Stylish accessory for men — tie clip


The tie clip is considered a popular men's accessory that is an integral part of a business style. It performs not only decorative functions, but also solves practical tasks. With this detail in the composition, it is possible to balance the look and reduce the likelihood of getting into an awkward situation with some types of ties.

Why do I need a tie clip

The main purpose of a tie clip is to attach this accessory to a shirt. This detail performs decorative functions, making the image more sophisticated. Thanks to this element, it is possible to make the composition more accurate.

What is the name of a tie clip? In fact, this accessory is considered a clothespin. Some men call it a holder or pin. The specific name depends on the variety of this element.

Most often it is made of metal. Expensive items are made of gold or silver. Stones are used as additional elements - precious or semi-precious. Many men wear name clips with their initials on them. In companies with a business dress code, this item may have a logo on it.

A tie barrette performs not only decorative functions, but is also practical. This element is frequently combined with a business suit. This way, you don't have to worry about the tie accidentally falling into your coffee or food. In addition, due to the use of a bartack, the accessory does not interfere during the day.

A chosen correctly element complements the whole image well and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the composition. This emphasizes the ideal taste of its owner.

Clamp types and designs

The tie clip on the shirt comes in several varieties. These include:

  • Pin
    Tie-clipIn appearance, the product resembles an ordinary clothespin. On one side of the model, there are smooth teeth, which are used to fix the tissue. The smooth front is over the tie. The product is easy to use. It provides reliability and stability. This option goes well with standard wide ties.
  • Clamp with chain
    Tie-clipThis is a vintage piece that is rarely used today. The kit includes not only the clip itself, but also the chain. This element is fixed on a nearby button. Why chain on a tie clip? Previously, she emphasized the high status of her owner. Today, collectors are more interested in such accessories.
  • clip
    Tie-clipIn this case, both sides of the clip have a smooth texture. They do not have teeth or notches. For fixing, only the built-in spring is used. Therefore, the model is considered not very reliable. This option is suitable for tight ties.
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There are also original types of clamp fastening. So, magnetic stripes can be used for this. However, they are considered less reliable and therefore rarely used.

A tie clip also differs in the materials used. The most popular options include the following models:

  1. Silver - are considered the most popular among modern men. Such accessories have a laconic design and an affordable price.
  2. Gold - are considered more expensive items. To buy a discreet accessory, you should pay attention to white gold and laconic design. The most popular option is the plank. It is a narrow clamp.

Most of the holders are simple and concise. They differ only in the design of the front side. It is often decorated with carvings or enamel. Decorative elements can also be used. Some men choose clasps with 1-2 small stones - diamonds or cubic zirconia. Clips with agate look beautiful.

Most of the holders have a simple and concise design

When choosing a design, it is worth considering the features of the event. So, at the funeral ceremony, it is worth wearing the strictest accessories. For a wedding or anniversary, bright and non-trivial products are suitable.

Holders also differ in size. To choose the right option, you need to consider an important rule: the length of the fastener should be less than the width of the tie. A protruding metal edge is considered bad form.

Experts advise choosing a clip considering the type of tie:

  • for standard - 4.45 cm;
  • for a narrow one - less than 3.17 cm;
  • for thin - 3.8-4.45 cm.
The only exception can be compositions decorated in a retro style. In this case, it is permissible to use accessories that are the same length as the width of the tie

how to wear

The clamp helps to make the image of a man more solid and emphasize his social status. At the same time, it is not enough to choose this detail of the composition correctly. It is significant to know how to wear the accessory correctly.

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In doing so, it is recommended to consider the following features:

  1. Put on a shirt in front of a mirror. It is important that it look as neat as possible. Tie a tie around the collar. In this case, both items of clothing should fit well to the body.
  2. Put on the holder, fixing it between the shirt and tie. It is significant to make sure that this piece fits flat and tight.
  3. The outer part of the pin should be fixed to the top of the tie, and the inner part should be attached to the shirt.
  4. You need to install the clip between 3 and 4 buttons of the shirt. It is significant to make sure the accessory is level. It should be parallel to the floor.

Furthermore, it is impossible to use an accessory not for fixing a tie, but simply as a decorative element. Besides, it is also forbidden to combine it with knitted cardigans or vests. This is against the rules of etiquette.

Tie clip attachment location
Tie clip attaches to shirt and tie between 3 and 4 buttons

It is important for fans of vintage to know how to wear chain tie clips. In this case, it is recommended to do the same. But the chain should be fixed on the button. The bar tack should be positioned so that the chain forms a bend.

It is significant not only to put on the clip correctly, but also to remove it. This accessory usually has a strong and rigid attachment. This is especially true for new products. Therefore, it must be removed gently and carefully to avoid damage to the tie or shirt. In this case, you first need to press the spring to open the clamp. Only after this is it allowed to take off his clothes.

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If you try to pull off the accessory forcibly, there is a risk of puffs on the clothes. This is especially true for products made from thin materials.

In order for the clip to look stylish and fit harmoniously into the overall bow, it must be combined with the rest of the composition. When choosing an accessory, it is important to consider colors, textures, sizes. Also, the pin should look good with other jewelry - cuff links, bracelets, rings.

Cufflinks & Tie Clip
It is preferable that the tie clip and cuff links are in the same style.

Compliance with the color scheme is considered one of the key rules for creating a harmonious composition. Gold clips go well with suits and shirts in warm colors - brown, ocher, terracotta. Silver products should be used in addition to cold tones - gray, blue, emerald. Also, these accessories look perfect with the classic black color.

If other metal decorations are used in the image, they should be made in the same scale. So, it is recommended to combine gold cuff links with a similar holder.

To create a harmonious composition, it is recommended to follow the proportions. Small and narrow ties look good with neat, compact size clips. It is important that the accessory do not look bulky. It shouldn't have many stones or other decor. Long and wide ties go well with massive clips. They will stand out and provide a secure fit.

Tie clip with chain
The clip with the chain is attached in the same way as all the others, the chain is fixed on the button

Accessories that are complemented by an abundance of stones, chains or other elements attract a lot of attention. However, an excess of decor will only worsen the overall impression of the composition. In this case, the hair clip will look rough and messy.

The clip is a popular accessory that is both practical and decorative. To create a holistic and harmonious bow with his participation, it is significant to think over all of its components. In this case, it is recommended to consider the color scale, proportions, the presence of other decorations.