Trend of the season - knitted tie


A popular accessory for a business wardrobe, a fashion trend that is only gaining momentum, so there may be insufficient assortment in online stores. Lovers and craftsmen of needlework can independently knit the necessary dominant detail of a modern man's wardrobe, especially since handmade is now valued much more expensive than standard purchased items.

How to choose

A fashionable knitted tie requires, when choosing, considering several criteria, both habitually established, used in the selection of traditional silk models, and fundamentally new ones. This season's must have is a way to make the created image more relaxed, non-trivial, to translate the attribute of a business wardrobe into the style of the middle of the last century, when this accessory was worn by Hollywood actors in cult films and cinema series.

Stylists recommend choosing a demanded detail on various important grounds:

  • colors - traditional colors that are in harmony or contrast with the main items of wardrobe, monotony or pattern (most often - a narrow strip);
  • models are preferable with a straight edge, contrasting with the main tone (in the classic version or a bow tie with all its features);
  • width - narrow models from 5 to 7 cm are welcome, it depends on the age and size of the clothes;
  • knitting and material of manufacture - denser yarn looks organically in a large pattern, in the cold season, for the warm season, a thinner thread is chosen;
  • the presence of additional bonuses - a narrower and thinner part, which makes it easier to establish under the collar of a shirt. Two-sidedness, which allows you to expand the list of clothes with which it can be worn.

Knitted ties are an extensive product category produced by leading designers, mass brands, manufacturers from different countries and lovers of independent creativity.

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With what is combined

It is a versatile part with many benefits and endless possibilities. There are no restrictions on what to wear with a fashion accessory, creating your own unique look. It all depends on the purpose of the exit, the material of manufacture and the items of the rest of the wardrobe. The main advantage and success among young people is associated with the violation of the previously immutable principle of using a tie only in a set with a jacket:

  • with a classic or light suit, if a business trip involves adherence to the dress code, but you have to go to the meeting directly from the vehicle;
  • with unpaired trousers and a jacket and shirt in a neutral tone;
  • with a denim, Oxford or linen shirt, cardigan, military jacket or knitted jacket;
  • the scope of casual ties has expanded to include blazers, jumpers, cashmere and wool sweaters with toe cut.
Men with knitted tie
A knitted tie is appropriate for both business and casual style

The possibilities of applying the fashion trend extend to a wide range of styles - from business to sports (with jeans and sneakers) and informal (with suede shoes or boots, trousers of the appropriate cut). To create an image with retro elements, you can use a pocket square, a bouquet in a jacket pocket, a traditional precious metal clip, a massive watch as an accent accessory.

How to tie a knitted tie

The main recommendation on how to tie a fashion accessory is based on its belonging to the casual style, and therefore, a knot is used that gives the impression of light looseness and asymmetry.

The quarter knot recommended for a fashion accessory is tied as follows:

  • thrown over with the inside (narrow end on the left, wide on the right);
  • both are combined crosswise around the shirt collar;
  • the narrow side wraps around the wide side from right to left;
  • the wide end is pulled up to the neck and passed under the formed loop;
  • it is threaded through the formed smaller loop;
  • it remains to slightly tighten and straighten the resulting composition.
You can tie a knitted tie with a simpler knot

However, no one limits the use of more traditional site design options. You can focus on your own feelings, the direction of the set of clothing items, the parameters of the tie itself (width, thickness of the thread, the knitting technique used, the pattern chosen for the implementation).

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How to make

Branded items cost a lot of money, but mass production also reaches a significant price point in retail. People inclined to self-realization and creative processes can make a fashion accessory on their own. There are no special secrets on how to tie a tie. It is enough to own one of the techniques, be able to crochet or knit, use any skein or remnants of a homogeneous yarn.

Engage your own creativity, watch video tutorials or master classes posted like making instructions from craftsmen.

What will be required

Making a highly sought-after men's garment requires the usual triad required for the handicraft process: yarn, basic tooling, and the skill of the manufacturer. The first two components are variable, but the disadvantage of the latter is also not an obstacle, it is not innate, skills are acquired in the process of work. The choice of tools - crochet or knitting, with threads - an unlimited number of options: from thick woolen yarn and delicate cashmere, to silk and cotton thread.

Threads, hook, knitting pattern
To knit a tie, you will need: threads, knitting needles or a hook, a knitting pattern

You can find a suitable scheme based on resources, tools and individual parameters of the product. Much of the choice depends on the thickness and texture of the yarn, the desire to make an accessory with a pattern or solid color. Sometimes it is enough to choose a beautiful pattern to get an aesthetic visualization, but a simple knitting is enough for a man to be equipped in accordance with a fashion trend.

Step by step description of manufacturing

You can crochet or knit using a combined option, the main condition for success is the correct scheme, its scrupulous adherence and the diligence of the craftswoman (loops and rows should be neat and uniform). A variant of the original model made of yarn in three colors is shown below. It is possible even for novice needlewomen, since it is performed in garter stitch (in any row, all loops are only facial):

  • having typed 25 loops, a square is knitted (length and width are equal);
  • starting from this stage, the start of the narrowing of the canvas starts (one loop is removed in the middle every 7 cm);
  • it is appropriate to change the first color to the second at the same stage of narrowing and knit 18-20 cm;
  • the start of the second rectangle means the need to remove one loop every 4.5 cm;
  • the third begins with the second, knitting takes place in a symmetrical alternation, 10 rows of each tone - minus one loop in every fifth.
Knitted tie
Knitted ties are an extensive product category produced by leading designers, mass brands, manufacturers from different countries and lovers of independent creativity

There can be many options for skilled hands even in such a simple model: instead of knitting needles No. 2, use a hook, knit strokes from short threads, fastening the ends of the thread from the inside of the product, knit in oblique, symmetrical stripes of each color from the very beginning. You can trim a plain bottom with an even stripe in a contrasting color. This practice is common in the works of well-known brands.

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