How to choose a hat by the type of woman’s face: fashion trends


Hats have long ceased to be a wardrobe item used for insulation. Modern fashionistas use them as a fashion accessory that allows them to create a certain style. A well-chosen hat helps you achieve a stylish look.

How can a woman choose a hat based on her face type?

Many ladies complain that hats don’t suit them at all. This shows that they don't know how to choose a hat based on their face type. Every woman can choose an accessory that will highlight her advantages. When choosing a headdress, the determining factor is the type of face.

It's no secret that the right clothes help shape your figure. In exactly the same way, a headdress can emphasize advantages and hide disadvantages.

Fashion experts give recommendations on how to choose a hat for a woman based on her face shape (the photo will help you understand the issue):

  • Chubby young ladies always have complexes because of their chin and plump cheeks. Such women need to visually elongate their face with the help of a good headdress. In this case, small berets, stylish earflaps, hats with visors, hats with pom-poms and Pinocchio hats will help. All kinds of bells and miniature ears are acceptable on headdresses. You will have to give up tight-fitting hats.

  • An oval face, according to physiognomists, is ideal. If you have this type, choosing a headdress will not be difficult. In fact, you can wear any hat that catches your eye in the store. You just need to remember not to pull it too deeply onto your forehead. According to the rules, there should be a distance of at least 1-2 centimeters between the eyebrows and the edge of the headdress.

  • How to choose the right hat for a square face? Girls need to pay attention to models with asymmetry. For example, you can buy a hat with cuffs, tassels, and original patterns. Hats with lowered brims and classic earflaps look good. Girls should give up the bowler hats that are fashionable these days.

  • For a triangular face, you will need a headdress that will open up your cheekbones and cheeks. In this case, classic berets or hats with raised brims, as well as earflaps with ears curved to the side, are ideal. Tight-fitting sports hats are a good way to shape your face. Berets worn on the side give the same effect.
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  • With a diamond-shaped face, women have a narrow chin, wide cheekbones and a small forehead. You can present your appearance in a favorable light only with textured and voluminous headdresses. For owners of such a face, we can recommend fur hats, Panama hats, berets, and funnel hats. You should absolutely not wear tight sports models.

  • For ladies with a rectangular face, we can recommend visually narrowing it. For this you can use berets, models with ears, funnel hats, options with ears, pom-poms, ear flaps. A classic turban, a headdress with a visor, or a collar look good. You should not wear tight hats with large pompoms or ears.

To understand the issue of choosing a headdress, we suggest watching the video.

Features of facial structure

The choice of a hat based on your face type (photo shown in the article) is influenced by many factors, including fullness, facial features and much more. When choosing a headdress, such nuances must also be taken into account:

  • For girls whose faces stand out as full, they choose hats that cover their faces. Models that are slightly elongated at the top, berets with a wide elastic band, as well as cloche hats with miniature brims, which were once in fashion, are suitable. But hats with lapels are taboo, as are tight-fitting models.
  • For a thin face with sunken cheeks, you should choose hats with a large pompom or the Pinocchio model. Three-dimensional models, ear flaps, knitted hats, tube hats, collars and models with ears look good. Girls with this type of face need to give up asymmetry.
  • Women with a long face need to visually reduce it. To do this, you can choose models that cover your face. You can wear a hat of any cut, but avoid hats that are elongated on the top of the head.
  • Many people perceive an elongated face with a long nose as not the most successful combination. The thing is that the nose catches the eye and stands out sharply. The face often looks rough due to it. In the summer, women actively use appropriate corrective makeup, and in winter, hats with a wide visor will come to the rescue.

How to choose a hat based on the face type of a woman over 50 years old

For older women, it is necessary to select a headdress according to the same principles that we described earlier. However, it is worth taking into account facial features. A round face will be corrected by a voluminous headdress. Mink hats look good. Women need to give up models that hide the forehead, such as bowler hats.

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A square-shaped face will go well with a hat with earflaps and a classic beret. It is necessary to abandon models with massive decor, it will make the image too heavy.

Ladies with oval faces have a wider choice. They can allow a variety of models. Stylists recommend choosing color carefully. An unsuccessful shade adds years, but a correctly chosen one can rejuvenate and refresh the face. Older women are not recommended to buy hats with decorations. If there is decor on the hat, it should be minimal. Fur products should not have any decorations at all. The fur does not need to be supplemented.

Season trends

The latest collections of fashion designers allow you to evaluate fashion trends. In cold weather, hats are not only a warm element of your wardrobe, but also a stylish accessory that allows you to stand out from the crowd. Hats have long become fashionable accents for city dwellers. For those women who want to be in trend, it is recommended to pay attention to the following models:

  • Beanie hats once became fashionable and remained forever in the women's wardrobe. The popularity of the classic headdress is explained by practicality. In addition, the cap transforms, changing its appearance. Stylists believe that absolutely any lady can choose a beanie. Knitted models are not going to give up their positions. In the new season, laconic models will be replaced by options with voluminous and lush patterns.

  • Supporters of non-standard hats can continue to safely wear Helsinki hats made of merino wool. Smooth models have faded into the background. They were replaced by knitwear with interesting decor: ruffles, casual lapels, leather straps, wooden and metal decorations.

  • Not so long ago, modified beanies came into the fashion world from hip-hop culture, turning into caps and stockings. Models that are longer at the back are still trendy. Girls with a round face need to choose medium-length caps. This will allow the oval to be stretched out a little.
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  • A shovel hat is another youth outfit. This headdress is worn with sportswear, denim jackets, coats and leather jackets.

  • Hats with various cuffs are back in fashion. The choice of models of this type is incredibly wide. The headdress can safely be called universal; it is worn not only by women, but also by men. In the new season, the lapels of women's hats can reach the top of the head.

  • Headdresses with pompoms have long been no longer considered children's. Nowadays, fluffy decor is the main decoration of hats. Fur pompoms are used in everyday, sports and youth accessories. In the new season they should be larger. They even began to decorate classic berets. By the way, the latter are still in trend. Preference is given to models of loose knitting and openwork products. It is not customary to pull berets over the forehead. But they are complemented with stylish glasses. Girls with bangs can move their beret to the side.

  • Famous designers regularly include creative designer turbans in fashion collections. But so far such models are not in great demand in everyday life. The thing is that not everyone decides to wear extravagant models.

  • Snoods are a cross between hats and scarves. This warm and comfortable accessory has long been loved by fashionistas. In the new season it is back in trend.

  • Fur products never go out of style. This year, simple forms made from silver fox and arctic fox will be popular. Such hats make any look aristocratic.

  • In modern fashion, there is a place for classic hats with medium-width brims. A stylish accessory that can be worn with any ensemble. This year you can wear any model, they are all at the peak of popularity.

  • Caps do not give up positions either. Various forms are trending: gavroche, jockey, caps. In the cold season, you can wear suede, felt, corduroy and leather models. The warmest, of course, will be stylish fur caps.

  • Please note that your wardrobe can be completed with a set of a hat and a voluminous scarf, made in the same style. Such accessories are back in trend.