Sports hats - 30 photos of the most fashionable female models


Young girls leading an active lifestyle very often give their preference to wardrobe items, shoes and accessories in a sporty style, which are characterized by maximum comfort and lack of discomfort when worn. Sports hats have long conquered a wider niche - today they are chosen by beautiful ladies of all ages.

Sports women's hats

Currently, sports hats for girls are presented in an incredibly wide range. Thus, in the collections of manufacturers of goods for outdoor activities and sports you can find the following options:

  • classic sports hats, which are distinguished by a tighter and deeper fit on the head;
  • models designed for everyday wear. Unlike traditional sportswear, they can be decorated with a wide variety of elements, for example, pompoms, chin ties, bright patterns and ornaments, ears, and so on;
  • hats with earflaps;
  • women's sports hats for sports - skiing, for running in the winter, for shooting, for cycling and many others.

sports women's hats

Winter sports hats

A women's winter sports hat should be made of warm and dense material that reliably protects its owner's head from cold wind and precipitation. Meanwhile, modern manufacturers often give preference to two-layer models, the top of which can be made of any fabric, including synthetic, and the bottom is an insulated lining with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Among the most popular models designed for the winter season are the following:

  • Products with fleece lining are an excellent solution for cold weather. Thanks to the unique properties of this material, they do not rub anywhere, provide excellent warmth and cause only pleasant sensations when worn;
  • models containing various types of wool - llama, alpaca, cashmere, mohair and others;
  • options made from high-quality synthetic fabrics, complemented by a lining with reliable insulation.

winter sports hats

Demi-season sports hats

Autumn sports hats, not intended for severe frosts, in most cases do not have a lining. They can be made from thick knitwear, yarn with a small addition of wool or mohair, cotton fabric and other materials. Such products can have many styles and variations. Modern fashionistas very often give their preference to stylish and attractive beanies and cockerel-type models, which do not have additional decorative elements and are perfectly combined with various wardrobe items.

demi-season sports caps

Fashionable sports hats

The assortment of modern manufacturers includes sports hats for the fair sex in a variety of styles, colors and variations. Thus, these products can be made from different materials, decorated with fur, contrasting combined inserts and other elements.

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Some models have long “ears”, thanks to which they simultaneously combine the functions of a headdress and a scarf. Meanwhile, the most popular variety for many years remains knitted sports hats for women, which are presented in a huge variety of colors and are often decorated with interesting and original prints.

fashion sports hats

Knitted sports hats

Women's sports knitted hats are incredibly diverse, so every representative of the fair sex can choose a model to suit her taste. Depending on individual preferences, the situation and the general style of the chosen image, girls and women may give their preference to the following options:

  • large knitted products;
  • laconic fine knit models;
  • options with and without lapel;
  • oversized sports hats;
  • models designed in the style of the national team flag.

knitted sports hats

Sports hats with pompom

Models with pompoms look very stylish and attractive. As a rule, these products fit tightly around the head and additionally have an elastic band or cuff. Such accessories add a playful and flirty mood to the image of their owner, so they are great for young women. Women's sports hats with a pompom are incredibly diverse - they differ in the shape and size of the pompom, in the texture, shape and pattern of knitting, color and thickness of the yarn used. In addition, such headdresses can also have two pom-poms “hanging” on the sides at the ends of the “ears” of the hat.

Since the color range of such products is very diverse, every woman can choose an option to suit her taste. A white sports cap from the Nike brand, decorated with a miniature logo on the front of the product, will help to refresh the look, and an incredibly catchy model made under the auspices of the Adidas brand can add brightness to it.

sports hats with pompom

Sports hat with earflaps

Incredibly warm and comfortable sports hats with earflaps completely cover the ears, chin and cheek area. In addition, such accessories have a visor that can be lowered if necessary. Compared to other models, the earflap hat is the warmest, so it is ideal for severe frosts and truly harsh winters.

Traditionally, earflap hats are made from synthetic materials, and their inner surface is lined with natural fur. In addition, products whose upper surface is made of genuine leather are very popular, but they are rarely made in a sporty style. Knitwear models are also in demand among modern active fashionistas, for example, a black sports hat with ear flaps from the Kama brand.

sports hat with earflaps

Sports hats with visor

Stylish sports hats for girls with a visor are great for sunny frosty weather, as they additionally protect the face and eyes of their owner from the bright rays of the sun. Such models look very unusual, so they are perfect for those girls who like to stand out from the crowd and be the center of attention. Visor in similar hats it can be fixed or folding - in the latter case it can be raised up and secured with buttons or special clips, and, if necessary, lowered.

