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Imagine: you are returning after a hard day’s work or a long trip home. A glass of good red wine relaxes, but does not make you drunk, the soft aroma of lavender envelops you like a cashmere blanket, the warm light spreads around the room with comfort - and now you are already immersed in the bliss of homely peace ... Do you think this is impossible in the modern stone jungle? You are just not familiar with the style of Provence!

Main features of Provence style

Provence is the south-eastern region of France, the name of which literally translates as "province". Provence is a union with nature, gentle sea waves, gentle sunshine, endless lavender fields with bewitching aroma, clean, rustic air. Provence is a style that combines elegance, comfort and simplicity.

Provence style has 4 features:

  • light and calm shades;
  • use of natural materials;
  • furniture "antique";
  • accents on the details.

The sophistication and lightness of the Provence style fits into a wide variety of rooms and spaces. Provencal interior is based on convenience and unpretentiousness, and simplicity and unobtrusiveness allows you to enjoy it for a long time without the desire to change the environment.

Provence-style kitchen


Options than to finish the walls, many:

  • wallpaper;
  • painting;
  • plaster;
  • textile;
  • decorative panels, etc.

To decorate walls in the Provence style, wallpaper is used extremely rarely; traditionally, walls are plastered and painted. As a design solution, it is quite possible to decorate one wall with wood panels, ceramic mosaics or stone. However, in a small city apartment, wallpaper will also look very appropriate. In addition, this is a fairly budget option.

When choosing wallpaper, it is important to take into account the features of the kitchen. Longitudinal stripes will visually expand narrow rooms, and vertical stripes will visually make the ceilings higher. For a small kitchen, it is better to choose wallpaper with small and dim patterns, while large, rich designs are suitable for spacious rooms or for decorating one wall. If the kitchen windows face the north side or trees interfere with the penetration of sunlight, pay attention to light wallpaper in warm shades (sunny yellow, ivory).

Brickwork fits perfectly into the style of Provence, but rather strongly hides the space, so in small kitchens it is still better to give it up.

But when choosing materials for decorating walls in the kitchen, you need to take into account not only their appearance (color, ornament, texture), but also functionality. After all, the kitchen is, first of all, a working area for cooking, respectively, the materials should be easy to clean, be moisture resistant and not deteriorate from temperature changes. You can learn more about the intricacies of choosing wallpaper for the kitchen here.


In traditional rural houses of Provence, wooden ceiling beams, as a rule, do not mask anything. In modern apartments, there is no need for them as such. Therefore, they are purely decorative. However, only owners of dwellings with very high ceilings can afford such decoration, otherwise the visual space becomes much smaller. If the ceilings in your house are low or low, then it is possible to decorate only a small part of the ceiling with beams. The same applies to multi-level ceilings. Glossy stretch ceilings do not fit into the Provencal style.

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To match the style of the kitchen floor Provence, it is desirable to use materials with a rough texture. It will be beneficial to look at ceramic tiles, laminate under natural wood (possibly with the effect of rags), parquet. For the budget option suitable linoleum with a non-pronounced pattern.

For a Provence style kitchen, choose a matte flooring. This is more consistent with the style, and much more practical in terms of cleaning.


For the style of Provence is characterized by the use of so-called furniture "antique". This does not necessarily have to be antique items, it is quite possible decorative "aging" of furniture. However, the interior should not look just brought from the store, and living here for a long time, having their own history, keeping little secrets.

This is the secret of charm and charm of Provence style - it has a soul.

Another feature of Provence style is the use of natural materials: wood, fabrics, stones and ceramics, forged products. Therefore, in a Provencal kitchen, a table with wrought-iron legs, chairs with soft fabric upholstery, and a tabletop “stone-like” will look great.


In Provencal kitchens there is a lot of light, due to which they seem very spacious. But this style is not limited to natural light, so the main decoration of the ceiling and the source of light, especially in apartment buildings, is a chandelier. Provence chandeliers, like all other interior items in the style of Provence, are made of natural materials. Therefore, give preference to luminaires, which consist of:

  • forged items;
  • wooden elements;
  • ceramic items.

It will be appropriate to look at the Provence style chandelier with a textile shade.

Floral and floral motifs and light pastel colors predominate in Provencal lamps. If there is not enough space for a chandelier in the kitchen (for example, due to low ceilings), it can be replaced by several local lamps, designed in the general style.

Due to the constant exposure to bright sunshine in traditional Provencal kitchens, all colors fade and become moderate tones.

Graceful little things in the interior

Adorable trinkets - this is the main highlight of the Provence style! Forged candlesticks, neatly arranged small bouquets, cute fruit baskets, seashells or a canary cage - the choice is yours! As they say, little things do not play a major role - little things play everything.

Pay special attention to curtains. Curtains should be light, light, almost weightless, but not transparent. Choose natural matte fabrics for sewing curtains, without lurex or gloss. They can be plain or with a pattern (floral motifs, checkered or striped). Do not weigh down the curtains with a huge number of ruffles, bows, fringes - the curtains should be as simple as possible. Small curtains can replace some furniture doors.

