Fashionable knitted hats for the autumn-winter season - stylish images


Everyone remembers childhood, when putting on a hat was more of a necessary duty. But having matured a little, we understand that this element of the wardrobe is very necessary, and not only for maintaining health, but also for creating an interesting and stylish look. It's time to choose knitted hats for the fall-winter season, pay attention to the best photos, fashion trends and stylish images.

What hats should you pay attention to?

It’s worth starting with the fact that the season is distinguished by its love for bright, rich colors. Therefore, if you make a bold choice towards such colors, you definitely won’t go wrong. The most fashionable shades will be:

  • red;
  • crimson;
  • Orange;
  • burgundy;
  • plum;
  • blue;
  • turquoise.

Don't limit yourself to just a bright palette.

Classic pastel and dark shades will always be in trend. In addition, these are the colors that can be called basic, which means that with them you won’t have to painfully select accessories.

If we talk about fashionable styles this season, the choice is quite large. After all, most of the trends from past seasons remain popular to this day. And by changing small details of the accessory, you can get a completely new look with the same hat.

The main new items of the season are hat models such as snoods, turbans and beanies. Large knitted hats with patterns such as fish scales and Norwegian patterns do not lose their popularity.

Pompom hats for mood

These hats have been popular for more than one, or even two seasons in a row. The most interesting thing is that with the advent of more and more new models, cute pom-poms do not lose their relevance.

A hat with a pompom is advantageous because it can be combined with things in both a sporty and classic style, and, especially, it suits the street style. Such hats provide their owners with a playful and good-natured mood. They allow you to lead an active lifestyle, creating the maximum level of wearing comfort.

Berets like French chic

These representatives of true French charm will always be popular. After all, only they can surround you with a trail of romance and mystery.

Berets can be completely different:

  • Leather. This is style. A leather beret is suitable not only for outerwear, but will also be an excellent addition to a leather sundress or overalls.
  • Knitted berets are one of the warmest options for this headdress. They are usually worn with a slight fold to one side.
  • Fur berets are especially popular in various printed versions: animal, floral and others.
  • Suede. A lightweight and aesthetic option for cool spring, suitable for almost any look.

The color palette for berets is most often not very wide. These are either pastel or dark colors: beige, pink, coffee or black.

One of the popular beret options is the pill beret in red. This is a classic French fashion detail that goes great with dresses and red lip makeup.

Snood for lovers of mobility

If the reason you refuse to wear a headdress is the fear of ruining your hair, then there is a solution. A snood is something between a large warm scarf and a hat. It is carefully wrapped like a stole around the neck and can be thrown over the head at any time like a hood.

A knitted snood will be a winning solution for both a down jacket and a fur coat. Thinner models can be combined in autumn style with a leather jacket or warm coat.

Snood can be called a choice for those who value mobility. After all, at any moment it can be transformed into the option that will be most convenient.

Beanie as a modern choice

New beanies are one of the main trends of the autumn-winter season. This model can be described as the formula: beret + pompom + veil. This seemingly incongruous composition actually looks very youthful and stylish.

Beanies are combined with padded jackets, down jackets and coats. Such sets look especially bright provided that the outerwear is made in the oversize style. You can complement this look with bright accessories, such as mittens and a small shoulder bag.

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Fur hats for style lovers

Hats made of natural fur are not a cheap pleasure, but they are so pleasant. In terms of maintaining warmth and comfort, they are difficult to compare with anything else. And they are the ones who can attract the attention of everyone around.

One of the options for such hats is knitted earflap hats with fur ears. On the one hand, they do not provide such a large volume, but on the other hand, they remain just as warm.

A fur hat goes especially stylishly with natural or artificial fur coats of various colors. You can complement the look with a bright scarf or scarf around your neck.

Knitted hats for comfort

Knitted hats are perhaps the most popular in winter. The fact is that they can be absolutely anything: with a pompom, in the form of a beret, and with fur inserts. Therefore, knitted hats are universal.

But one of the most fashionable knitted hats of the fall-winter season are chunky knitted hats. They conquer the hearts of millions of fashionistas and attract the admiring glances of passers-by. In addition, they can be classified as an oversize style, which is still one of the top trends in the fashion world today.

Chunky knit hats are loved because they go with any look and add noticeable volume. And this is often lacking in hats, when they look very small against the backdrop of large down jackets and fur coats.

Caps for the most stylish

Caps, which just a few years ago could only be imagined as pure sports headwear, are today one of the most fashionable accessories in the fashion world. They create the most stylish and elegant look. And in combination with an autumn capsule of wide trousers and a knitted sweater, caps will be the best option.

This headdress comes in various materials:

  • skin;
  • cashmere;
  • felt.

Very often the cap has interesting decorative options, such as cat ears, rivets or fasteners.

Knitted as a memory

If you remember the fashion of the 2000s, then long knitted hats, which all young people loved, will come to mind. It is not surprising that after twenty years the fashion for hats and socks has returned. Of course, taking into account modern wishes.

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Knitted hats and socks are very comfortable and practical, but in addition they can become an integral stylish accessory to your wardrobe. By the way, such a hat is considered unisex, so it will look great on both women and men.

Such hats are most consistent with youth style, street style. You can combine them with jeans, leather jackets and oversized coats.

Turban and turban - looking east

These trendy new items are suitable for girls who are not afraid to be the first to take a step towards the unusual. Turban and turban are headdresses made in fine knitting style from fine wool. They mostly come in dark colors - black, brown, burgundy, dark blue, or in light colors - white, light pink, gray.

Such hats will look great in combination with a fitted, formal sheepskin coat, a fur vest or a long fur coat.

Sports style hats

Most often these are knitted hats, which can have decorative elements in the form of ears, collars, inscriptions or stripes. Of course, the most logical thing would be to assume that they are suitable only for street and sports style, and they will not be combined except with jeans, sneakers and large jackets.

In fact, such hats will fit with some models of fur vests and fur coats. They will be relevant for car ladies - girls who spend more time behind the wheel than indoors. These hats guarantee maximum comfort and are just what you need for everyday wear.

A hat is one of the must-have items of clothing for the cold season. And given that today fashion provides a very wide range of choices, everyone can find exactly what suits their individual taste. The most important thing is to understand that this is not only beauty, but also precious health. And to make it easier to choose your headdress for the approaching cold weather, we talked about the most fashionable knitted hats of the fall-winter season, showed photos of fashion trends and stylish looks.