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Interior design in Parisian style - ideas in the photo
The amazingly beautiful interior design of the apartment in the Parisian style, which was created in the best traditions of Parisian apartments, will appeal to lovers of luxury.
New dark interior design. Super ideas in the photoInterior Design
New dark interior design - ideas in the photo
Each person chooses their own design styles for their living space, the implementation of which depends on financial capabilities, worldview, and ability to feel
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Modern living room design: more than 200 interior photos 
The most important room in any home is the living room. Living room design is one of the most important moments in arranging the living space of an apartment or house.
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Design ideas for a small apartment - tips and interior photos
When you have a large apartment and have room to spread out, it is much easier to figure out how to arrange the space, but when you need a design for a small apartment
The most original ideas for a bright interior in different stylesInterior Design
The most original ideas for a bright interior in different styles in the photo
When it comes to updating the renovation, or renovating from scratch, the most unexpected interior ideas arise in our heads that we would like to implement.
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Fashionable bathroom design: new interior items in the photo
Today we will look at ideas for arranging such an important room in the house as the bathroom, indicating what fashionable bathroom design designers are offering today
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Kitchen in Provence style - ideas and interior photos
Imagine you are returning from a hard day at work or a long drive home. A glass of good red wine is relaxing but not intoxicating, mild aroma
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Kitchen in a studio apartment: 5 important moments of planning and interior design
Today, the popularity of studio apartments with a free layout is gaining momentum, where instead of a small isolated kitchenette in a common space, they equip
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New light in design: DIY lamps and luminaires
Just a perfectly selected lamp design can radically change an ordinary, faceless interior into a trendy, stylish one. It may even seem that
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Folding bed built into the closet
The main task in arranging housing is the rational distribution of space. And this is understandable, because often in modern city apartments you have to save
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Design of a kitchen combined with a balcony: expanding the space competently, beautifully and functionally
Probably, every housewife will agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, a place where culinary masterpieces are created during the day, and in the evenings they gather
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Kitchen in Scandinavian style - the warmth and comfort of the northern interior in the photo
The harsh climate of Scandinavia has left a huge imprint on the traditional interior of these countries. Decoration of houses and apartments of average residents of Denmark
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Creative coffee table - examples in the interior
A coffee table is an indispensable prop in a home interior. Still can't find the right option, having difficulties with the design?
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20 ideas on how to use the space under the stairs + interior photos
Many people prefer a private house, not an apartment. This should not be surprising, because the advantages of the house are much greater, and the point is not only
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Living room design: best ideas and interior photos
The living room occupies a central place in the design of apartments and houses. By its design one can judge the ideological theme of the style of the entire interior, taste and preferences
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Interesting handicrafts for the home - rugs, toys, flowers, decorations, paintings, etc.)
Creating a cozy atmosphere in your home is truly an exciting experience. With the help of various little things and decorative items you can complement the interior or
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Furniture from pallets and wooden boxes
Wooden crates and pallets are a versatile and convenient material for creating both home and garden furniture. The options for their use, it seems, are countless.
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Beautiful handmade candles
Every year decorative candles are becoming more and more popular. They are used as decor at photo sessions and special events, and in winter
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Buffet in the kitchen: cozy design with retro touches in the photo
Surely, for many of us, a sideboard or sideboard is associated with grandmother's kitchen. And if suddenly you find yourself the heir to this item, do not rush to throw it away.
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Two-color kitchen - fresh, fashionable, stylish
Any room will look original in two colors. This design is especially suitable for the kitchen, as there are no restrictions on mood.
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Christmas tree in Fashion style do it yourself
The Christmas tree is the central decoration of the whole holiday. The Christmas tree is decorated with toys, sweets and luminous garlands, gifts for children are placed under it.
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100 ideas for interior decor and furniture made from driftwood, branches, stumps and tree trunks
Fall is the season for gardening. Surely during the cleaning you came across thick trunks, branches, rotten stumps and other debris from the wood.
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Stand for knives: handmade and creative designers
Functionality, convenience, comfort and safety are the main principles of the kitchen interior. Therefore, the first rule of a good cook is that knives should have
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Christmas crafts from cones
Among the great abundance of accessories, interesting things and crafts for the New Year's home decor, cones occupy one of the most honorable positions.
