brown and purple

This combination will bring a touch of royal luxury to the room and some elegance.

A combination of brown and green

This combination has become classic and is often used to decorate living rooms. One of these colors is made brighter, more accented, and the other, on the contrary, is made background, soft. This combination of colors has a positive effect on the nervous system and can be used in any style.

The second group includes colors used in interiors as background ones.

This combination is considered classic and can be applied to any style. They can vary in saturation and have a variety of shades. For example, a milk-white tone looks great against a background of thick chocolate, and a rich creamy tone matches a light coffee hue. Calm or contrasting interiors can be obtained by combining shades, as well as their richness.

A combination of brown and beige

This combination creates coziness and harmoniously complements each other. Brutal brown is lightened with delicate beige. These are excellent partners that reflect the combination of feminine and masculine. This combination is perfect for decorating the bedroom.

The combination of brown and gray in the interior

To “lighten up” the room, a combination of brown and gray is used. Gray adds other shades to brown. Bright sound is obtained in this version due to accent elements.

In the interior, a gray-brown color can be made a background, demonstrating a more saturated tone of furniture. This combination does not tire of a variety of colors, creates a wonderful contrast.

The third group includes bright colors.

Combination of brown and orange

With this combination, you can give the room freshness and even make “sun rays” into the darkest room.

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A combination of brown and cyan / turquoise

In the marine theme, brown and blue / turquoise have become classics. Even when there are no marine notes in the design theme, they still add romance. In modern styles, this combination is used very often. In this case, brown is used in the design of doors and windows, in the coating of walls and floors, in furniture, and blue / turquoise - in decor, accessories or equipment.

A combination of brown and pink

Such a combination will favorably affect the nervous system of the baby, and look very unexpected in the interior of the children's room.

A combination of brown and blue

This color pair is used to create a cooling and calm atmosphere.

A combination of brown and yellow

The interconnection of these two colors in the interior of a small room where there is poor lighting will flood it with sunlight and visually expand the room.

A combination of brown and red

Red-brown color will give solidity and stability to any interior. This combination is associated with the reliability of the walls - with brickwork. Such a combination will make even the most modern interior more traditional and respectable.

Brown color in the interior in the photo