Review of fashionable hats for the fall-winter season: photo images


When it gets colder, those who want to follow fashion trends won't have to freeze. Most designers have provided stylish solutions in their collections. Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana have already presented their versions of fashionable women's hats for the fall/winter of this year, the trends they proposed and photos from the shows were replicated by many publications. This means that what they proposed will soon be released to the mass market and rethought by other fashion designers.

Fashionable styles

It is worth noting that the headdress itself is an important fashion accessory in the new season. Its purpose is not only practical, but also stylistic. In most of the looks proposed by famous brands for the cold season, the hat played the final role. It was she who gave the outfit a unified sound and emphasized the stylistic decision of the fashion designers. Therefore, for the fall/winter of this year, a wide selection of hats in completely different formats is offered.

Hat cloche

In the 20 years of the last century, a head-wrap piece with barely indicated fields as if raised upward was an integral part of the wardrobe. Usually such a hat is sewn of felt, its tulle is round and low. On the outside, a cloche can encircle the tape or use other decorations:

  • artificial flowers or berries;
  • stones;
  • feathers;
  • knitted items;
  • brooches;
  • bows.

These hats must be worn with an understanding of their slightly old-fashioned stylistic mood. They go well with capes, coats and jackets. To look more modern, you need to experiment by combining classic pieces with modern ones. For example, a cloche hat with a cape and a mini skirt.

Another way is to choose an option that is already equipped with trendy elements - logos, catchy prints, an unusual color scheme (neon, Nude, art images, color blocks).

Wide Brim Hat

This headpiece is the definite favorite of most fashionable fall shows. It helps to give the image an independent sound and femininity, although it often has a noticeable and even exaggerated "male" cut. Fields in form and flexibility are found:

  • curved;
  • soft;
  • dense and even.

A beautiful wavy line creates a look from under a hat and introduces fashionable asymmetry to the image, while a smooth line answers the request for a laconic line in an outfit.

The described hats are perfect for coats, fur coats and even a down jacket, especially if one has fur on the collar. Wide-brimmed hats are decorated in the same way as the cloche hat, but usually their decor is more voluminous and more significant. However, now this model will look stylish and without any additions - plain and smooth. This is especially true if the hat has a saturated bright color. The following colors are in favor for wide-brim styles:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • emerald;
  • citric;
  • mint;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Marsala;
  • sand;
  • coffee;
  • blue;
  • scarlet.
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Prints are not forgotten either - the world’s fashion houses offer to use a goose foot and a cage, and then combine a hat with a coat or costume with a similar pattern. Tweed or felt will give them a great texture, but dense wool and even fur will look good.


If you need a hat, but there is no certainty that it will be possible to fit it into casual clothes, then this particular style is a guaranteed way out. For at least a decade, he has not lost his relevance, unless at times the popularity of "Fedora" increases slightly. It has the following external features that create a universal style:

  • medium or small fields;
  • high trapezoid tulle;
  • small hollows on the sides and large on the top;
  • tape.

Thanks to these details, a thing is created that looks absolutely harmonious with both casual and strict classics, and even with things in a sporty style. A women's beige fedora hat will be the optimal solution for most of the autumn looks; it does not need addition or “support” in the overall mix of things.

Turban hat

Oriental surroundings come into fashion, clinging to many things that were previously appropriate only in a freedom-loving boho. Among them is a turban, or a turban hat. A couple of years ago, such a headdress was in demand only among extravagant age ladies, and now it is quite appropriate for young girls.

In trendy versions, the turban is plain, usually in a neutral color, since it attracts attention even without bright color solutions. And the basic shades make it easier to fit it into everyday looks. A turban hat can be worn in combination with a coat, raincoat or fur coat. But she will also look interesting with a leather jacket. Such eclecticism will only benefit the outfit.

These hats are decorated with veils or shiny stones. But the main thing is to observe the measure, since the more decorations, the more difficult it will become to combine it with other things.

It should be borne in mind that the turban is suitable for women with “dry” faces or those who are lucky with an oval shape. Owners of charming cheeks visually reduce the forehead, and, therefore, will concentrate attention on the rounded areas of the face.

