Iconic bags in history: 8 symbols of style and luxury


Today we will tell you about the legendary bags and why they are so important in the fashion world. Recently, many fashion houses have begun to bring back their iconic models from the past and release them again, or reimagine them in a modern context. This makes it possible not only to update your collection if you already have these models, but also to risk getting a fake, which can negatively affect your reputation.

Let's take a look at some famous legendary bags that are considered symbols of style and luxury. Please note that the order in which they are presented does not really matter, as it is everyone's subjective preference. But we are confident that you will find the information you are interested in.

Iconic Birkin bag from Hermès

One of the most famous bags is the Birkin from Hermès. This exclusive bag, named after the famous actress and singer Jane Birkin, has become a symbol of luxury and prestige. Its production requires skill and time, and it is quite expensive. The Birkin became popular immediately after its release and remains one of the most coveted bags in the fashion world.

Legendary Chanel 2.55 bag

Another legendary bag is the Chanel 2.55. This style icon was created by Coco Chanel in 1955 and has since become a classic model that never goes out of style. It features an elegant design, chain and iconic double C lock. Chanel 2.55 is a symbol of elegance and luxury, and it is sure to attract the attention of others.

Luxurious Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

Another iconic bag is the Louis Vuitton Speedy. This model was created in 1930 and has since become one of the most recognizable and popular bags in the world. Speedy is distinguished by its simple and stylish design, as well as high quality materials. It is ideal for everyday use and will be a great addition to your outfit.

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Incredible Dolce&Gabbana bags

The Dolce&Gabbana brand offers its fans a variety of bag models, each of which has its own uniqueness and style. Due to their history and quality, these bags remain popular and sought after among fashion lovers. Bags can be found in lace, embroidery, with sequins and stones, fur, velvet and valuable leathers. Traditionally, Dolce&Gabbana bags are available in several sizes and fit into looks of different styles, although, of course, they work best with feminine dresses.

Laconic Prada bag

Galleria from Prada is an incredibly stylish and practical tote bag that has won the hearts of many fashionistas. Its rectangular shape and two short handles allow it to be carried either in the hand or on the shoulder using a shoulder strap. The interior space of the bag is organized so ergonomically that you can easily place all the necessary things. If you look through the photos in the gallery, you will see how comfortable this model is.

Galleria is available in several sizes, but for busy businesswomen, the medium and large sizes are the most comfortable. The bag is most often made from hard-wearing saffiano leather, but can also be made from canvas or pebbled leather. This model is classic and elegant, giving your office look a luxurious look for many years to come. The color scheme of Galleria is quite diverse. In addition to the traditional black, beige, caramel and khaki, you can choose a bag in blue, pink or green. This is a great way to add a touch of personality and brightness to your look.

Interestingly, Miuccia Prada came up with this model in 2014 and named it after the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel II in Milan. It was there, in 1913, that the first Prada brand store was opened, founded by her grandfather. This proves that the Galleria is not only a fashionable and functional bag, but also has deep historical roots associated with the development of the Prada brand. All in all, Prada's Galleria is the perfect choice for businesswomen who value elegance, quality and functionality in one bag.

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Unique Gucci Jackie bag

Another iconic bag worth mentioning is the Gucci Jackie. This model was created in 1961 and got its name in honor of Jackie Kennedy, who often carried this bag. The Jackie has become a symbol of elegance and style, and its recognizable design with a Gucci logo buckle has become a fashion icon.

Two unique Dior bags

The Dior brand has several iconic handbag models. This is Lady Dior and the saddle bag. The Lady Dior bag was designed by Gianfranco Ferré in 1984, but at that time it was called Chouchou. But after the state visit of Bernadette Chirac and the gift of this model to Princess Diana, the bag was given a new name. The Dior bag fit perfectly into protocol looks and was a comfortable size.

Today it is produced not only in the classic size, but also in larger and mini formats. The bag, along with the basic models, is produced in various colors. This year these bags are available with floral prints and lace decorations.

The second legendary bag is the “saddle” bag, which does not leave the permanent collection. Every year the bag is released in basic colors and Dior's signature canvas, the seasonal collection may have the colors of the year, but this year it features printed bags. But right now the bag is experiencing a wild wave of popularity.

Famous Fendi bag

Fendi became famous thanks to its Baguette bag, which the brand lent to the filming of Sarah Jessica Parker's character in the popular TV series Sex and the City. This made the bag popular and desirable. Currently, baguette bag models are at the peak of popularity, but the most desirable, of course, is from Fendi.

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There is now a real hunt for vintage models of these bags. 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of this model and the brand has organized many events to promote this model. Baguette, like a cross-body, easily fits into any style of look. Fendi produces different sizes, colors, textures and materials so that every woman can choose the Fendi Baguette to suit her taste.

Fendi also has another iconic model - the Peekaboo. It's a bit like the Hermes Kelly bag, but the Peekaboo is softer and has an easier top clasp to open and close. In fact, the bag consists of two compartments that open with independent twist locks without unnecessary flaps or interfering parts. Fendi produces different versions of the Peekaboo to suit the tastes of its customers.

These are just a few examples of legendary bags that have become symbols of style and luxury. But besides these models, there are many others, each of which has its own history and significance in the fashion world. So if you're looking to add a little iconicity and style to your bag collection, check out these iconic designs. And remember that wearing a legend means expressing your individuality and style, which will attract the admiration of others.