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sports hats with visor

Fleece sports hats

Fleece sports hats are incredibly soft and warm, which is why they are extremely popular among girls and women around the world. In addition, fleece is one of the cheapest insulation materials, thanks to which almost all representatives of the fair sex can afford products made from it. The only drawback of such accessories, which many young ladies note, is that the skin in them can sweat excessively and experience discomfort.

fleece sports hats

Sports running hat

Girls who take care of their health and lead an active lifestyle do not give up morning jogging even in the cold season. In a situation where the air temperature drops below plus 5 degrees Celsius, experts advise wearing special sports hats for women that can protect the ears and head of their owner from the cold wind.

A high-quality accessory intended for running in the winter and mid-season periods of the year must have the following characteristics:

  • This product must be made of special synthetic materials. If a woman prefers natural fabrics, it is better for her to choose the finest merino wool;
  • It is advisable that this accessory have several reflective elements, since it can be very dark in the early morning and late evening during the cold season;
  • Sports hats for running should completely cover the ears, including the earlobes. Meanwhile, the material in these areas should not be too dense so as not to distort hearing;
  • the forehead should also be completely covered - the front part of the headdress should reach the eyebrows. This will help prevent the area between the eyebrows and slightly above from freezing, which can lead to a lingering runny nose;
  • a correctly selected product should not move out while running or put too much pressure on the head;
  • A good addition to a women's accessory can be a slot for a ponytail or braid, as well as holes for the temples of glasses or headphones.

running sports hat

Ski sports caps

Fans of skiing or extreme mountain descents should carefully take care of the quality and high thermal characteristics of their equipment. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the choice of a headdress that can protect the head and ears of its owner from hypothermia. The ideal choice is a three-layer accessory, the bottom layer of which is made of thin hypoallergenic fabric, the middle layer is high-quality modern insulation or membrane, and the top layer is a dense synthetic material with moisture-proof properties.

Warm knitted items with a fleece lining are also suitable. Like other sports equipment, ski hats come in an incredibly wide range. Most fashion brands give preference to models in black and dark gray, but they are not suitable for those girls who want to look strong, bright and attractive even while skating. In such a situation, a red sports cap made by Marmot Denise or Columbia would be an excellent solution.

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ski sports caps

Branded sports caps

Warm winter accessories for sports are presented in a wide price range, so every woman can choose an option that won’t break a hole in the fashionista’s budget. Experts advise girls leading an active lifestyle to pay attention to the products of the following brands:

  • Asos. The assortment of this brand includes a huge variety of stylish options for different weather conditions;
  • The Adidas sports cap is synonymous with exceptionally high quality. The popularity of this brand’s products has not diminished over the years, and the number of its fans is only growing;
  • The Nike brand line also includes a large number of warm and interesting models.

branded sports caps

How to wear sports caps correctly?

Knowing how sports hats are worn, you can create many stylish and interesting looks for different life situations. While running or playing sportsWhen taking place outdoors, such hats should be pulled as far over the head as possible so that they completely cover the ears and forehead. In everyday wear, depending on the style, such products can be worn in different ways, for example:

  • a knitted model or a knitted product made from thin yarn can be moved to the back of the head, slightly gathering the free edge;
  • the most daring girls can complement a sports beanie with a charming veil;
  • Sports hats with a visor can be worn with this part placed on the front or back.

how to wear sports caps correctly

Coat with sports hat

Sports-style hats can be combined not only with tracksuits, but also with other wardrobe items and outerwear. So, a sports hat with a coat looks very interesting and attractive if this product has a laconic design and a straight or loose fit. As a rule, such combinations are chosen by young ladies who value convenience and comfort most of all. Snow-white sneakers, which have recently become a real fashion hit, are ideal for this look.

coat with sports cap

Sports hat with down jacket

Knitted sports-style hats go perfectly with down jackets, which can be either short or long. As a rule, when choosing such items, fashionistas try to select a scarf and headdress made in the same style, however, this does not always happen. For example, a stylish youth look may include a bright fuchsia hat, which will not resonate with any element of the image if all its other components are made in calm, muted shades.

sports hat with down jacket