Overview of trendy bags: new items, current models, photos of fashionable bags


We complete any female look with stylish accessories, among which a fashionable handbag will be mandatory. Modern women's bags have an aesthetic function rather than a practical one, since many models of bags, due to their size, can only complement the image.

A fashionable bag is not just a container in which we try to hide all women's accessories and more, it is one of the ways to express individuality and emphasize your style.

Today we see a very large number of fashionable women's bags, each model of which is interesting and original in its own way. In the trend and bags of large sizes, and miniature copies that are worn around the neck or on the arm as a bracelet.

What bags are in trend and what new fashion designers offer in the new season, we learn from today's photo material. Since fashion trends do not stand still, among women's handbags there are bright novelties and non-standard solutions.

Fashionable design and materials of women's bags are not very different from last year's models. Various shapes, weaving, chains and metal decorative elements are also relevant. Again among fashionable bags you can find plush models, with fringe or feathers.

Experimenting with the color palette of fashionable bags, designers remained on the side of classic color solutions. White and black shades have become all-season, black and snow-white bags can be worn both in autumn-winter and paired with a bright spring-summer set of clothes.

Burgundy, blue, pink, orange, green, red and brown are the most common. Of the printed models, bags with logos, flowers, animal patterns, checks and polka dots remain relevant.

Let's take a closer look at the most relevant bag options. Below are a dozen top models of bags for the coming season, with which any women's outfit will acquire completeness and incredible charm.

Waist bags

Carrying a bag on your belt is not only convenient, but also very stylish. Today, small belt bags perfectly replace the waist strap. These bags look especially cool in combination with a fashionable elongated blazer. If you do not like to wear a bag on your belt, choose the banana model, which is worn over the shoulder. The shape of such a bag is quite recognizable, while it can be worn in many ways.

Bags with chains

Chains have become one of the leading trends in bag design. If last year's season they were beautiful sophisticated chains, today chains with large links serve as a strap. Similar chains complement almost all models of bags, it's good that they are mostly removable. Therefore, depending on the selected image, you can change the style of your bag.

Shoulder bag

If you don't like metal chains, you can look for more practical options, like bags with a wide contrasting strap. These bags look very stylish. More often, wide straps are found on classic models of cross-body and tote bags. The design of the strap mainly uses logos and brand names.

Geometric shapes

Fashionable bags of various geometric shapes remain in pride of place. Round, rectangular, square, spherical, and even in the form of a cylinder - all bags perfectly hold their shape thanks to the frame design. Hence the popularity of beautiful bags-chests and cases.

Unusual forms

In addition to the usual forms, bags of not quite familiar forms are also in trend. Bears and cats are a thing of the past, but you can find no less interesting models of bags in the form of a miniature receiver, a wicker basket, a bottle, a saddle and a bucket. Such an original bag is sure to draw attention to the image, so do not be afraid to be unique and inimitable.

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Big bags

With a big bag today you can poison not only the beach. Not only laconic shopper bags are in fashion, but also totes of impressive size, as well as large soft “pillow” bags and huge bags. The image with such a bag will not be boring, besides, everything you need will certainly be at your fingertips.

Textured bags

In the new season, not only the shape of the bag will matter, but also its textured design. Trendy reptile embossed bags are as popular as reptile shoes. This includes fashionable wicker bags, as well as original quilted bags.

Sack or "dumpling"

The cult bag The Pouch from Bottega Veneta beats real records of popularity. A soft bag with folds, which is called in fashion as a "dumpling", appeared last season. It was originally a large clutch bag, but now a bag bag can have a handle, a chain strap, or a braided design.


In clutch models, the favorite is the same above-mentioned “dumpling” bag. Clutch envelope, small cosmetic clutch with a wrist strap, original frame bags with a metal or decorated handle will be relevant.

Decorated bag

Original decorated bags always look chic and attractive. In the new season, feathers, beads, fringes, furs, chains, sequins, large metal buckles and contrasting handles appeared on bags as decorations. All this and more can be seen in the photo below.