Women's socks - 34 photos of the most fashionable models for girls and women


Charming women's knee socks are a hybrid of socks and tights, which is extremely popular among young ladies. Meanwhile, an older woman can also incorporate this accessory into her look if all the components of a fashionable look are chosen correctly.

Women's High Knee Highs

In the collections of world-famous designers, women's knee-highs are found everywhere. For many women, this accessory has become an integral part of their wardrobe, along with underwear. Today, these products are presented in an incredibly wide range - they can be designed for sports and recreation, have a bright and catchy design, a warmed inner surface and much more.

If in the summer season young ladies mainly choose lightweight models made of thin materials, then in winter warm knee socks come to the fore, which not only look very stylish, but also additionally give their owner maximum comfort and coziness.

women's high knee highs

Knee highs

One of the most original models of such accessories are over-the-knee knee socks, which cover the knees of a young lady. In tandem with a mini-dress or skirt, such products look very sexy, bewitching and intriguing - the strip of body that forms between the bottom of the dress or skirt and the golf cuff leaves neither men nor women indifferent.

In the cold season, warm knee-high socks can be combined with midi and maxi skirts, dresses and even trousers. Some beautiful ladies wear them over tights to further insulate themselves at sub-zero temperatures. Depending on their density and appearance, such accessories can be part of both everyday and romantic and even evening looks.

knee highs

Knitted women's socks

Warm high knee highs made from cotton or wool yarn perfectly warm the legs of their owner in cold weather. Such products are presented for sale in an incredibly wide range - they can be monophonic and colored, bright and light, concise or catchy, and even somewhat challenging.

In addition, often these accessories are decorated with fun prints, geometric or ethnic ornaments, stripes or polka dots. Women's knitted knee-highs can be worn with short skirts and dresses, but in most cases young ladies complement their home costume with them in order to feel real cosiness and maximum comfort even in the winter season.

knitted women's socks

Women's sports socks

Models designed for sports and outdoor activities, have a number of special effects, thanks to which they provide the athlete with maximum comfort and can help to improve her health. So, these products can have the following properties:

  • orthopedic;
  • compression;
  • cooling;
  • warming up;
  • relieving fatigue;
  • relaxing
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In such accessories, you can not only do exercises or perform your favorite gymnastic exercises, but also play sports professionally - they are perfectly adapted to increased loads, protect muscles from stretching, reduce the manifestation of pain and can protect the legs of their owner from mechanical injuries and injuries, which are often accompany workout. Sports models mainly have a laconic minimalist design, and the most popular option is white women's knee-highs, decorated with the manufacturer's logo.

women's sports socks

Colored women's knee-highs

Young ladies have extremely popular colored women's socks, which give their owner and her surrounding a lot of positive emotions. Such products are decorated with a variety of ornaments and can include up to 20 different shades. Especially often, girls choose colored socks with stripes, which can be decorated in a chaotic manner, or form a rainbow pattern.

colored women's knee-highs

Braided socks

Women's woolen knee-highs can be decorated with large or small vertical braids, which not only look very stylish, feminine and attractive, but also additionally visually stretch the silhouette of a girl, making her much more slender and seductive. Such products do not lose their shape for a long time and retain their appearance even after numerous washes, therefore they can serve their owner for several seasons in a row.

braided knee socks

Women's terry knee-highs

Terry accessories are incredibly soft. Women's socks made of this material can be intended for the demi-season period or for winter, however, the latter in most cases are two-layer, and their top layer is made from wool or tight knitwear. Women's warm knee socks from the Mahri not only give you incredible comfort and coziness, but also look very stylish - usually they are decorated with pretty patterns, colored stripes or themed drawings.

women's terry socks

Socks with bows

Women's high warm knee socks with bows look very romantic. They are perfect for young ladies and perfectly combined with a variety of dresses and skirts. Depending on individual preferences, the number and location of the bows can be as follows:

  • one large bow on the back top of the accessory;
  • several small bows on the front, one above the other;
  • vertical row of small bows along the side seam.

knee-highs with bows

Women's nylon knee-highs

Trendy knee socks in warm weather are a great alternative to tights. Unlike the latter, the skin does not perish in them, so no discomfort during wear is observed. In the collections of manufacturers there is a huge variety of similar products - simple monophonic objects of solid and black color, models of bright colors, variants with a pattern and much more.

