Long gloves - what to wear with to look fashionable and elegant


Modern women's fashion often offers original and spectacular additions that perfectly emphasize femininity, sophistication, attractiveness and originality. One of these fashion trends today is long gloves - a beautiful accessory that can be purely decorative or practical at the same time.

Women's long gloves

The difference between the elongated models is that not only the hands are covered, but also the arms up to the elbow. The modern market offers many stylish accessories made from different materials, with original finishes and laconic design. Such an addition can be purely decorative, which is important in evening style. However, elongated products are often also functional in nature, providing practicality and comfort to the entire look. Both demi-season styles and insulated winter versions are in trend. Let's look at the most popular solutions:

  1. With fur. In the cold season, fur accessories are considered a popular choice. However, fluffy pile can also act as a beautiful finish in the form of a single-color or contrasting edge. The most practical are long leather women's gloves with fur.

women's long gloves

  1. Up to the elbow. The most popular products remain up to the elbow length. As a rule, such products fit tightly to the hand, emphasizing the grace and sophistication of gestures.

long gloves to the elbow

  1. Above the elbow. Styles that are longer than the elbow bend look impressive and stylish. The trend is both a tight fit and a version with a wide elbow, which can be worn even on a flared or loose sleeve.

long-awaited women's leather gloves

  1. With embroidery. Embroidered contrasting patterns became another spectacular addition to elongated arm accessories. More attractive designs with embroidery made of rhinestones, stones, and sequins are also in fashion. This decor is suitable for both decorative and insulated products.

long black gloves

Long leather gloves

Leather products are considered the most popular and practical in modern women's fashion. Designers recommend giving preference to natural materials. However, the fashion market also offers stylish options made from high-quality substitutes that are cheaper. Women's winter leather long gloves are insulated inside with fur, fleece or thick fleece.

Demi-season models are usually supplemented with a cotton lining. Accessories with finishes such as lacquered shine, quilted stitching, and embossed reptile skin patterns are considered a stylish addition.

long leather gloves

Long knitted gloves

Products made from yarn remain a fashion trend that does not lose popularity over time. Handmade models look especially impressive and stylish, since each hand-made design is unique. Long winter gloves are made from warm threads - wool, cashmere, angora, mohair, thick knitwear.

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A lightweight version made of silk or cotton is also in fashion, which is more suitable for evening summer or mid-season looks. Beautiful textured patterns - braids, arans, cones, leaves - are often an effective addition to knitted accessories.

long knitted gloves

Long satin gloves

If you are looking for a beautiful and stylish option to complement an elegant evening look, then satin models are a stylish choice. Such products are presented in plain bright or universal colors. The most relevant for any outfit would be black and white long gloves.

However, for a catchy accent, stylists suggest choosing a rich design - red, blue, yellow. Satin combines effectively with other materials in one accessory. The most popular are models with lace inserts or tulle and mesh trim.

long satin gloves

Long latex gloves

This choice is considered the most successful for emphasizing grace and even sexuality. Latex fits your hand perfectly and can even visually add slimness. The advantage of such additions is the attractive shine of the material. However, this accessory cannot be worn for a long time, since latex does not allow air to pass through and causes the skin to float.

The most common are latex black long gloves. However, bright red designs are also trending. Latex products will perfectly complement a themed outfit for Halloween or a corporate party.

long latex gloves

Long knitted gloves

During the demi-season period, knitwear models are considered one of the most popular. Such products are presented both from solid fabric and knitted yarn. Stylish accessories are perfect for those who want to emphasize the originality of their image, but are limited on a budget. Women's long knitted gloves are presented in a laconic, discreet design in a single color.

A more attractive version with embroidery, appliqués, decorative straps and buttons is also on trend. Combined solutions, for example, made of leather with a knitted cuff, also look stylish.

long knitted gloves

Long lace gloves

If your main style corresponds to a feminine, romantic direction, then a design made of openwork translucent material would be a relevant solution. Such models are purely decorative in nature and are great for themed and evening looks. Long elbow-length gloves are also available in a combined solution - with a wool or leather brush, satin or silk with lace inserts.

The trend is both universal colors in black and white, as well as beautiful attractive solutions in bright and pastel colors.

long lace gloves

Long wool gloves

In the cold season, wool models are considered a very good choice. And in this case, designers use not only traditional pressed material. Products made from wool yarn, fine bouclé fabric and even drape are trending. Long cashmere gloves are considered a more sophisticated and feminine alternative.

