What is fiberglass and how reliable is it

You have probably met on our website more than once in the product cards of premium umbrellas a special material from which the knitting needles are made - fiberglass. So what is this one? Let's figure it out!

By itself, fiberglass is a fairly flexible and very durable material used to make things that must withstand quite serious loads. For example: sports poles for jumping, the frame of a quality tent and pressure and non-pressure pipes for transporting liquids. Why is fiberglass used in such important and significant things?

The material is a chemical compound of a composite of polymer and fiberglass, making it 9 times stronger and 5 times lighter than aluminum. This is achieved due to the fact that, due to the special production technology, the final product contains up to 60% fiberglass, and the composite properties of the material give it increased strength.

It is also impossible not to mention that fiberglass has been used for a very long time in the defense industry, for example, in aircraft construction, shipbuilding and other significant areas. Another important advantage of this material is that it has many rather valuable properties, due to which it is often called the material of the future. Let's look at them:

  • Light weight compared to competitors - the specific gravity of its other materials, such as steel, copper, duralumin, is several times higher.
  • An excellent dielectric - fiberglass has some of the best electrical insulating properties for both AC and DC.
  • Corrosion Resistant - Due to the fact that fiberglass is an excellent dielectric, it is not subject to electrochemical corrosion at all.

So what does this give us in the production of an umbrella? Firstly, the spokes of umbrellas made using fiberglass or completely from fiberglass can perfectly cope with almost any wind. Secondly, the spokes made of this material will not rust, which means that you can treat the umbrella less whimsically, but you should not take care of the umbrella at all! Remember that an umbrella consists of more than 3000 small parts, so each umbrella should be protected and used for its intended purpose.

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