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Kapron accessories with polka dots look very stylish, attractive and original - they create a playful and flirty image that is perfect for a romantic date or meeting with friends. Like the kapron tights, women's knee-highs made from this material can have different degrees of density, which should be selected based on weather conditions and situations.

women's nylon knee socks

Golf with pompoms

Experienced needlewomen and manufacturers of accessories for beautiful ladies are constantly improving their products and complement it with all sorts of decorative elements, giving it a charming appearance. So, women's winter socks can be decorated with cute pompoms, which can have different sizes. Pompons can be positioned as follows:

  • one big pompom at the top, sewn directly to each golf;
  • one or several small pom-poms located in the upper part and attached to the accessory with the help of special satin ribbons;
  • one small pompon in the upper part of the foot;
  • vertical row of little cute pompoms on the side or back.

pompom socks

New Year's women's knee-highs

On the eve of the New Year, long warm knee socks with corresponding symbols, which are purchased both as a gift and for yourself, are particularly popular. Such products are made of dense knitwear, wool, mohair, mahry and many mixed materials. As a rule, they are made in red or blue colors - mainly tables and rooms are made in these colors to meet the magical New Year's Eve. In addition, in the decoration of such accessories can be used sparkles, imitation of precious stones, beads and glass beads, sequins and much more.

Meanwhile, in the vast majority of cases, belonging to the New Year is demonstrated using thematic drawings. For example, knee socks with deer, elegantly decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, a Snowman, and a bag of gifts are very popular among girls and women. Current and well-known design in red and whitewhich is associated with delicious Christmas candies.

New Year's women's knee-highs

What can I wear with socks?

Beautiful women's knee-highs are absolutely universal - they are perfectly combined with almost all the wardrobe items of modern fashionable women. Meanwhile, in combination with some things, these accessories become invisible. So, for example, in an image with trousers, jeans or a long skirt it will be completely unclear what the girl is wearing, and any pattern or decorative elements used to decorate such products will simply not be visible to others.

There are many options with which to wear socks above the knee and before him, which allow to avoid such a situation. Stylists recommend combining this accessory with short skirts and dresses, all kinds of shorts and short outerwear. In such ensembles, such products look as attractive as possible and can demonstrate to others the individual style of their owner.

what to wear with socks

what to wear with the knee highs
what to wear with socks

Golf shorts

The combination of golf and shorts looks very bold and sexy, but it is not at all vulgar. Depending on the material from which the accessory is made, such an ensemble can be worn in summer, autumn or winter. So, women's warm knee-highs in combination with short shorts and bodily nylon pantyhose can gain many interested men's looks even in the winter season, without forcing their possessor to feel cold and feel discomfort.

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According to most stylists, such wardrobe items should not be worn with high-heeled shoes - this will only make the image vulgar. Ankle boots, boots or flat shoes should be the optimal choice. Stylish boots with knee socks also look great, but they shouldn't be too chunky. If a girl is embarrassed by her miniature height, it is better for her to give preference to shoes with wedges, while heels, and especially stilettos, should be abandoned.

golf shorts

Skirts with skirt

Among what to wear with knitted knee socks are mini-skirts of various styles. This stylish and warm accessory allows young ladies, even in winter, not to give up their favorite short skirts and not hide their beautiful slender legs from others. As a rule, in winter, such products are worn over nylon tights, seeking additional insulation and giving the image a playful and flirty appearance.

In the warm season, you can wear nylon or openwork models with short skirts. They do not serve as insulation, but can help protect the feet of their owner from calluses and chafing. In addition, a look based on a combination of a skirt and bright knee socks looks very interesting, attractive and impressive, which is very important for representatives of modern youth.

skirts with skirt

Dress with golf

A beautiful youth outfit with knee socks can be created using a dress that should not be too long so that the accessory is completely visible. As a rule, such products are combined with charming mini-dresses, however, if you choose knee-high socks, the upper part of the look may be slightly longer.

Wearing a dress with golf can be both in summer and in winter. In the warm season, mini-dresses in a sporty style, simple and laconic dresses, shirts and safari dresses are best combined with this accessory, and as a shoe, comfortable sneakers or flat-top sneakers are perfect for shoes. In the cold season, preference should be given to knitted or knitted mini-dresses in combination with nylon pantyhose, warm wool golf and boots or ankle boots at low speed.

dress with golf