Secrets of wearing a bow tie


For many people, a bow tie is a must-have clothing attribute when attending gala receptions and presentations. But today, no one adheres to strict rules in its use and in the choice of form. Such a tie is knotted and worn by everyone who likes to decorate the neck area with a symmetrical knot of soft fabric. Next, we will get acquainted with the varieties of existing products of this type, as well as how to tie a bow tie, if necessary, and what to wear.

What is a bow tie

The classic bow tie is a type of ribbon tied around the neck and is suitable for both boys and girls or women. It is made based on silk, linen or similar fabrics and tied around the collar in a symmetrical knot.

The history of this form of ties goes back several centuries. According to some historians, their prototype is the neckband of the terracotta warriors of the emperor of the Qin dynasty (China). Further development of this model — headscarves of Roman legionaries, which were worn in the second century AD.

In its present form, the first tie of this type was noted at the beginning of the XX century in Europe in one of the opera houses. This is how the musicians of the orchestra dressed up in front of the audience, participating in the accompaniment of the opera "Madame Butterfly" by Puccini. In the archival collections of private individuals, there are also earlier photographs of men who wore a tie decorated in this style.

Varieties and colors

Many varieties of bow ties are known. The main ones, differing in style and method of tying, are listed below:

  • self-tying.
  • Kanzashi.
  • Double tie.
  • On the clasp.
  • Italian tie.
  • Butterfly in English.
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The first option is attractive in that it is two-sided and that, when tying, various knots can be made from it. In this case, everyone can show their creative abilities, that is, tie and wear a tie so that it is harmonizing with the suit. Such items are made to order and therefore are not cheap.

The bow tie
A bow tie can be not only plain, but also in a cage, striped, polka dots and other patterns

Kanzashi is a decorative model made based on ribbons and decorated with beads or various patterns. Products of this type look not only stylish, but also original and are intended to create a certain image (image). Some craftsmen make them from satin ribbon, choosing the shape and color on their own.

The double bow tie is made of two woven layers, which gives the impression of a three-dimensional product. She combines several colors at once (usually two). When self-manufacturing, you should correctly select not only colors, but also the material. When tying and wearing, it is allowed to combine fabrics of different structure, but only if they are harmonizing with one another.

Clasp items are preferred by men who are not comfortable wearing a butterfly (it interferes and squeezes the neck). The presence of the fastener allows you to adjust the girth volume. Another advantage of this option is the durability of the product, since the stretched elastic band can always be tightened. The clasp is invisible under the shirt collar, so its owner does not have to worry about its appearance. For the manufacture of the English butterfly, materials are used "in a cage", and their Italian counterparts are most often made of leather. In this case, wearing a bow tie with a shirt of fashionable tailoring is considered a certain chic.

men in bow tie
Stylish images with a bow tie

According to the peculiarities of the form, all known models are conventionally divided into "Big", "Club rounded" and the so-called "Bat". There is also a variety called "Diamond". It consists of two parts: a classic bow tie and an asymmetrical insert that complements it in an original way.

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How to choose and match clothes

Before choosing the desired sample of the described product, it is important to determine for what purposes it is intended specifically and with what it is worn. To achieve this, you need to familiarize yourself with the samples already presented above and choose the one that suits the most. Before buying a suitable headband product, you will also need to figure out how a bow tie is worn. In this case, the following options are possible.

Bow tie combined with a suit
The bow tie is ideal for formal receptions and similar events

The classic black knot is traditionally worn with a tuxedo. This choice is ideal for formal receptions and similar events. For a change, the butterfly is sometimes chosen in polka dots or in a narrow strip. Ties in a variety of bright colors are also worn in a work setting. They are tied from a satin ribbon, the color of which is matched to the tone of the suit.

It is undesirable to wear a bright butterfly for a business meeting, since all the partner's attention will be drawn to it, and not to the issue discussed. For work outside the office, it is allowed to tie a pink or green ribbon that goes well with jeans and a white shirt.

The shades of pink and red are ideal for a light, not completely white shirt with a dark suit. If the latter has a monochromatic color, it is allowed to choose and tie a tie with a pattern of bright colors. In a situation where the costume turned out to be bright colors - the butterfly in contrast becomes monochromatic.

men in bow tie
Bow tie looks stylish in everyday looks

After reading all these recommendations, everyone will know what and how to wear a bow tie in a particular setting. However, even earlier, he will have to get acquainted with how to tie or fasten this original attribute of clothing.

How to tie a butterfly

It is important not only to choose the right bow tie, harmoniously combined with an evening or work suit. Before tying a self-tying bow tie, for example, you will need to understand the peculiarities of the formation of its knot. A detailed diagram illustrating how to tie such a tie is shown in the photo below.

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You can learn how to tie a tie in the form of a classic ribbon made of linen or silk. Provided that all the recommendations for the formation of the knot are fulfilled, it looks gorgeous and very original.

The following is a step-by-step instruction, after reading which everyone can learn how to tie a bow tie if necessary. It includes the following operations:

  1. First, you require putting on a tie so that the seams are facing inward.
  2. Next, you should adjust the position of the ends of the butterfly, so that the right is longer than the left (we will call them "A" and "B" respectively).
  3. After that, you will need to place half "A" over end "B" to form a crosshair.
  4. Then you require bending the end "A" towards the neck and thread it, as shown in the picture.
  5. Next, you require folding the end of the "B" accordion in the form of the English letter "Z".
  6. The second end is then thrown over the formed horizontal accordion tab, after which it is tucked into the loop formed by its own base.

At the last step of the tie-tying procedure, it remains to stretch the loop formed by the ends, and then align the sizes of each of the halves.

How to tie a bow tie

Having learned to tie and wear a bow tie, every man will be able to realize his potential to create a certain image. It is this attribute of every day or formal wear that will allow him to become different from others.