In a Provence-style kitchen, the table does not have to be covered with a tablecloth; the tabletop can remain open. But if you prefer to use tablecloths, then they should be combined with curtains. It is not necessary to use an identical design, but the color scheme must be consistent. And no oilcloths!

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Provence paint palette

The color scheme of the Provence style is light, muted and as if slightly faded under the influence of sunlight shades of beige, lavender, turquoise. These colors give a feeling of coziness and comfort, they do not irritate the eyes, which will allow you to relax as much as possible after a hard day. But it is not necessary to completely exclude saturated colors from the interior - they will organically fit into your kitchen as bright details and accents.

Color style Provence
Cold shades Warm shades
Sky blue



Light gray




Pale pink

Warm beige


Very often different tones of white (ivory, ivory, blue tint, etc.) are used as the base color. If your kitchen is located on the south side and you need to “cool it” as much as possible, use cool shades of white; if the main goal is to add as much light as possible to the kitchen, choose warm colors. In a dark kitchen, pure white will look greyish.

Provence in shades of green

Green is traditionally considered a noble one and it is this one that can be called the color of natural harmony and balance. In the Provence style kitchen it will look good olive, pistachio, as well as herbal shades of green. The undoubted advantage of green in the interior is that it, along with white, is combined with all the other colors, but at the same time less soiled and more practical.

Provence in shades of yellow

Yellow is the ideal solution for dark and small kitchens that need to expand their space visually. The color of the sun can be used to decorate walls or furniture. The most popular shades are close to the color of butter, sunflowers or straw. These are the warmest colors in the Provencal palette.

Provence in shades of blue

Sky blue, navy blue, azure will please dreamers and romantics. In addition to the traditional Provencal style floral and floral motifs, thanks to the blue shades, you can add a little sea to the interior of your kitchen.

Provence in shades of lavender

The collection and sale of lavender brought fame to Provence. The endless floral fields are incredibly beautiful and excite the imagination of the most discerning esthete, but this is nothing compared to the intoxicating aromas that spill over them. You can use not only the color, but the image of lavender. And how much comfort will bring into your kitchen the aroma of a small lavender bunch! ..

Provence in dark shades

Dark colors in the Provence style are also allowed, but in small quantities, for example for furniture and accessories, but still such tones are more typical for other types of country style. Choose natural dark shades - ebony, stormy sky, moss, chocolate. And be sure to remember that dark colors look beneficial only in large and spacious rooms.

Provence in a miniature kitchen

Even if your kitchen is very modest in size - do not despair!

  • For decoration, choose bright shades of warm tones - this will visually expand your kitchen and make it lighter.
  • Do not clutter the surface with unnecessary rubbish, but try to pick up kitchen utensils so that it not only fulfills its intended purpose, but also acts as an original accessory (for example, salt shakers, breadbaskets, cutting boards with drawings). Instead of trinkets, you can place themed pictures on the walls, and watches made in the style of Provence will become a beautiful and practical piece that takes up minimal space.

It is better to choose several decorative objects that fit perfectly into the interior than to clutter up the space with a huge number of trinkets and turn the kitchen into a junk exhibition!

  • Give preference to unobtrusive floral patterns in textiles and wallpaper. If you want more richness or texture, but the size of the kitchen does not allow you to “walk around”, select one wall for decoration.

Kitchen-living room in Provence style

If your kitchen is large enough, then you can place in it not only a cooking area, but also a reception area. Place a sofa, a Provencal sofa or small armchairs in the kitchen. It is very convenient to use a folding kitchen table, which with just a few movements turns into a dining table. A small fireplace will also add charm, where the whole family or a large noisy group of friends will gather.

It is possible to conditionally divide the two zones using a floor-mounted bedding, bedding it only in the working area or only in the guest area. Use floor lamps or sconces as additional fixtures.

The same advice is relevant for owners of studio apartments. You can find more options for the design of the kitchen-living room here.

Charm provence do it yourself

Limited in funds? Or global repair is scheduled only in the distant future? Or maybe you want to create comfort in the house "from and to" independently? No problem! Breathe in the kitchen charm and attractiveness of the South of France can be your own hands!

  • repaint furniture in light colors;
  • add or change all fabric decorative items in the kitchen to light and light fabrics with a suitable pattern;
  • decorate the kitchen with flowers;
  • create your own charming trinkets.

What could be easier than picking a small bouquet of wildflowers and putting it on the table? Do this and a little Provence will appear in your home. Choose a light fabric in colors from the store and sew curtains and a lower tablecloth from it; from the leftovers you can make a curtain for a cabinet or a napkin for a bread bin. Decorate kitchen utensils with plant motifs using decoupage or painting techniques, and modern furniture paints will allow you not only to repaint the furniture in light shades, but also to give it a variety of effects (craquelure, rust, masonry, etc.)

Inspiration from Provence: photos of the best design solutions for the kitchen

Enjoy, be inspired, get ideas!