Umbrellas - types, mechanism arrangement, design, how to choose and dry correctly

Umbrella - a device that is designed to protect against rain, snow or sunlight. The product consists of a rod, a dome and spokes. Available mechanical, automatic and semi-automatic design, various technical parameters.

Umbrella device

Types of mechanisms:

  • mechanical - closes and opens manually, there are no buttons on the handle;
  • semi-automatic - opens manually, closes by pressing a button (it only folds the dome, and the rod is folded manually);
  • automatic - the dome opens and closes automatically (by pressing a button).

The folding mechanical umbrella features a simplified system. To open the product, press the button and pull up. At the same time, hold on to the fastener connecting the spokes at the top of the dome. A soft click indicates the fixation of the umbrella.

Principle of operation

To assemble the structure, press the button again and pull the mount down. This process takes some time, because it takes effort.

The semi-automatic umbrella features simplified operation. A special button is provided on the handle, when pressed, the rod is extended to the stop. The dome opens manually.

To close the umbrella, pull the mount down to the hook. Opening takes less time.

An automatic umbrella involves opening the product with two clicks on the button. The first press extends the stem, the second opens the dome. Closing occurs according to the same algorithm, but in reverse order.

It is possible to equip the device with a spring that protects the spokes of the dome from eversion in the wind. Locking technology is used to prevent accidental opening.

Types of umbrellas

Dome color

Dome color

Men's models are made in black or dark colors, women's models are made in bright colors, with paintings, drawings, and decor. A separate category is transparent domes.

Umbrella dome material

dome material

  1. Nylon is an affordable material. Prone to wear, mechanical damage, loss of color. It is possible to stain things lying nearby with a wet umbrella.
  2. Polyester - not subject to fading, it takes a little time to dry. Differs in insufficient durability and wear resistance.
  3. Pongee is a material that combines polyester and cotton. Used in expensive models. It feels like thick cotton to the touch. Water droplets roll down from the dome. 5 minutes after closing the umbrella, the material dries completely.
  4. Satin is a water-repellent material. Complete drying occurs after 5 minutes. Resistant to mechanical damage.
Material Pros Cons
Nylon + Reasonable price, lightness - Fade, short life
Polyester + Durable, quick dry - Over time, loses moisture-resistant impregnation
Pongee + Availability of special impregnation - Cost
Satin + Sturdy, dries quickly - Cost

Umbrella classification


Umbrellas are divided into two types:

  • canes - oversized domes in combination with a strong one-piece handle;
  • folding (telescopic) - devices are folded 2-5 times, equipped with a mechanical, automatic, semi-automatic design.

According to their purpose, accessories are divided into three types:

  • Men's umbrellas. The enlarged dome is able to shelter at least two people from the rain. Products are made in dark colors, it is possible to use laconic ornaments and patterns (geometric).
  • Women's umbrellas. Equipped with lightweight frames made of durable materials. The dome is narrower than that of a male accessory. Bright colors with original prints prevail.
  • Children's umbrellas are made with a lightweight design. They are distinguished by multi-colored domes with colorful illustrations and cartoon characters.

Additional varieties and functions

Additional varieties and functions

  1. Accessory for two - a model with a diameter increased to 120-130 cm. When folded, it is characterized by the same parameters as a standard umbrella.
  2. Anti-storm technology - a product with a double dome (two layers of material) and reinforced steel spokes.
  3. Devices with moisture-resistant MP3 players built into the handles.

Handle shape

Handle shape

  • straight;
  • round;
  • hook.

Handle material

Handle material

  • plastic;
  • tree;
  • leather;
  • metal.

Dome diameter

Dome diameter

  • up to 85 cm - mini;
  • 85-95 cm - small;
  • 96-102 cm - classic;
  • 103-110 cm - enlarged;
  • 111-135 cm - large;
  • from 135 cm - huge.

The number of knitting needles in the product is from 8 to 16 pieces. The greater their number, the smoother and more stable the dome is in relation to strong gusts of wind (the umbrella does not bend in the opposite direction).

Why is dome size important?

The smaller the dome of the umbrella, the smaller and lighter the umbrella itself when folded. A larger diameter dome is more convenient in the process of using the model. Also in the catalog there are models with an enlarged dome with small dimensions when folded, which is achieved due to the special design of the umbrella.

