Examples of design of blue curtains with a photo

Interior Design

Blue curtains are especially relevant for sunny rooms, they bring a refreshing coolness. But in other rooms, such curtains look gentle, elegant and stylish. Each of us associates the blue color with the sky and water. It is quite often used in window decoration.

The most advantageous combinations

Color in design plays a primary role. It carries a certain energy. The blue color pacifies, calms, relaxes, harmonizes and tones up pleasant communication. This atmosphere is favorable in any room, except, perhaps, the office and the sports corner.

The uniqueness of this color is that it can be used "solo", it does not need additional colors and other compositional elements. When decorating windows it is used with different shades:

  • with blue, purple, turquoise (monochrome solutions);
  • with white, gray, silvery, gray-green (adjacent shades);
  • with opposite colors - sand, pink, coral, light orange.

a combination of blue and yellow in the curtains

blue curtains with light green interior details

combination of blue curtains with violet furniture

Blue tones are found in nature quite often. And they are combined with many shades. However, there are a number of rules on how to properly use blue curtains in the interior:

  1. If the room is spacious and well lit by the sun, quiet colors are chosen. Bright textiles will seem to be a "poisonous" spot. light blue curtains in the large living room
  2. In the dark rooms, the windows are decorated with light blue linens, which visually make the room lighter and more voluminous. curtains light blue in the dark bedroom
  3. The combination of bright curtains and pastel tones leads to activity (motor and mental), stimulates to action. bright blue curtains in the living room
  4. The combination with beige is one of the most common in the interior, where beige acts as a base. blue curtains with beige stripebeige blue curtains
  5. Dark shades are used only in bright rooms with high ceilings. Especially harmoniously, such curtains will look with brown furniture. The brown-blue interior always looks luxurious. dark blue curtains in the brown kitchen-living room
  6. Use in the decoration of several variations of blue-blue does not always lead to a successful combination. In most cases, the design will become mottled, "flashy", and then it will be redone again.
  7. The combination with white gives an additional visual volume. blue curtains with white tulle
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Shades of color in different styles

Blue has over 100 shades. In interior styles, the five most popular are:

  • heavenly (relaxing);
  • turquoise (charges with energy);
  • cornflower (creates a romantic mood);
  • aquamarine (harmonizes the state of mind);
  • ice-blue (refreshing, gives a feeling of coolness).

Cloths on the windows, depending on the purpose of the room, can be monophonic or decorated ornament, cage or strip.

curtains with white and blue pattern

blue drapes with ornament

Curtains of blue color are appropriate for decorating rooms in different interior styles. They organically "fit" into neoclassicism, neo-baroque, minimalism, high-tech, modern, loft, beach cottage, provence and country. Only the shades of the blue-blue palette are chosen different:

Curtains in the bedroom and nursery

Decoration of window openings in blue colors is possible in the living room, bedroom, and children's room, and in the kitchen.

It is preferable to hang light blue curtains in the bedroom. This will create a peaceful and calm environment. Alternatively, you can use a marine design. Then you need to add white to the blue curtains, lay out white and blue pillows on the bed, and put a few red or orange floor lamps for contrast. Another touch is the gray bedside tables. The original design of the bedroom is ready.

blue-gray curtains

blue curtains in the bedroom

To create a blue bedroom, double curtains are made: a white light curtain (can be sand-colored) and thick cornflower blue curtains, preferably made of velvet or brocade. Instead of white, you can stop at yellow or green, but then sky-colored curtains will appear in a duet with yellow-green curtains. The proposed design of the window allows, if necessary, to distance yourself from the outside world and have a good rest.

bright blue curtains in the bedroom

blue curtains in the teen's room

light blue curtains in the bedroom

Curtains in the nursery should be gentle. Blue canvases will stimulate the child to develop and promote a positive mood. They are suitable for both girls and boys. A roller blind of the same tone goes well with long curtains.

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light blue curtains in the children's room

turquoise-blue curtains in the nursery

blue and white curtains in the children's room

blue curtains in the nursery

Blue windows in the interior of the living room and kitchen

The living room puts forward certain requirements for curtains, because this is a public place that guests visit. Simple options can not be here. Therefore, textiles for the decoration of windows are chosen exquisite and expensive. And the style of blue curtains can be ornate. The shade is chosen depending on the mood created in the living room. A slight feeling of freshness and coolness will create cornflower blue curtains. Lightness and airiness of heavenly curtains in a combination to gray transparent curtains will add to a drawing room. For this room in general, two types of curtains are traditionally used: dense and weightless.

blue curtains in the dining room

blue curtains in the living room

blue curtains to red furniture

blue curtains in the living room

If the room is filled with warmth and light, the window opening can be decorated with transparent blue canvases sewn in the form of a cascade. A slight movement of air will cause a sway similar to a water flow.

The design of the country-style living room involves natural monochrome canvases. Roller blinds with floral patterns will also come in handy.

blue curtains in the country canteen

Blue windows and brown interior colors will give the room a special charm. Window decoration in brown or yellow-blue tones looks advantageous.

For the kitchen the best combination is heavenly (windows) and beige (walls). For poorly lit rooms, windows are arranged in two layers: light, light curtains and white tulle. For sunny kitchens, gray-blue roller blinds are preferable.

blue roman blind in the kitchen

Depending on the stylistic design of the room, the shade, pattern and tailoring of the curtains are selected. It is not recommended to hang thick curtains in the kitchen: they will make the room dull and somewhat gloomy, because the amount of sunlight will be limited. The exception is Roman or roller blinds.

Everyone can become the designer of his home. Giving preference to the blue of windows, do not forget to take into account the surrounding interior and the features of the chosen style.