Why a man needs an expensive and fashionable umbrella - choose a gift


Today we decided to discuss with you a fairly popular topic. Is it worth giving a man an expensive umbrella and what will it mean? So, today we have:

  • What separates an expensive umbrella from a cheap one?
  • Why does a man need an expensive umbrella?

What is the difference between an expensive umbrella and a cheap one?

If we take into account our catalog of umbrellas, then, in principle, umbrellas of different classes will differ only in style. In expensive umbrellas, it will be more pronounced and it will be difficult not to notice it. In terms of quality, premium umbrellas have triple spoke protection made of high-strength carbon or fiberglass, but otherwise they are identical to more affordable umbrellas.

But this is if we are talking about our catalog. Most likely, on other sites, cheap umbrellas should not even be considered, because umbrellas have a huge amount of marriage.

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Why does a man need an expensive umbrella?

Men are very fond of signs of attention and, believe me, if you spend money on an expensive and stylish umbrella, then he will definitely appreciate it. Also, the male half of humanity loves reliability and simplicity. All this is combined with a strict style in expensive umbrellas. Their reliability is due, as we wrote earlier, to the triple protection of the spokes, a large number of mechanisms and time-tested high-quality and original technology for opening and closing the umbrella dome. All this will be nice not only to give, but also to buy the man himself.

  • Let's focus on the main technical characteristics of expensive men's umbrellas, leaving the image and status style of the umbrella as the very first selection criterion:
    1. Dome material - pongee (100% polyester with cotton).
    2. The spokes are made of fiberglass with carbon inserts (fiberglass is a composite material made of fiberglass and plastic) - increased reliability in any bad weather.
    3. Reinforced frame - additional resistance to strong wind gusts.
    4. Reinforced rod - light and durable, made of stainless steel.
    5. Water-repellent impregnation - the umbrella does not need to be dried, the fabric completely repels moisture.
    6. Impregnation of the dome for anti-dirt.
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