  • Small dome (less than 84cm) usually found in the most compact, miniature umbrellas that can easily fit in a purse or pocket. The length of models with a dome less than 84 cm when folded does not exceed 20 cm. This is a good option for active people who prefer practical and comfortable things.
  • 10"
  • 11
  • Small dome (85-95 cm) belongs to small, but more functional umbrellas. The diameter of the dome is enough for effective protection from the weather, and the miniature dimensions of the umbrella make it easy to use and store.
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • Classic dome (96-102 cm). This is the diameter of the vast majority of modern medium-sized umbrellas. It is freely enough for reliable shelter from the rain of its owner.
  • 15
  • 16
  • Extended dome (103-110 cm) not only protects the owner from bad weather, but is also suitable for a romantic walk or just comfortable use in heavy rain. Umbrellas with an enlarged dome are slightly larger in size and are more suitable for men.
  • 17
  • 18
  • Large dome (111-130 cm). These are either large men's canes, or golf umbrellas, designed for outdoor recreation with the whole family, original photo sessions, sports competitions, etc.
  • 19
  • 20
  • Huge dome (more than 131 cm). Oversized golf sticks that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions (storm gusts, downpour). Robust knitting system, secure handle with anti-slip silicone insert, super durable construction with zipper protection.

spoke material

spoke material

  1. Steel - the core of the product and the knitting needles are distinguished by a shiny, not matte finish. The dome does not turn out due to gusts of wind, the spokes are characterized by increased strength. At the same time, the accessory is heavier compared to other models.
  2. Fiberglass - the material resembles plastic. The needles are soft but strong. The product is light, the dome resists strong gusts of wind. When using a steel rod, there are no drawbacks to such a model.
  3. Aluminum - soft knitting needles are covered with a matte layer. The accessory is light and compact, but prone to mechanical damage, turns inside out in the wind.
Material Pros Cons
Aluminum + Small size, lightweight - Fragile, not resistant to strong winds
Steel + Strong spokes resistant to any wind - Heavy
Fiberglass + Lightness, elasticity - Fragile, not resistant to strong winds
Plastic + Lightweight, affordable price - Fragile, not resistant to strong winds
The umbrella stem consists of 2-5 additions. 2-3 additions are equipped with large-format men's umbrellas, 4-5 - compact female models that fit easily into a women's bag.

Rods are made of steel, aluminum and plastic. The cane is equipped with a strong core. According to the shape, the rods are divided into round and multifaceted - the more faces, the more reliable the design.

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Umbrella cane


  • increased strength;
  • expanded dome diameter;
  • Thanks to the simplified design, the model is characterized by durability and wear resistance.

Folding umbrella

Folding products

  • practical in operation and storage;
  • compact;
  • lungs;
  • miniature models are placed in the pockets of outerwear or the glove compartment of the car;
  • due to the popularity of such products, the variety of their colors is wider.

mechanical umbrella

Accessories with mechanical design

  • proved to be the most durable and reliable;
  • manual opening and closing of the umbrella significantly reduces the risk of breakage;
  • mechanical products are more compact - when folded, the length of the accessory is 16-19 cm (5 additions).



  • semi-automatic technology is considered the most common;
  • compared to the mechanical design, much less time and effort is spent on operation;
  • Umbrellas tend to be affordable value for money.

Fully automatic

Fully automatic

  • opening and closing the dome does not require any physical effort, it is convenient in strong winds, in transport, and significantly saves time.

Umbrella problems



  • takes up a lot of space, because when folded, the spokes do not fit snugly against the frame;
  • such a model is bulky, it lacks a telescopic system due to design features.

folding model

folding model

  • due to the presence of a large number of structural elements, the risk of damage to the device is quite high;
  • the telescopic system requires careful and careful handling.



  • the operation of a mechanical umbrella requires frequent efforts to open and close the device - this is the only drawback of such a model.



  • often fail;
  • insufficient functionality.

Fully automatic design

Fully automatic design

  • involves an increased load on the constituent elements (spokes, rod), so the risk of breakdowns is higher.