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100 ideas from wooden boxes
Still don't know what to do with those old wooden boxes you have lying around? No place to put it and it’s a pity to throw it away? Then we can definitely help you solve the problem!
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Painting ideas for the interior: photos of decor
Decor plays a very important role in the design of a room. With it, you can create an atmosphere of comfort or focus on the freshness, modernity of the interior.
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Light and elegant rattan garden furniture: design options with interior photos
For a stylish design of the exterior of the site, different elements are used. A worthy choice is garden furniture, which is made from environmentally friendly
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Living room in two colors: harmonious combinations for a beautiful interior
Living room in two colors is a fashionable and stylish solution. This way of decorating the room will bring fresh notes and variety to the interior.
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Xnumx ideas from wooden clothespins
For those who are fond of various crafts, we have another interesting idea on how to make a beautiful, original item out of ordinary wooden clothespins.
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Simple and original chopping boards for the kitchen
It's hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a cutting board. Although there are often few requirements for this attribute, it is only
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White sofa in the interior: design tips and 100 photos
A white sofa in the interior of the living room is stylish, fashionable and simply beautiful. A white sofa will stand out noticeably from the rest of the furniture.
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Beautiful decor vases do it yourself
Flowers in the house are always wonderful, and especially if they decorate the room on the occasion of the celebration, and even in unusual vases. Today we'll talk about
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Kitchen design: the best interior novelties and 250 photos
Do you want your kitchen to be not only comfortable, but also stylish? Has cooking gone from a chore to a real magic? Then find out about all
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Corner cabinets: 100 best photo design ideas
The value of a corner cabinet in the interior is difficult to overestimate. With it, you can functionally organize even a small area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe apartment. Moreover, variety
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Loft style kitchen: 100 best interior ideas in photos
Speaking about the interior of a modern loft-style apartment, it is worth noting the fact that the attic-mansard design specificity did not immediately find its admirers.
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90 original ways of folding napkins
If you are planning a party, a wedding or just a holiday with friends, proper table setting, in addition to food and drinks, is part of success
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Beautiful candles: unusual home decor
A beautiful candle is an essential attribute of a cozy home, romantic events and special occasions. It is also often presented as the main
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Scandinavian style kitchen: interior ideas for aesthetics and comfort in the photo
It is the kitchen of a good hostess that is associated with home warmth, coziness and comfort, because here she spends a significant part of her time.
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Unusual Christmas trees do it yourself
For the New Year, I want something completely unusual. This also applies to the venue of the holiday, and goodies, and possibly some exotic country.
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In cramped conditions, but not offended: we think through the interior of a small kitchen competently
Unfortunately, not every apartment is equipped with a spacious kitchen. However, every experienced designer will say that when it comes to arranging the kitchen area
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DIY door decor: ideas and photos in the interior
Decorating the door with your own hands is not only a great idea to diversify the interior of the house, especially on the eve of the holidays, but also a great way to eliminate
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Loggia design: ideas and interior photos
Loggia design is becoming increasingly popular; thanks to a carefully thought-out interior, a modern balcony is becoming an important functional space in the apartment.
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Living room design: ceiling and lighting
Lighting is the most important accessory of any interior. This is exactly the finishing touch that will turn your living room into either a masterpiece or a disaster.
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Mirror tiles: decor ideas in a modern interior with photo examples
The use of mirrors as interior decoration is not a novelty for a long time. However, thanks to modern technology, the mirror has become more than just a decoration.
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Metallized wallpaper: advantages, disadvantages and features of sticking
Although metallized wallpapers are somewhat different in structure from any others, they still have much in common with paper or non-woven.
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Original ideas for zoning a room: photos in the interior
There are a sufficient number of options for introducing interior partitions into the interior. They can look like a wall, or they can only half zone
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Applying a green sofa in the interior and 90 photo design
The green sofa in the interior looks quite natural, because it is the color of nature itself. The range of this natural color scheme is very diverse: from light to bright
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Small bedroom design: ideas and interior photos
It would seem that it doesn’t matter how our bedroom is arranged? After all, we see it when we go to bed and wake up. But according to psychological tests, what
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Wallpaper for the bedroom - features of choice and 100 photos of interiors
The bedroom is a room designed for relaxation and recuperation. Some combine it with a library, study or even a living room.
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DIY candlesticks
Often, when visiting accessories stores in search of candlesticks, we do not always find something that will look harmonious in a home interior - it does not suit