How to make a choker around your neck with your own hands: stylish, beautiful and unusual

Choker is one of the most stylish and original jewelry on the neck. The fashion for them has not existed for the first decade or even for the first century. But, like all fashion trends, it cyclically leaves and returns. The peculiarity of the jewelry is that it tightly fits a woman's neck, focusing on her bends and on the décolleté area.

Manufacturing materials for every taste - from precious metals to beads and leather. It is not at all necessary to run to the nearest jewelry and accessories store. It is quite possible to try to create an elegant choker with your own hands.

How to make a choker on a neck from beads with your own hands

This is the most fertile ground for creating jewelry. Almost anything can be woven from beads - from earrings to bracelets and even belts. Returning to chokers, using the appropriate scheme, you can make an adornment for every day or even an elegant piece that matches an evening dress. A lot of cinema stars and famous people of show business lit up in a beaded necklace.

Weaving beaded jewelry is one of the most suitable themes for fantasy. There is a huge field for finding your own style. You can choose any color scheme, weaving style, additional elements. To get started, you need:

  • beads,
  • line or nylon thread,
  • suspensions and other decoration elements as desired,
  • scissors,
  • застежка,
  • scheme weaving a choker from beads.

If this is your first experience of such needlework, it is better to practice on the simplest schemes first. With patience, you can weave a real work of art.

By the way, beading has been known for more than one century, and even in our time of digitalization it does not lose its many admirers.

A beautiful beaded jewelry can be very expensive, so making a choker with your own hands will be not only a fun process, but also a decent economy.

Variants of execution:

  • Narrow or wide flat ribbons with pendants or color patterns,
  • Volume chokers with pendants-talismans, with inserts of natural stones,
  • Openwork models with lace weaving,
  • Complex constructions, not only wrapping around the neck, but also going down to the neckline.
  • When making a choker from beads, you can use beads not as the main material as well as a braid for pearls, natural minerals or gemstones.

When choosing a design, be sure to consider what look it will suit and whether you have anything to wear it with. Using standard weaving patterns, you can always make your own adjustments to them, making your choker truly unique and unusual.

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How to create a cute pearl choker

Pearls have long been considered a symbol of purity, light and femininity. Therefore, it is not surprising that many girls want to have at least one piece of jewelry made from such beads. You can also make a choker with them. And choose the design option to your taste: in one or several rows, tightly covering the neck or slightly descending into the hollow under the throat. What you need:

  • Beads pearls,
  • Fishing line,
  • Clamps, clasp.

Choose the weaving pattern you like and follow all the instructions to get a beautiful and unusual accessory as a result.

Pearl jewelry is independent and does not require any special additions.

The maximum is a neutral pendant or a few metal spacer beads. Try not to overcomplicate the look with unnecessary details.

Choker made of ribbons and lace

Not only jewelry made of all kinds of beads is in trend today. For brave and romantic young ladies, an original choker made of ribbon and lace is suitable. Softly fitting to the neck and eye-catching to its gentle curves. Most often, it is wide models that are made of lace and ribbon, although narrow velvet looks very stylish.

What you need:

  • Ribbon from suede, satin, guipure, velor or other material of your choice or elegant lace,
  • Clasp,
  • elements Decor (for example, a pendant made of beads, natural stone or with some kind of figurine, pendants made of epoxy resin and beads, polymer pendants).

To make such a choker, you just need to take a tape of the appropriate length, sew it by hand or on a typewriter, and immediately make clips for fasteners at its ends. By the way, it is better to combine several materials at the same time. For example, a wide satin ribbon as the base, then medium-width lace and another thin ribbon in the center. In the front, you can make a neat bow or attach a small pendant. These chokers are perfect for romantic and casual styles.

If you are using a black velvet ribbon, add a single pendant or thin lace to it.

Is it possible to weave an ornament around the neck from elastic bands

A choker on a neck made of elastic bands is a great decoration for young girls. Such an accessory will not make the child too old, but will add a stylish touch to the outfit. However, adult ladies do not hesitate to wear such an adornment. You can buy such a choker, or you can weave it yourself. Firstly, you can choose any color you like, or you can even make a multi-colored collar. Secondly, all you need is to buy the rubber bands themselves. You can weave as many accessories as you like for any occasion.