How to choose an umbrella

How to choose

When choosing, study the technical characteristics of the product:

  • material of spokes, rod, dome;
  • disclosure mechanism;
  • the number of additions and knitting needles;
  • folded and unfolded size, weight.

This data is contained in the information label or booklet that comes with each model.

The canes are durable and reliable, equipped with a rounded dome, which looks more attractive and protects from rain more reliably. The simplified design extends the life of the accessory.

How to choose

If the only drawbacks - bulkiness and inconvenient transportation - are not a problem, then this particular model should be preferred.

When choosing between a mechanical design, semi-automatic and automatic, be guided by personal preferences. The mechanics are durable and reliable, but require effort, operation takes longer.

If you often have to unfold and fold an umbrella, then an automatic machine is the ideal solution. The semi-automatic design combines the advantages and disadvantages of both models.

Unfolded size

Unfolded size

The smallest models of umbrellas with a mini-dome (up to 85 cm) are suitable for those who are going to carry the accessory with them in their purse all the time. The length of the folded product is up to 20 cm. Such a model is unable to provide reliable protection from rain.

Small accessories (85-95 cm) are not effective enough, but more functional than miniature devices. Provide a normal level of protection, have a small weight, compact.

Most of the products belong to the category of classic and enlarged (96-111 cm). This is the generally accepted standard in the umbrella industry. Domes of medium size are equipped with male and female models - both telescopic and in the form of a cane.

Large or huge devices are suitable for two or more people to use at the same time. Guarantee maximum protection from heavy torrential rains.

Folded size

Folded size

When choosing, pay attention to the size of the accessory when folded. This parameter does not matter for the cane, since in any case it will have to be carried in the hands all the time.

  • Folding umbrellas are selected to be carried in a bag, so even a few extra centimeters can be a serious disadvantage. The optimal length of the folding device when folded is from 30 to 35 cm.

These parameters have a dome of standard diameter and a rod with three additions.

  • Shorter length models consist of more additions. The larger ones are bi-folded, the length is comparable to a mini cane.

umbrella frame


You can choose any frame structure, with the exception of aluminum. The only advantage of this material is its low weight. Do not count on long-term operation of such a product.

If you need an umbrella with increased strength, then the carbon frame has such parameters.

Knitting needles

Knitting needles

The spokes in the design must be reliable, durable, made of high quality material. Refuse a product in which there are less than 8 knitting needles - because of this, the material sags, and the dome in general does not look aesthetically pleasing.

A design of more than 10 spokes is much more expensive. It features an extended and reliable dome. It is worth choosing such a model only if there is a real need for it. The optimal number of knitting needles is 8-10.

Umbrella "Anti-wind"


Pay attention to the presence of anti-storm technology in the device. This model will cost a little more, but the "anti-wind" significantly extends the life of the product, protects against malfunctions and provides comfortable use.

Umbrella design


Decorative decorations turn an ordinary umbrella into a work of art, but do not forget that it is, first of all, of practical importance, and decorations are sometimes superfluous and damage functionality.

Recommendations for choosing the color of the dome:

  1. The green tint negatively affects the complexion, creates a feeling of soreness.
  2. Red, on the contrary, refreshes the skin tone, but with prolonged use of the accessory, it can cause irritation, unreasonable aggression.
  3. A positive mood is carried by bright and light shades - pink, white, yellow, blue, but keep in mind that such tones are impractical, the umbrella will have to be cleaned regularly.
  4. Black is a universal classic color suitable for men and women.

If you are worried about the harmonious combination of an umbrella with a wardrobe, consider this aspect when choosing. It is easier to decide on the design of the accessory for someone who prefers one style of clothing.

If you belong to lovers of experiments, then there are two options: purchase 2-3 products or one universal umbrella in a classic style. It is believed that an umbrella should be combined primarily with a bag and shoes.

How to choose an umbrella for men?

As a rule, reliability and versatility are important for men. Therefore, you should pay attention to steel cane umbrellas or folding umbrellas with strong frames. The dome can be made in black, dark blue or dark gray.

For those who do not want to merge into the crowd of dark umbrellas, you can choose a cage or dilute the background with various inscriptions or logos - from sports themes to popular symbols.


How to choose an umbrella for women?

Women are more frivolous in their choice of accessories and give preference to appearance over strength.

