Very gentle: how to wear and combine transparent socks with a pattern


This is already a tradition - every spring interesting socks come back into fashion. In different variations. This year, it's fashionable to wear sheer socks with a pattern. We tell you how and what to wear in this material.

Transparent cute socks with a feminine Lolita-style pattern are already filling Instagram all over the world. And it looks really cute. But, we have to admit, it’s not very practical.

Such socks are delicate, thin and rather voluminous (this, by the way, is their distinctive feature this season) can diversify any image. Best of all, of course, they look in combination with classic pumps and flying spring dresses.

The pattern can be anything: from delicate flowers to a starry sky and some very avant-garde design.

It is important to understand that the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house was the first to suggest this trend, which means that everything is very feminine, sophisticated and pretentious in the primary sources of the trend.

As for the colors, the popular and current ones are delicate pastel colors, less often you can see dark shades. And even less often (but still possible) Red color.

Actual print - stars, polka dots and floral patterns.

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