Tie clips - why you need it, varieties

The modern assortment of accessories offers a large selection of universal jewelry designed for men and women. However, only the representatives of the stronger sex wear one product - these are tie clips. This is a stylish attribute of both business and classic style.

Accessory Description

The main task of the men's hairpins is to attach a tie to a shirt or shirt. Also, this element performs a decorative function, giving the image of chic and sophistication. The clip securely fastens the tie, thereby maintaining a more diligent and neat appearance.

This type of jewelry is called differently (clip, clothespin, hairpin) depending on the type.

As a rule, metal is used to make this accessory. Expensive models are made of gold or silver, decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. Name clips (with initials) and hairpins with logos of various companies and organizations are widely used. Exclusive products are works of jewelry art and captivate with expressive aesthetic qualities.

History of occurrence

According to historians, the first clamps for various elements of the wardrobe appeared in ancient times. The prototype of the modern clamp was made in the 19th century. The accessory was used to fasten ties in the form of ribbons. The decoration reached its peak of popularity in 1920, replacing the then-current tie pin.

During the reign of Herbert Hoover in America, supporters of the head of state began to wear clips emblazoned with the president's initials. This tradition continues in the United States to this day.

The well-known Disney corporation showed particular interest in hairpins. In 1940, a batch of clips was released, decorated with famous cartoon characters.


As already noted, the main task of the clamp is to fix the tie. Most consider this to be a minor addition. Many men are quite comfortable without this jewelry as long as they do not change jobs.

Whether you're working in an office or in a leadership position, the clip will become not only an attractive, but also a functional addition. The hairpin becomes an indispensable element for a business suit. It is not uncommon for a tie to be inadvertently dropped into food, coffee, and other drinks. This is a threat to a presentable appearance. Also, a tie can interfere with work throughout the day.

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A well-chosen accessory that complements the image and goes well with other elements of the wardrobe indicates the excellent taste of its owner.

Varieties of tie clips

At the moment, there are the following types of tie clips.

  • Pin. The most common option. The clip got its name due to its resemblance to a clothespin. The decoration securely fixes the tie due to small teeth on one side. The toothed part of the hairpin is adjacent to the shirt or shirt, and the smooth part is pressed against the tie.

The accessory is suitable for both wide and classic products made of dense material.

  • Clip. This option has no teeth, which reduces the strength of the fixation.

This clip is great for small ties made of thin and light fabrics.

  • Chain. This is an outdated type of decoration, but now it is also used. The main characteristic of the clamp is the additional fastening. The chain that comes from the clip is attached to the button, a little higher from the location of the hairpin.

Separately, it is worth noting the unique models made in a special style. Take, for example, airplane clips. These are accessories made in the form of airplanes. This decoration can be supplemented with a pilot's suit.

Materials of manufacture

Also, all commercially available hairpins can be divided into separate groups, given the material of manufacture.

Accessories are made from:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • of stainless steel;
  • in rare cases, you can find hairpins made of wood.

How to wear it correctly?

The hairpin will give the appearance of a man of solidity and emphasize his business status. It’s not enough just to buy a beautiful addition. You need to know how to wear it correctly.

Step by step instructions for putting on:

  1. The shirt should be put on in front of a mirror so that it looks neat. Then tighten the tie around the collar. Both elements of the wardrobe should fit snugly to the body.
  2. The accessory is put on, fastening between a shirt and a tie. Check that it sits evenly and tightly.
  3. The front part of the hairpin should be located at the top of the tie, and the back part should be attached to the shirt.
  4. The hairpin should be placed between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. Make sure that the accessory is fixed exactly, parallel to the floor.
  5. When using jewelry with a chain, do not forget to attach it to the button. The barrette should be next to each other so that the chain creates a bend. You can fasten buttons on a shirt only after installing the chain.
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How to shoot?

The clamp mount is rigid and strong, especially if a new accessory is used. You need to remove the jewelry slowly and carefully so as not to damage the shirt or tie. It is necessary to press the spring fastener so that the clip opens, and only then remove it from clothing.

If you pull the jewelry, the clothes may appear puffy, especially on products made from light and thin fabrics.

How to combine?

For a tie clip to look stylish and complete the look, it should be combined with clothing and other accessories. It is necessary to take into account the color, texture, size and other characteristics when choosing a hair clip. Also, the clip should look harmonious with cufflinks, watches, rings, bracelets and other jewelry.

Before you leave the house, be sure to evaluate your appearance. Check that the tie is tied correctly, that the shirt fits snugly against the body, and that the clip is evenly placed.

Accessory colors

One of the basic rules for a successful combination is the observance of colors. Gold accessories will be a wonderful addition to suits in warm colors and shirts in the same palette (terracotta, shades of brown, ocher tone). Silver products are chosen in addition to cool colors (shades of gray, blue, emerald hue) and classic black.

When using other metal jewelry, choose a set in one color. For example, under gold cufflinks choose the same clip.

Length of tie

A hairpin is an addition to a tie. With this element of the wardrobe, the decoration must look harmonious and stylish. For each of these types, you need to be able to choose the right hairpin.

For small and thin ties, it is recommended to choose a neat decoration of small sizes. It should not be bulky and covered with a lot of stones and other decorative elements. With long and thick models, massive hairpins look great, which will stand out and provide a secure fit.

Decorative elements

If the number of decorative elements is excessively large, the hairpin on the tie will look rough and sloppy.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a tie decoration, follow these guidelines.

  • Products made of precious materials are expensive, but the price is fully justified by the exquisite appearance and quality. The beauty of such accessories will be preserved from year to year with frequent wear. Even high-quality gilding or silver plating will wear off over time.
  • Remember that for each color scheme in clothes, a certain version of the hairpin is suitable. Before buying, decide what kind of costume you are going to wear jewelry with, and choose a gold or silver accessory.
  • Clips with stones captivate with radiance and expressiveness, but options without them are more practical and versatile. Products with stones must be periodically cleaned, removing dust particles between the mounts of the frame.
  • To create a presentable appearance, it is recommended to pay attention to the products of popular brands. Many of them make exquisite clips from precious metals. Only an expensive suit should be supplemented with such decorations.

General recommendations

Before fixing the accessory, you should lift the tie up a little. This technique eliminates the effect of stiffness, and a tie with a clip looks more attractive.

Fashion experts advise wearing only accessories made of precious materials. Otherwise, it is better to abandon them altogether.

The most common and versatile are silver and gold items.

Avoid bright and colorful options if you are not sure that you can successfully incorporate them into the image.

Expressive and large patterns on the tie overshadow the attractiveness of the accessory. If you want to emphasize the clip, wear a solid color tie.

When using a barrette with teeth, do not wear the accessory too often with the same things. The teeth can damage the fabric, resulting in protruding threads and other defects.

Jewelry and accessories stores offer a rich selection of tie clips for every taste and budget. For those who have never used this decoration, it is recommended to pay attention to it. A small addition can give an image of sophistication and sophistication.

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