How to Tie a Tie with the Eldridge Knot


The way of tying the tie emphasizes the status and sense of style of the man. A beautiful knot attracts attention, becomes the highlight of the image. The unusual shape of this tie element was invented by American Geoffrey Eldridge. It is not easy, but it looks original. With diligence, any man can tie the Eldridge knot.

What a node looks like

This unusual kind of tie knot is considered one of the most difficult. To tie it, you need to perform 15 consecutive steps. The result is a large conical weave, similar to an ear of cereal, a herringbone or a braided braid. It looks pretty, but be careful: Eldridge is rather picky about wearing, and can unravel from careless movement. Due to its large size, it is unusual to wear it.

The resemblance to a scythe or "fishtail" creates the appearance of asymmetry, but the knot itself on the knotted tie has an almost regular triangular shape. Several superimposed strips of material create an unusual volumetric pattern. If you choose the right tie, you get a stylish accessory that will impress those around you.

What does Eldridge go with

Psychologists say that extraordinary people with a good development of the intellect, who seek to get away from the ordinary, set the task of achieving their heights in life, often decide to try to tie the Eldridge. The unusual shape of the large knot suggests its use in special situations. It can be a party, wedding or corporate event, if this style of clothing is adopted there. It is not suitable for everyday wear. You should not tie the Eldridge in a knot for an interview, business negotiations, as this can be distracting.

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Before you tie the Eldridge knot, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a tie that is not colorful and long enough. It is better if it is plain or with a light pattern. This will accentuate natural folds and shadows.
  2. Do not use a striped accessory for Eldridge - the impression will be ruined, it will seem tattered.
  3. Shirt collar should be medium or large, its ends can be loose and soft, or fixed with buttons.
  4. To emphasize the unusualness of the knot, clothes and a tie should be simple, colors should be muted. Ideally, if the suit is neutral.
  5. Depending on the time of the celebration, the tone of the clothes is selected: during the day they recommend a dark suit and tie, after 19 pm — light ones.

Men follow fashion no less than women, although they have limited room for maneuver in this direction. They also want to present themselves beautifully, while at the same time creating a comfortable environment. The combination of clothes and accessories helps to reveal the individuality, harmony of the inner lifestyle and appearance of a man. The Eldridge Knot tie can be tied if you are dressing up formal or consider yourself a dandy.

How to tie an Eldridge

Men are made to overcome obstacles. Each of them can cope with this complex node. You may not be able to tie it the first time, but nothing is impossible. Use a little patience and perseverance to achieve your goal. The result will surely please - friends or colleagues will be surprised by the unusual shape of your neck accessory.

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Eldridge tie knot
Do not use a striped or checkered accessory for Eldridge - the impression will be ruined, it will seem shabby. It is better if it is plain or with a light pattern

To tie it correctly, for the first workout, it is better to take a long tie of small thickness, since you will have to put several layers of fabric on top of each other in one place. Unlike most knots, Eldridge shaping is done using the narrow end of the tie. At the end of knitting, it does not hang down, but hides behind the shirt collar. The diagram below will show you how to tie the Eldridge knot correctly and quickly. To get a beautiful shape, slowly follow the movements shown in sequence.

instruction in pictures

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, lift the collar of your shirt and throw a tie on top so that the wide end is on the left and the narrow end is on the right. Inner seals face the neck. You should immediately determine the length of the hanging end of the tie, it should reach the buckle or be slightly lower. Further actions are performed with a narrow element of the accessory.
  2. Place the narrow end over the wide end to form a crosshair.
  3. Slide the narrow piece of tie behind the wider part and stretch it from left to right.
  4. Next, bring the narrow end forward and up.
  5. Pass it through the neck loop from top to bottom and to the left.
  6. Re-stretch the end of the tie from left to right in front of the wider part and tuck it into the neck loop from bottom to top.
  7. Drop the tip to the left, lead it behind the vertically hanging wide part and slide it from left to right.
  8. Push the narrow section to the left through the loop you made in step 2 from the front of the knot.
  9. Tighten the knot lightly by pulling on the narrow end.
  10. Slide the element through the neck loop from top to bottom, pull slightly downward.
  11. Lift the narrow end, move from left to right, and push down through the neck loop.
  12. Pass the free tip in front of the left through the loop that was formed from the previous step.
  13. Tighten the knot lightly.
  14. Straighten the remaining short part and hide it behind the neck loop.
  15. Lower the collar, make sure you tie it correctly, straighten the resulting knot.
Eldridge knot tying scheme
Eldridge knot tying scheme

To look elegant is well worth the effort. Although, the creation of Eldridge according to the instructions presented should not be difficult. The main thing is to choose the right length and color of the accessory. The tie is tied, now we adjust the rest of the costume elements and go to the celebration. The attention of others will be provided.

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