Castor oil for eyebrows: useful properties and methods of application

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Castor oil is a well-known natural remedy often used for eyebrow care. However, when using it, care must be taken due to the increased sensitivity of adjacent areas. Incorrect application of oil can lead to undesirable consequences. Treatment of eyebrows with oil after tattooing is also characterized by some features. To achieve maximum results, it is better to use proven recipes.

Is castor oil effective for eyebrows?

Castor oil is often used to stimulate the growth of the eyebrows and protect them from negative environmental factors. Due to the presence of fatty acids in the composition, the agent penetrates the epidermis and envelops the bulbs, activating their functioning. On the surface, the liquid covers the eyebrow hairs along the entire length and prevents their destruction. At the same time, the nutrients and vitamins contained in the oil have a regenerating effect on the hair structure.

Castor oil is obtained by cold pressing from a poisonous plant - castor bean.

Castor oil and castor oil
Castor oil is made from castor beans and has a dark yellow tint.

The main beneficial ingredients of the oil are:

  • palmitic acid, which accelerates the absorption of nutrients by hair and follicles;
  • stearic acid, the action of which is aimed at getting rid of peeling and protection from harmful solar radiation;
  • linoleic acid, which provides protection from exposure to cold temperatures;
  • oleic acid, which promotes the activation of metabolic processes and the retention of moisture in cells;
  • ricinoleic acid, which has an antibacterial effect and softens the hair structure;
  • vitamins A and E, which stimulate the production of collagen.

Castor oil is especially effective with regular eyebrow correction, which provokes permanent damage to the follicle due to the use of plucking agents. The use of coloring agents also negatively affects the condition of the hairs. Healing oil helps to reduce the aggressive effects of cosmetic procedures.

Eyebrows before and after applying castor oil
After applying castor oil, eyebrow growth is enhanced

How to apply oil on the surface of the eyebrows

A feature of the use of castor oil is the need to heat it before application. A water bath is best suited for this purpose. However, with regular sessions, it is advisable to simply lower the bottle of liquid into a container of heated water. Watch the temperature of the liquid: in order to avoid getting burned, do not heat the mixture higher than 40 degrees.

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When using oil in combination with other components, heating the product to 30 degrees is sufficient.

Heating oil in a water bath
You can use a water bath to heat castor oil.

The step by step process for applying medicated brow oil is as follows:

  1. Pre-cleanse the eyebrow area by treating the surface with a scrub.
  2. Using a special brush with a diagonal bevel, take a small amount of viscous oil and distribute along the length of the eyebrows. Avoid getting liquid into the eyes as this can lead to swelling and subsequent irritation.
  3. Leave the liquid on the surface for about 15-20 minutes. Remember that when exposed to oil for more than 20 minutes, a dense film forms, which will be difficult to remove.
  4. To clean the areas of liquid, first use a simple cotton pad, and then soaked in herbal decoction. Do not attempt to immediately clean the surface with water, as this will only complicate the process.
  5. Moisturize the treated areas with a nourishing cream.

It is recommended to conduct a session 3 times a week if you want to accelerate the intensity of hair growth. If the purpose of using the oil is to nourish and moisturize the hairs, then 1 time per week is enough.

Eyebrow brushes
Applying castor oil is easy with a bevelled brush.

Mask Recipes

In addition to using the oil alone, it is also mixed with other oils and ingredients to achieve different effects, depending on the deficiencies present. The most effective masks are mixtures prepared according to the following recipes:

  1. To soften the eyebrows, apply a mixture of olive oil with castor oil to the surface. You will need 3-4 drops of each remedy. Hold the mask for 30 minutes.
  2. To enhance the color, take 3-4 drops of castor oil combined with camphor oil and apply the mixture on the eyebrow area for about 10 minutes. There is a limitation on the frequency of use - with an interval of 1 day for a month.
  3. In order to add shine and nourish the eyebrows, use liquid vitamin A and supplement it with castor and burdock oils. It is enough to take 2-3 drops of each liquid. The exposure time for the hair is 20 minutes.

