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It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a cutting board. Despite the fact that this attribute is often given few requirements - it only needs to be strong, comfortable and clean, however, a modern cutting board can have a lot of convenient additionsdesigned to simplify the kitchen work.

If you are arranging a kitchen and selecting all the accessories and appliances necessary for cooking, including kitchen boards, the tips collected in this article will help you make the right choice. You will learn not only about the types and functionality of cutting boards, but also how many of them you will need for your kitchen.

cutting board

The required number of cutting boards

According to hygienic standards in the kitchen there should be a separate board for cutting raw foods, a separate board for cutting meat and fish, as well as a board for sausages. The fact is that in raw meat and fish there can be bacteria that persist for a rather long time on the surface of the board. And even having washed it, not all bacteria die. Therefore, when cutting raw foods for meat and fish, which are immediately eaten, bacteria can enter the body, causing poisoning.

However, it is even better if separate boards are also used for cutting both meat and fish. Since the smell of fish is quite persistent, it is unlikely to get rid of it after the first wash.

In professional kitchens in catering establishments, kitchen boards must be labeled in accordance with the products that are cut on them. At home, it is most convenient to use boards of different colors, shapes or materials.

types of chopping boards

Types of cutting boards

Previously, kitchen boards were made mainly of wood or plastic. Due to its convenience and practicality, the boards of these materials are present in our kitchens and now.

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Wooden chopping boards are excellent for processing and cutting meat, fish, bakery products, vegetables and greens. In addition, the wooden board is recommended to use in working with dough. Due to the softness and flexibility of the wood, the knife does not become blunt when in contact with this material, and the products do not slip. However, over time, the wooden boards are quite noticeable traces of a knife.

The disadvantage of a kitchen board made of this material is that wood tends to absorb the odors and colors of food. In addition, when washing wooden boards, it is not advisable to use detergents, because... Because of their substances, the tree is deformed.

wooden cutting board

A plastic cutting board is lightweight, durable, convenient and affordable. For the manufacture of such boards, durable and hygienically safe polyethylene and polypropylene are used. The size of plastic boards depends on the purpose for which they are used. For example, it is more convenient to use a small board for cutting raw vegetables and herbs, while a large cutting board is suitable for processing meat and fish or for working with dough. Flexible cutting boards are also often made from plastic, which can be bent and rolled, so that chopped products can be easily poured into any container.

The disadvantage of plastic cutting boards is that the plastic does not withstand high temperatures, which is why such a board cannot be used as a stand.

plastic cutting board

Modern types of cutting boards include boards made from tempered glass. The glass board is durable, hygienic, and also resistant to chemicals, moisture and can withstand very high temperatures. In addition, this board has a beautiful design that fits harmoniously into any kitchen interior. The only disadvantage of a board made of this material is its hard surface, which makes the knives dull.

glass cutting board

There are also bamboo boards, the appearance of which practically does not differ from wooden ones. However, this material is considered more hygienic, durable and does not absorb moisture. The disadvantage of a bamboo board is that for its manufacture several strips of bamboo are glued together, and the glue may lose its properties over time, due to which the board is deformed or even crumbles.

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Wood and bamboo chopping boards

Unusual models of cutting boards

Despite the apparent simplicity and perfection of kitchen boards, many modern manufacturers have decided to modify this kitchen attribute, making it more multifunctional.

For example, now you can find cutting boards on a stand, with built-in containers, weights and a storage compartment for knives. It is also very convenient to use kits consisting of a cutting board and a bowl or plate. These boards have special compartments where plates are inserted, so that after cutting the products they can be poured with just one movement of the knife.

Wooden chopping boards with a set of knives

Kitchen chopping board to the hob

Chopping board with pallet

A cutting board for fish looks very interesting, with a sauce tank mounted on its surface. This board is designed for sushi. However, it is used not only for work, but also for feeding, so you should not cut a large amount of raw fish on it.

Cutting board for fish and sushi

Sushi Cutting Board

A real find for owners of a small-sized kitchen will be carved cutting boards that are built into the furniture. Most often they are mounted under the countertop, which allows you to significantly increase the working area of ​​the kitchen. If you have a round kitchen sink, you can easily expand the work area using a special semicircular board, which is convenient to install on the sink.

Retractable kitchen cutting board

Kitchen chopping board for washing

A very useful kitchen addition will be the board, one side of which has a smooth surface, and the second - loosened. This kitchen equipment is ideal for cutting and processing meat.

Many housewives will surely like the boards, which have pallets for shifting sliced ​​products at the bottom. Instead of containers, boxes for storing knives or cutlery can also be built into the design of the board.

And, of course, manufacturers pay special attention to the design of each kitchen accessory. A modern cutting board can look both quite futuristic and be decorated with various bright drawings and even paintings.

Glass chopping board with integrated scales

Wooden sink board

Board with pallets photo

Having this information, you will probably be able to make the right choice by buying kitchen chopping boards in a store or making an order online.