But modern umbrellas can look bright, and at the same time be quite durable. You should pay attention to lightweight models made of alloys or carbon fiber. But in choosing the color and design of the dome, you can give free rein - from white to rainbow, from classic to an umbrella with ruffles, ears and eyes, from a simple color to mother-of-pearl overflows. The most versatile colors will remain red, gray, black, as well as transparent “bubble” umbrellas.

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  • Be sure to hold the accessory in your hands, open and close it several times to check the functionality of the design.
  • Make sure the dome material and frame are in good condition and free of stains and other marks.
  • When folding / unfolding, no extraneous sounds should be heard.
  • The handle should be comfortable and secure in the hand, not slip.

When viewed unfolded, shake the device a little from side to side - if the fasteners do not hang out (at the junction of the rod), the umbrella has a high-quality assembly.

  • In a quality product, the dome is firmly attached to the base, the material does not sag, but is tightly stretched.
  • Strong seams are important, with which the material is attached to the base.
  • To check the dome for subtle defects, turn it towards the light source.
  • Color, patterns on the fabric are resistant. You can check the color for fastness with a quick and simple test: take a dry white cloth and gently wipe the material - it should not leave any marks.

Otherwise, after the first use, the accessory will lose color.

A pen

A pen

Make sure the handle fits comfortably in your hand. The slightest inconvenience with prolonged use causes discomfort, and this is fraught with pain in the wrist joints.

As for the choice of handle material, it is better to abandon the common plastic options and wooden parts.

  1. Plastic is cheaper than other materials, but the shiny coating is prone to abrasion, any mechanical stress leaves scratches, cracks, chips.
  2. Wooden parts are more reliable and more pleasant to the touch, but when buying, make sure that there are no dents or cracks on them - such a handle will not last long.
  3. It is desirable to use a varnish coating on wood.
  4. The best option is a rubberized handle. The aesthetic properties of the material are not at the highest level, but such a part is strong and reliable, does not slip out of the hands, and if dropped or hit, there will be no traces on it.

A pen

Are you going to buy an umbrella from a famous manufacturer? Make sure that the product you are selling is not a fake. Appropriate certificates are attached to branded goods, and logos and emblems are present on the products themselves.

Decide in advance how you are going to carry the umbrella. If the accessory usually lies in a bag or glove compartment of a car, you should pay attention to compact devices. For carrying in hands the special thong is provided.

In designs with automatic or semi-automatic technology, pay special attention to the quality and performance of the button that is responsible for opening / closing the product.

Read the recommendations for the use of a specific model, tips for care. Specify the scope of the warranty for the umbrella, the terms of warranty service, the types of repairs covered by the warranty.

Which umbrella is better

Which is better

Distinctive features of the universal product:

  • the main material (dome fabric) is sponge or satin;
  • anti-storm technology is provided to help protect against wind and oppose the eversion of the accessory;
  • suitable dome diameter - the classic version in the range of 96-110 cm;
  • the best handle model is a rubberized part, the shape of which is selected individually depending on the anatomical features of the hand;

Which is better

  • fiberglass knitting needles combine sufficient strength and lightness;
  • the ideal number of knitting needles in the product does not exceed 10 pieces (at least 8) - they are responsible for tightly stretching the fabric and at the same time do not overload the structure;
  • steel rod of polyhedral shape with 3-4 additions.

In terms of reliability and aesthetic appeal, the best option is a cane - strong, durable and elegant. Almost on par with it in terms of reliability is a folding device with a mechanical design, which, in addition, is also more practical.

Which is better

Important Features:

  1. In the place where the dome is attached to the rod, it is necessary to have a screw-on cover made of metal (the plastic part is prone to damage).
  2. The needles are attached with the convex side to the fabric, and are attached with the groove up.
  3. The minimum number of points for attaching the spokes to the surface of the accessory is 2. The more there are, the more reliable the design.
  4. If the product is intended for a child under 12 years old, each needle is equipped with a protection in the form of a plastic cap with a blunt end.

What is an upside-down umbrella?

