Design of a kitchen combined with a balcony: expanding the space competently, beautifully and functionally

Interior Design

Probably, every hostess will agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, a place where culinary masterpieces are created during the day, and in the evenings all family members gather for a tasty dinner. That is why the kitchen interior design should be not only beautiful, but also create the right atmosphere that promotes good appetite.

However, very often the owners of modern apartments are faced with the option of planning, when the kitchen has access to the balcony. And they probably have thoughts to make the kitchen bigger due to this. At first glance it may seem that creating an original, harmonious and cozy kitchen design, combined with a balcony, is very difficult and problematic. However, the balcony attached to the kitchen is an indisputable advantage that allows you to expand the space of the room and realize the most daring ideas of the interior.

Kitchen with balcony: preparation for combination

The increase in kitchen at the expense of the balcony today will surprise no one. In this process, there is nothing unusual, but the beautiful and cozy interior of the kitchen combined with a balcony cannot be created without prior preparation. And, above all, care should be taken to obtain permission for redevelopment. Only after that you have the right to install a boiler, furnace, heating and other communications on the balcony.

Despite the abundance of ideas that can be implemented in the kitchen, combined with a balcony, there are only two main options for combining these two rooms:

  1. Full integration: complete dismantling of the wall, window and doors separating the two rooms, and turning the balcony and kitchen into a single zone. This option is the most economical.
  2. Partial consolidation: dismantling doors and windows, transferring communications to the balcony and using the wall with a battery as a bar counter, countertop, dining table, etc.
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Regardless of the option chosen, in the process of combining the kitchen and the balcony, special attention should be paid to the insulation of the balcony. This is a very important stage in combining, because it depends on it how cozy and comfortable your new corner will be. Please note that the entire balcony, starting from the walls and ending with the floor, should be sheathed with high-quality thermal insulation materials, carefully repairing all cracks and crevices. Do not forget about glazing the windows with good double-glazed windows, as well as installing a warm floor on the balcony, which will not only bring comfort to your kitchen, but also decorate its interior.

kitchen design combined with balcony

combining a balcony with a kitchen

Organization of space for a balcony combined with a kitchen

Attaching a balcony to the kitchen has many advantages, because due to this you can not only increase the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe kitchen, but also re-plan the space of the room. The balcony in this case can have a different functional load: here you can place upholstered furniture and a TV, turning it into a recreation area, equip a working or dining area.

Dining area on the balcony

If you have a large family, or you love to cook, then the perfect solution for you can be the design of the dining area on the balcony. Transferring chairs and a table to the balcony will make it possible to free up additional space in the kitchen and thereby increase the working area.

Dining area on the balcony

Recreation area on the balcony

If the size of your kitchen allows you to combine a working and dining area in it, then on the balcony you can easily equip a relaxation area by placing a sofa, a coffee table and other furniture here.

Rest area on the balcony combined with kitchen

increase in kitchen due to the balcony

Kitchen set on the balcony

If you are lucky enough to become the owner of a spacious balcony, then the perfect option could be the design of the kitchen area on it and the transformation of the kitchen itself into a cozy living-dining room. Particularly relevant this option may be for owners of one-bedroom apartments.

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Moving the kitchen to the balcony

Kitchen on the balcony photo

Creating an interior combined kitchen with balcony

Combining a balcony with a kitchen opens up wide prospects for creating an unusual and interesting interior. And in this case, we are talking not so much about the use of any exotic materials or decorative elements (the design of a kitchen combined with a balcony can be decorated in any style - from light and romantic Provence to strict and laconic high-tech), but about a creative approach to the use of certain elements of such a room. For example, an integral part of the interior of a combined kitchen with a balcony is the window sill and the wall with the radiator, which remains after removing the windows and doors of the balcony. This zone can be played in different ways:

An interesting design element can be the entrance to the balcony. Like the area with a window sill, it can be turned into an integral element of the interior and decorated in different ways: in the form of an arch or semi-arch with illumination; or with decorative columns. This approach will allow you to visually distinguish between the working and dining areas in the kitchen, and the entrance itself will become a bright accent in the created interior.

Any inconsistencies in the kitchen, combined with a balcony, can also be used to your advantage. So, the inner window sill of the balcony windows can become a wonderful dining table or part of the worktop, and with the help of floor differences, you can create a luxurious podium for the sofa.

If you decide to completely dismantle the window, doors and wall under the window sill, then even more possibilities open up before you. In such a kitchen you can realize any ideas:

  • equip suspended ceiling;
  • buy a big fridge;
  • or, for example, place a luxurious dining table.

kitchen interior with balcony

combined kitchen with balcony

Furniture and methods for increasing kitchen space with a balcony

Very often, the owners of small kitchens dream not only to create a beautiful and comfortable interior, but also to visually expand the space of the room. There are many ways to do this. For example, to correctly emphasize the increase in the area of ​​the kitchen, combined with a balcony, you can use the same finishing materials. It would seem obvious, but some people make similar mistakes.

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Also, to visually increase the space of a kitchen with a balcony, they often use photo wallpapers with a large pattern or select appliances and furniture with a glossy and reflective surface.

If you decide to combine a kitchen with a balcony, then the question of choosing furniture will be very relevant for you. Of course, in the case of a complete combination, you can select any furniture that matches the chosen style (for example, wicker furniture for a Provencal-style kitchen or a soft corner for a classic kitchen).

If the kitchen combined with a balcony is small, then it is worth choosing the right furniture that will not only be beautiful, but also functional. Thus, designers recommend that owners of small kitchens opt for an oversized kitchen unit, abandon wall cabinets and replace them with small shelves. And if you move the kitchen to the balcony, just limit yourself to a tall and spacious cabinet.

kitchen interior with balcony

increase in kitchen due to the balcony

Combining a kitchen with a balcony is not just a trend of fashion, but also a great way to expand the kitchen space. Today, there are many ways to create an interesting and cozy kitchen design, combined with a balcony, the main thing is to approach this process creatively! Someone will turn the balcony into a small living room, and someone - will place a kitchen set here. It all depends on your personal preferences and room parameters.