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A combined design is considered a fashionable choice today. In this case, wool is often combined with leather or suede. An ensemble made from fabrics of different textures looks especially attractive in contrasting colors.

long wool gloves

Long suede gloves

Suede models look especially cozy and feminine. Soft velvety fabric perfectly provides practicality and comfort during the demi-season period, but at the same time complements the image with a touch of sophistication and grace. Women's long suede gloves are available in both tight and loose fit. Suede is often combined with leather, knitwear, wool and cashmere in one product.

The most popular are warm colors in brown and sand tones, for example, beige long gloves. Dark and rich colors look very beautiful - burgundy, emerald and others.

long suede gloves

Silk long gloves

Silk models have become a fashionable alternative to satin products. Such accessories have a looser cut because, unlike satin, this flowing fabric is not elastic. The unconditional advantage is the naturalness of the material.

In addition, silk styles can be worn in everyday romantic looks. Long black gloves are considered universal. But to make a bright accent on the hands, stylists suggest focusing on bright and rich colors. The trend is in two- and three-color designs, combinations with lace and mesh.

silk long gloves

Long fingerless gloves

Recently, models with open fingers have become an original and very convenient solution. Such products are called mitts. However, this identification is more applicable to yarn accessories. Knitted long fingerless gloves are often complemented by a detachable mitten that can be used to cover them in severe frost.

Designers offer leather, suede, satin and lace designs in this style. The open option has become especially relevant for business girls who need to frequently use touchscreen smartphones. This choice is considered successful for a car lady.

long fingerless gloves

Wedding long gloves

Spectacular elongated accessories have become a popular addition to the bride's look. Often the wedding dress already comes with an accessory. However, if you select parts separately, you should approach this issue wisely. The most popular models are those made of satin, lace and nylon.

An identical backgammon color will be a win-win. However, contrasting bright items, for example, long red gloves, are ideal for a catchy accent, especially if the outfit contains another element in this color - a belt, corset lace, shoes and others.

white long gloveswedding long gloves

What to wear with long gloves?

An important decision is the choice of clothing to combine with this type of accessory. Elongated products require short sleeves or no sleeves at all. After all, in an ensemble with closed wardrobe elements, the stylish design will not be visible, and its meaning is simply lost. Considering that often such an addition is of a functional and practical nature, the main attention should be paid to outerwear. But stylists recommend not to give up jewelry on your hands. Let's look at the most interesting solutions:

  1. With a coat. One of the most relevant elements of outerwear is the coat. The best fit is a classic style, cape, fitted silhouette or wraparound, but always with short sleeves. This combination always looks very feminine, elegant and sophisticated.
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what to wear with long gloves

  1. With sweater. In the warm demi-season period, elongated accessories can be worn with a voluminous cut or coarse knit sweater, or a cardigan. And even if the clothes are of a standard cut with long sleeves, this detail can be raised above the elbow, gathered into an attractive casual lantern.

women's long gloves

  1. Under the jacket. During the demi-season period, a leather biker jacket with short sleeves is considered a popular choice. And here you can add accessories made of leather, knitwear, wool. In cold weather, a down jacket will be successful. In this case, long winter women's gloves can be complemented with fur decor.

long black gloves

  1. With bracelet. Regardless of the style in the image, stylists suggest adding a massive or bright bracelet on top of the accessory. This decoration will highlight your individuality, elegance and femininity.

evening long gloves

Long gloves under a fur coat

In the cold season, one of the most successful combinations is fur outerwear with elongated accessories. The most successful are long leather gloves under a fur coat with short sleeves. At the same time, black products are perfect for both colorful bright clothes and models of natural colors.

A stylish addition above the elbow looks impressive with fur vests, both long and short. The fashionable completion of such looks is considered to be classic shoes with heels or wedges - ankle boots, stocking boots, over the knee boots.

long gloves under a fur coat

Long gloves under an evening dress

Accessories with a long cut add special charm and sophistication to an evening look. In this case, silk, satin and lace products are considered the most relevant. In this case, the addition can be either the same shade with the outfit, or a contrasting one.

Evening long gloves are considered relevant for styles with open shoulders. But such an ensemble visually broadens the shoulders. If you have shortcomings in this area, you should give preference to dresses with raglan-type armholes or halter collars.

long gloves under an evening dress