A reversible umbrella (or a reversible umbrella) is a cane umbrella in reverse. It has been designed for greater ease of use and is equipped with a reverse closing mechanism. So, such an umbrella-cane does not close inward, but outward. In addition to the reverse mechanism, the umbrella-changer has the following features:

  • The outer side of the umbrella is always dark in color, while the inner side can be made in any color.
  • The spokes of the umbrella are hidden inside two layers of waterproof fabric, they are not subject to corrosion.
  • "C" shaped umbrella handle. It is very convenient to hang it on the hand, the brush remains free.
Umbrella with "C" handleUmbrella with "C" handle
  • The diameter of the opening and closing of the umbrella is smaller than that of a conventional umbrella, respectively, it can be closed or opened faster. This plays a significant role when you need to jump into public transport during the rain.
  • When folded, the umbrella stands upright and does not take up much space for drying.
  • The downside of this umbrella is its long length.

Reversible umbrella mechanism

Of course, the main feature of the upside-down umbrella is the reversible mechanism. Thanks to him, his wet side will always be inside. Thus, all the water will remain in the umbrella and will not drip onto the floor, and will not wet you and those around you.

What is a smart umbrella?

A smart umbrella (or smart umbrella) is a new generation umbrella. It has a tracking function. A smart umbrella keeps track of how far you are from it. With the help of a special application, it sends you notifications if you go too far. So, a smart umbrella is an umbrella that will never get lost.

In addition to its main functions, such an umbrella also performs the following functions:

  • Will notify you about the weather. If rain is predicted, the umbrella turns on a red light located on its handle.
  • Can find your smartphone.
  • When unfolded, it notifies you of incoming messages and calls by vibration of the handle.

You can buy a smart umbrella both in a specialized store and order it on the Internet.

So, as a result of inventions and technological advancements, umbrellas have evolved with countless improvements. A few thousand years ago, an umbrella was made from palm leaves, and today a smart umbrella can notify you of incoming calls.

How to use an umbrella


If it is initially clear what type the mechanism belongs to, follow the opening instructions. How to open an umbrella if you are not sure what type of mechanism it uses:

  • Remove the cover from the accessory and unfasten the strip of fabric that holds the dome material at the base.
  • Shake the product to separate the folds of the fabric.
  • Find the button that opens the umbrella. If it is a cane, then a special latch is installed at the bottom of the rod next to the slider. In folding models, the button is attached to the handle.
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  • Take the device in your hand so that when you open it, it will not harm you or others.
  • Press the button with moderate force. If as a result of several attempts the umbrella did not open, it means that it is equipped with a semi-automatic mechanism (the button is used to close).
  • If there is no button, grab the slider and pull it up until you hear a soft click - the device is locked in the open position.

To close the product without a button, find the latch installed on the slider and press it - the device will begin to fold. If the product is equipped with a button, then when pressed, the dome will fold automatically.

Proper drying

Proper drying

Proper drying of the device after use contributes to a long service life. It is not recommended to put a cover on a wet product or leave an umbrella wet for a long time.

If the operating and drying conditions are violated, the fabric of the dome wears out, and the metal base becomes rusty.

  • To dry the accessory, open the umbrella and leave it in this position for a while until the water drains.
  • It is important that there are no heat sources near the umbrella. Drying near radiators, space heaters and other heat sources will shrink the fabric.
  • While the fabric is still damp, fold the dome and the stem, but do not twist the material or snap the tab - it dries completely in the half-open form. To do this, hang the product on a hook.

When the material is dried in a stretched form, it is stretched, contributing to the loosening of the frame. As a result, the fabric sags, and the accessory loses its attractive appearance.

  • After drying is completed, the accessory is folded, the fabric is fixed around the base with a strap, and a cover is put on top.

Recommendations for use

Recommendations for use:

  • The main rule of operation is opening and closing the device in accordance with the type of mechanism. Do not attempt to fold or unfold the automatic product by hand. This will cause the mechanism to malfunction.
  • Do not put the product at the bottom of the bag or make sure that heavy items do not lie on it. The pressure causes the spokes to bend, changing the correct shape of the fabric, as a result of which the umbrella loses its appearance and becomes unusable.
  • Do not use a cane as a walking support. In the course of constant contact with asphalt, the tip of the device is covered with scratches and cracks, chips or breaks.

Recommendations for use:

In addition, the base of the umbrella is loosened, since it is not designed for such loads.

