French style accessories to complete your looks


French women are known all over the world for their excellent taste. They are well aware of how important details are, and that well-chosen accessories can change the character of many looks. What items are included in French style accessories? And with what to wear them to look like one of the Parisian it-girls? Let's find out in our article.


Dark sunglasses definitely add to the image of negligence and mystery and at the same time have a positive effect on health. They protect the eyes from squinting in the sun, and hence from the formation of wrinkles in this area. And yet, they allow you to hide the lack of makeup, unless of course this is not the effect you need. What sunglasses do French women choose? As a rule, in vintage style and original form.

French style accessories to complete your looks 1

minimalist gold jewelry

This timeless variation of jewelry is often chosen by French women. They also know full well that a quality foundation wardrobe needs the right complement, and there is nothing better than classic gold earrings or an eccentric brooch. Instead of a minimalist ring, they wear several rings on their fingers, which perfectly breaks the minimalism of the image.

French style accessories to complete your looks 2

Chain bag

Ever since one of the most famous French women in history, Coco Chanel, created and promoted the black quilted shoulder bag with a chain strap, this women's accessory has become one of the most frequently chosen by French girls. Such a bag adds elegance to simple looks, goes well with almost any outfit and has its own history. And French women love things that have their own history.

French style accessories to complete your looks 3

Ballet shoes

The French women prove that these shoes are unfairly ranked as unfashionable. Every girl has at least one pair of soft ballerinas made of quality leather in her closet. Their favorite models are Chanel-style black-toe ballerinas or classic black models of famous brands. Since Brigitte Bardot wore them, you should have them in your wardrobe too.

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French style accessories to complete your looks 4