How to tie a quarter knot


A tie is an essential attribute that must be in the wardrobe of any man. In a matter of minutes, the much-needed accessory completes the look, giving it style and formality. However, the procedure of tying a tie can unsettle even the most patient representatives because in addition to simple techniques, there are complex techniques. The classic version is the quarter knot, which is popular among not only elderly men—young businessmen also prefer it. Tied within a minute - no more time is required. Only if someone first tries such a technique in practice. And in appearance, the four turns out to be single and uncomplicated.

What does a quarter knot look like?

In another way, this variety is referred to as the Four-in-Hand. The name four owes its name to the English gentlemen's club, which existed in the XNUMXth century. This included cavaliers, who were real aces in driving a carriage drawn by four horses. And they also wore ties, and for tying a technique was used in the manner of a sea knot. This technique avoided the flapping of the tie in the wind.

Since then, the four began to be called the Four-in-Hand. In the distant 30s of the XX century, the quarter knot became the main trend in the male fashion world. The prestige lasted until the appearance of another analogue - "Windsor". But even today, this type of technique for tying a male accessory has not lost its popularity. Outwardly, the knot looks narrow with slight asymmetry, which does not in the least affect the image for the worse.

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With what is combined

An elegant tie can favorably emphasize the business style, as well as to emphasize the shape of the cut of the entire suit. In addition, the rules of etiquette oblige this accessory to become a part of the male image.

Four or Four-in-Hand matches many types of men's shirts, as well as most models of business suits. The male attribute can be of any length, as there are no restrictions on the density of the material. But it is better to choose a heavy fabric.

Tie Foursome with suit
To attract the attention of the four and stand out among all the others present, you must choose material with an interesting texture

The accessory with a quarter knot will become an original accent on any festive event. However, this form has one aesthetic drawback - it is unlikely to attract attention with a four and stand out among all the others present. It remains to choose a material with an interesting texture or sort out the color palette.

As for the shirts, their style does not play a special role. The four looks good on models with any collar, whatever its size.

How to tie a quarter

Any member of the stronger sex is simply required to know how to tie a tie. It's nice to entrust this to a girl who will do everything neatly and as expected. However, the ability to tie a business accessory will be appreciated by the opposite sex.

Before you start tying a four tie, you need to do the appropriate preparation. First, button up your shirt. Second, raise the collar. Only the wider part will have to work. In the future, the technique of forming a four is as follows:

  1. Place the accessory around your neck so that the wide end is on the right side and the narrow end is on the left. The seams should be facing inward. The working "tail" should be 30 cm below the narrow part of the tie. Then cross the ends - place the wide one on top of the narrow one.
  2. Wrap a narrow strip with a wide working part from left to right. This will form the front of the knot. Now shift the wide end horizontally to the opposite side.
  3. Pull a wide strip up, then thread it inside the formed neck loop.
  4. At the final stage, it remains to thread the working edge into another loop, which was formed on the front side of the knot. Now pull it down. It can be tightened slightly.
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The result is a neat, small knot. The slightly asymmetrical shape gives the tie a touch of casualness. However, elegance can be seen in this too.

In the case when the ends do not match, you need to start all over again. Only pre-adjust the length of the wide and narrow parts. In the end, make sure that the tie is securely hidden under the collar, and the knot is strictly in the center.

instruction in pictures

The above scheme for tying a four does not give complete clarity of how everything should look like. For this reason, below are images that show each of the operations described earlier.

In some families, this or that skill of tying ties is passed on from one generation to the next - from father to son, grandfather teaches son or grandson, etc. The quarter knot is no exception, it is tied easily and naturally.

After reading the instructions presented, every self-respecting man will learn how to tie a tie. And in a short time, without making any effort. The fourth knot shape itself is uncomplicated. Having received such a useful skill in creating original weaves, you will not have to fiddle with a scarf or stole for a long time. These are items that are a spectacular addition to a business suit during the off-season.

Perhaps even girls will be interested in such a simple and at the same time elegant men's accessory. How can they deny themselves to be like the opposite sex?