Folding bed built into the closet

Interior Design

The main task in the arrangement of housing is a rational distribution of the area. And this is understandable, because often in modern urban apartments you have to save every square meter. Quite often there are situations when a family of four has to stay in a compact two-room apartment, and everyone needs to be provided with a sleeping and working space, not to mention a living room for intimate gatherings with family and friends.

What to do in this case? How to correctly allocate the space so as not to overload the rooms, and at the same time arrange all the necessary furniture? The task is not easy, but in modern times of technology development, this problem can be easily solved with the help of transformer furniture, a vivid example of which is a folding bed built into a wardrobe.


Today, the furniture market offers two types of such cabinets. Option one - in fact, just a dummy and hides only the bed.

In the second case, the closet, in addition to a hidden sleeping area, is also equipped with functional shelves where you can store all sorts of things.

This is an ideal find for a small-sized room, where you can sleep at night on a comfortable large bed, and in the daytime you can hide it behind the luxurious front of a wardrobe.

The design feature of the folding bed allows for several storage options: with the head down or vertically or in a side position. In any case, such a transforming bed will take up a minimum amount of space, freeing up enough space for free movement around the room.

folding bed

Another significant advantage of this design is that the built-in bed will not have to fill up the sutra and spread it out at night before going to bed. With one click on the button, the mechanism itself leads the bed to the desired position, and you just have to slightly adjust the bed.

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Folding bed in the living room design

Having appreciated all the advantages of the miracle technology, it is necessary to consider the optimal location of this piece of furniture. First of all, a wardrobe with a built-in bed will be the best solution for the living room, which also plays the role of a bedroom in a small apartment.

So, for example, in a small two-room apartment, parents, as a rule, leave a smaller room for the children, and themselves sit in the living room. Young families often face such situations. And you can think about the proper organization of such a space with ordinary furniture for a long time. Just imagine how such a living room can fit an armchair with a small sofa, a wardrobe, a coffee table with a TV and a bed.

In such an environment, in the best case scenario, there may be narrow passages between pieces of furniture in the room, and the atmosphere itself will more likely resemble some kind of inexpensive hostel with rooms cluttered with unnecessary, but still necessary furniture and bunk beds opposite each other. It’s another matter if the bed will occupy the space only at night, and during the day it will be completely free.

A wardrobe with a built-in folding bed can be placed along the narrowest wall, leaving enough space for a lowered bed, after which arrange the rest of the furniture. These kinds of cabinets can be corner with many drawers and shelves for storage.

If the room is wide enough, the wardrobe with a folding bed will fit perfectly along a large partition. It remains only to calculate the place for other necessary furniture. One way or another, one should take into account the location of windows and doors, so that when the bed is horizontal, households can move around the room comfortably.

Such transformable furniture will also be an excellent solution for those who often receive guests at home, and there is no extra room in the apartment for such cases. With a built-in bed, owners don't have to worry about setting up guests for the night.

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Transforming bed in an interior of the nursery

In the children's room, free space will never be superfluous, because the kid needs enough space for games. Therefore, the idea of ​​a built-in wardrobe bed is what you need for this occasion. Lateral position of the design - the best option for the child. So, he will be able to decompose his own bed.

Such furniture will also be convenient in the room of a teenager, especially if your child is engaged in some kind of creativity. After hiding the bed in the closet, the room will turn into a real workshop. It remains to think of a stylish design. A glass table and a beautiful leather chair are a great choice.

Built-in bed and interior style: a harmonious combination

A door with photo printing or glossy surfaces of bright colors are ideal for high-tech style, neutral shades are perfect for minimalism or modernity, and luxurious mirrors and textured wood facades are the best solution for aristocratic classics.

Antique, country-style, Provence, or even imitation brickwork also looks great.

As you can see, solving the problem of small space is not a problem today. Transformable furniture, including wardrobes with a built-in bed, is the merit of professional developers of complex interior designs and creative solutions. And the reason for purchasing such an innovation does not necessarily have to be the limited amount of space in small rooms.

A modern wardrobe with a built-in folding bed looks so stylish and original that it is often in demand among owners of quite spacious apartments.