How to weave a choker from rubber bands? To do this, you will need a special hook and a small slingshot machine, but you can do with your own fingers, a pair of pencils or even forks. You can use any pattern for weaving bracelets in this technique, the main thing is to understand the basics. But if you are trying this type of needlework for the first time, it is better to start with the simplest options. And then you can gradually try more and more complex patterns. From elastic bands, you can weave both wide and narrow decoration options, add pendants to them. But if we talk about the latter, you should not use heavy metal ones; it is better to complement the decor with light beads and beads.

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Pros of such a choker:

  • Moderate price,
  • Convenient to put on and remove (elastic bands stretch well),
  • If decoration get bored, you can always intertwine.

By the way, an externally similar choker can be woven and from fishing line... To do this, you will need the actual fishing line (choose the thickness and color to your liking), a stationery clip, scissors and the weaving pattern you like. As in the case of elastic bands, the jewelry is elastic and does not need a fastener.

Leather choker on the neck

In recent years, chokers made of leather and leatherette have gained particular popularity. Slightly aggressive, but invariably attracting attention to their owner. You can buy a ready-made version, or you can try to create the decoration of your dreams with your own hands. What do you need for this?

  • Strip soft skin or leather lace corresponding length,
  • Rivets and other decorative elements of your choice (chains, pendants, beads, rhinestones or beads),
  • Thread and needle,
  • Clasp.

First, decide on the design of the future jewelry. You can sheathe a leather strip with beads, decorate it with rivets, add a pendant. Chokers with a metal ring or a heart in the center, with decorative chains are in trend today.

From the leather, cut two strips of the same length and width - one will be the front side, the other the wrong side. Attach rivets or other decor of your choice to the front side. Both tapes can be glued or sewn with thread. Attach the selected fastener option at the ends. You can use only one strip, but then make sure that the rivets from the inside do not scratch the skin.

The easiest way to make a choker around your neck is to use a leather belt. All you need to do is shorten it to the desired length and make additional holes.

For the latter, it is enough to mark on the wrong side with a pencil where the holes should be, and make them with a red-hot nail or awl. Carefully round the cut end of the strap.

The second simplest way is to use a leather lace. It can be secured to a metal ring on both sides, or wrapped around your neck several times, playfully tying the ends at the front.

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What else can you make a choker

The list of materials from which an original accessory can be made is really very wide. You can even take threads. For example, craftswomen are able to crochet a choker. But for this, it is better to use sophisticated lace techniques and fine threads, rather than fluffy woolen ones, so that the finished product looks elegant. The tatting choker looks especially beautiful - this is an interesting technique of hand-weaving lace using a special shuttle and a blunt needle.

The technique came to Europe from the countries of the East, and over the past decades it has received tremendous development in England and in European countries. The process will require perseverance from the needlewoman and exact adherence to the schemes, but the result is worth it.

Minimalistic version of the choker - one pendant or natural stone on a line that holds its shape. The transparent line is almost invisible on the skin, and it feels like the centerpiece of the jewelry is right on the body. This is a fairly popular model today.

You can use your imagination and make a decoration out of seemingly most inappropriate things. For example, from old headphones... The weaving pattern can be used the same as for the fishing line. For a simple version, it is enough to wind the wire around the neck in several rows, tying the ends with the "ears" themselves in a small bow in front.

Do not forget about the well-known macrame technique. Chokers woven in this format, with no padding or with beads and pendants, will also catch the eye on your neck. But do not forget that the selected threads for weaving should not be too coarse, so as not to irritate the skin. For example, twine might not be the best choice.

Men's chokers

By the way, men also wear similar jewelry. But, naturally, they are as minimalistic as possible. Usually men's chokers are leather or elastic lace with one strict pendant. If you want to please your loved one with a handmade present, make sure that he, in principle, wears such jewelry. Not everyone likes it when the accessory fits tightly around the neck. It is better for men to choose themed pendants (for a hobby, from Slavic or runic symbols, in the form of weapons or sports equipment, "courageous" animals and mythical creatures) or natural minerals in a calm and dark color scheme.

At least one choker should be in the arsenal of every woman. Frivolous from colored elastic bands, romantic from lace or velor ribbon, brutal from leather with rivets ... A variety of options will allow you to choose an ornament for any character and any outfit. And it is better to create several different ones for all occasions - from friendly gatherings to a gala evening or a date by candlelight. The pros of homemade chokers are that you will have a truly unique piece of jewelry.


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