Cowboy hats

In Russian realities, this style will look extravagant, but world designers actively use it in their outfits. That's why many of this year's fall-winter fashion hats are in line with the cowboy-themed trend. To prevent this from looking comical on Russian streets, it is better to avoid combinations with jeans, Cossacks, bomber jackets and miniskirts. Because you will get the image of a girl from Kansas, but it will only look appropriate at a themed party.

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A cowboy hat looks great with knitted midi length dresses, loafers, sneakers, coats, voluminous scarves. It can be made of such materials:

  • felt;
  • leather;
  • suede;
  • fur;
  • felt.

The fields curved on the sides and the high tulle visually stretch the face, so they look good on chubby girls, who often find it difficult to choose the appropriate style of headgear.


Most models of fashionable hats are borrowed from the past. This is easy to explain if you remember that, starting from the 2000s, hats and caps were mostly in fashion. The hat was considered something too exaggerated female and impractical, and therefore outdated. When the designers again turned to this element of clothing, they did not immediately begin to introduce cutting-edge trends. While most styles are slightly redesigned replicas of past years.

Dressings were in demand in 90's, especially in sports format. In the wake of the popularity of aerobics, this element of clothing has become firmly established in everyday life. But now we are talking about knitted or woolen options; velor and velvet dressings are also possible with an elastic band inserted. They can be monophonic or combine several colors. Sometimes they have decor in the form of beads and rhinestones.

The headbands are well suited for the demi-season and can be easily combined with any clothing, the main thing is to observe color harmony.


This kind of hats cannot be classified as trendy, but without it this review would be incomplete, since with a reasonable selection of things it would be an excellent complement to the image. The cap has a short rounded visor, but otherwise they may have some differences in cut, and therefore a different shape:

  • “Gavrosh” (rounded soft tulle, often asymmetrically beveled to one side);
  • a plaid (the back is as if raised, but to the peak it comes to naught);
  • bag-shaped (the upper part gently falls down on the neck);
  • Army (strict Tula).

The modernity of the cap now depends primarily on the material. The most relevant will look like fur, velvet or velor options.


The French style is always in demand, feminine negligence and romanticism, elevated to the classics, embodied in red lipstick, vest, silk neckerchief and beret.

This type of women's hats, depending on the embodiment, dramatically changes its mood. There are rough options from tight, bulk knitting, stylish models with appliqués, strict ones made from leather or suede, and delicate cashmere ones. And if you want to add a touch of coquetry, you can choose a bright beret with a pompom.

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Baseball caps

It would seem that this headdress is exceptionally sporty. But the Louis Vuitton brand offered a completely new look. If you apply leather, suede, felt or tweed to baseball caps, you will get a thing that is perceived as classic. With a warm lining, it can be worn both in autumn and in warm winter.

Baseball caps go well with a coat, leather jacket, down jacket or bomber jacket. Fashion designers offer mainly basic colors:

  • the black;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • Gray.

But in the case of creating a bright total look, they look great in other shades: fuchsia, mint, lime, neon yellow, ultramarine.


Another example of rethinking the stereotype. The summer style was taken and made in the winter version. The result is a very extravagant and even slightly futuristic wardrobe item. Winter panama have:

  • high tulle;
  • warm lining;
  • dense matter;
  • wide and heavily lowered fields.

The style is called a bucket hat. Hiding half of the face, Panama hats create an emphasis on the lips, to balance out the appearance a little; it is recommended to wear glasses with pointed corners.

Since the winter version of this headgear was a novelty of the season, any decor is appropriate. For example, Valentino offered wide satin ribbons that bandaged the neck, and art drawings on the outside of the hat.

In other cases, applied: veil, pearls, rhinestones, bright lining, artificial flowers.


About the little hat can not be said that it is practical. But this is definitely one of the most feminine styles in the entire history of fashion. With its laconicism, the “tablet” provides a wide field for experiments with decor, and its characteristic features are:

  • oval or round (in rare cases, square) small tulle covering only part of the head;
  • lack of fields.

This hat bears the imprint of aristocracy, so it is customary to combine it with elegant classic things: a double-breasted coat, a cape, a fur coat, a formal trench coat, slacks, a pencil skirt, a closed A-line dress.

Women's hats for the fall/winter of this year have collected fashion trends from different decades; photos from shows confirm the return to popularity of this element of clothing. However, modern women have yet to learn how to wear these hats. But, probably, quite soon you will realize that it is thanks to the hat that you can give your image a charming, elegant, strict or playful mood.