  • At least once a month, open the device and leave it in this position for 5-6 hours. This is necessary for ventilation.
  • Any model of an umbrella can serve as protection from the sun's rays, but only a device with a special filter provides reliable shelter.
  • The main purpose of any product model is protection from rain. Even accessories with anti-storm properties are damaged by strong winds. Excessive load damages the frame, so hold the umbrella against the wind.

With strong gusts of wind, the umbrella can turn out in the opposite direction - there is nothing to worry about. Do not return it to its previous appearance manually. To straighten the structure, fold the umbrella as you would in normal use.

If the device has fully automatic technology, just press the button and close the mechanical product by pulling the slider.



  1. It is strictly forbidden to clean with aggressive substances such as acetone. They can cause irreversible tissue damage and render the device unusable.
  2. We recommend using soapy water and a soft sponge for cleaning.
  3. After cleaning, rinse the material under clean running water to completely get rid of soapy liquid and avoid streaks on the surface of the fabric.
  4. Drying rules do not differ from the recommendations above.


A separate category of umbrellas is formed by devices with a transparent top. They need special care:

  • Often the inner surface of a transparent material is treated with a white powder. The powder is used to prevent the fabric from sticking together. This may occur during storage or prolonged non-use of the accessory.

If the powder interferes, wipe the material with a dry cloth before first use. It is not recommended to remove it completely. If gluing does occur, carefully separate the material by hand, without resorting to the use of a mechanism.

  • After purchase, a transparent umbrella emits a specific polyethylene smell. Over time, it will disappear, but it is possible to accelerate this process.

To do this, open the product and leave it in this position in the fresh air, for example, on the balcony, for at least a day. Already after the first airing, the smell noticeably weakens.

  • To wash the transparent umbrella, use clean, cool water to avoid streaks on the cover.
  • Transparent accessories are made of polyvinyl. After cleaning, dry the product by placing it as far as possible from heat sources. Otherwise, the material will lose its shape, melt and sag on the frame.



The warranty period depends on the manufacturer. It can range from one month to three years. In the event of a warranty case, the product must be exchanged for exactly the same serviceable model. The following defects are covered under warranty:

  • failure of the mechanism that is responsible for folding and unfolding the accessory;
  • divergence of seams on the fabric;
  • breakage of the spokes of the base at the joints (does not apply to the extreme spoke, since its malfunction belongs to the category of mechanical damage).

The following faults and defects are not covered by the warranty:

  • breakage of the extreme spoke;
  • the shape of the rod is broken;
  • the presence of cuts, traces of tissue burns;
  • chips, cracks, scratches on the handle.

Faults and repairs

Malfunctions, repair

Umbrella repair is carried out by a specialized service. Items to be repaired or replaced:

  • spokes;
  • cloth;
  • cap;
  • a pen;
  • kernel.

The most common breakdowns that you can fix yourself:

  • damage to the seam on the fabric;
  • breakage of the tip of the spoke;
  • broken spokes;
  • latch failure.

Seam damage

Seam damage

Pick up a thread of a similar color, carefully sew the area where the seam burst. If the fabric is torn off at the end of the needle, take a thin piece of fishing line, wind the edge of the fabric several times and tie a knot.

Pass the ends of the fishing line through the hole on the knitting needle, tie a knot. This procedure is performed with the tissue in a free position.

Broken needle tip

Wind a thin wire around the tip of the knitting needle using any spiral, pull the material, tie it with a fishing line - a small ball is formed. To wind the wire, use pliers to achieve a tight tension.

Another option is to solder the tip of the spoke from another umbrella.

Spoke breakage

Spoke breakage

Detach the fabric from the frame of the product, after remembering exactly how it was sewn. Straighten out the broken spoke. If it is round, connect the ends of the needles inside a tube of suitable diameter with a length of 3-4 cm.

For the groove part, use a nail without a head - insert it into the groove. Regardless of the repair method, solder the connections with tin. Sew the material in place.

Latch failure

Detach the fabric. Take a tin strip measuring 2x1 cm, go around it around the hinge socket, which is out of order. Use a tin to solder the strip to the spoke. Drill a small diameter hole and put on the rod. Sew the material in place.


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