    Burdock oil, castor oil and vitamin A
    The combination of castor and burdock oil with vitamin A in the form of a mask has an enhanced nourishing effect on the eyebrows
  4. To strengthen the structure of the hairs and give them volume, mix licorice powder with castor and sesame oils. It will take only 5 grams of powder and 3-4 drops of each oil. After mixing, use as a mask, applying the mixture for 10 minutes.
  5. In order to accelerate the growth of eyebrows, a mask is suitable, for the preparation of which you will need a tincture of water pepper in an amount of 5 ml with the addition of 3-4 drops of castor oil. The mixture is applied to the surface of the eyebrows for 10 minutes.

It is recommended to distribute the oil and mixtures from the masks first in the direction against the growth of the eyebrows - this way the product will better penetrate into the pores. After that, the hairs can be smoothed in the course of their natural growth.

Features of eyebrow processing after tattooing

The composition of the oil includes a brightening component, which helps to draw out the coloring pigment from the surface, so it is not recommended to apply the product after eyebrow tattooing. Otherwise, the eyebrows will lose color to a large extent.

Another thing is if the tattoo was unsuccessful or the color of the eyebrows turned out to be too dark. To correct the situation, castor oil is used to treat the eyebrow areas using a cotton swab and leave the liquid on the surface for 20 minutes. The session is repeated with an interval of 1 day. The result in the form of lightening the tattoo appears after about 3 weeks.

Oil application after eyebrow tattoo
Castor oil is applied to colored eyebrows with a cotton swab to lighten them.

Contraindications to use

Eyebrow oil treatment is prohibited in the presence of open wounds and individual intolerance. In order to find out if you are allergic to the ingredients of the product, you need to use a small amount of liquid on the wrist or area behind the ear. These places are highly sensitive, so they will react as quickly as possible in case of an allergy. In the absence of irritation, swelling or rash within the next hour, you can apply the product to the eyebrow area.

If you experience persistent burning sensation when using the product on your eyebrows, wash off the oil immediately.

Before applying the oil, check the expiration date. If it has expired, then the remedy should not be used due to the likelihood of developing edema or allergies. It is recommended to store liquid in a cool place.

Reviews on the use of castor oil for the surface of the eyebrows

Oh yes, castor oil works. Sometimes I regret that I started to smear it with it at all, because. the hairs began to grow where needed and where not needed, the eyebrows became much wider, the hairs were darker and thicker. Eyelashes grow well too.

I tried to grow my eyebrows with castor oil. The hairs on the eyebrows became thicker and softer, but the eyebrows did not become wider, where I had been plucking them for years, nothing grew. In addition, I had seborrhea on my eyebrows, a dermatologist said that it was from oil, on oily skin, that it causes seborrhea, it looks terrible, like dandruff plus eyebrows are red and itchy. If you have dry skin, then you can try. As for eyelashes, I definitely do not recommend it. Castor oil swollen my eyes, although I smeared quite a bit on the tips of my eyelashes.

I use regular castor oil. I put it on for an hour, and then I remove the remnants with a cotton pad or wash my face. There is a result! Eyebrows have become thicker and longer.

I had such a period when my eyebrows in certain places were simply bald (fell out), and I only dyed them, but the hairs did not grow there. I started applying castor oil at night every day, I don’t remember how many weeks I did this, but the result was a fact. My bald spots slowly but surely acquired new hairs. Now I am also trying to start smearing everything to fill in other “gaps”.

About eyebrows! Yes, castor oil is the best remedy for eyebrows and eyelashes! But I don’t use castor oil on my own, only as a base for other oils, vitamins and supplements. I get an explosive mixture that does something incredible with my eyebrows. True, the cilia do not grow from it, but grow stronger, and fall out very rarely.

The composition of castor oil as components includes various useful acids that nourish the structural elements of the hairs and accelerate the process of their growth. With the correct use of the product in its pure form, or by adding it to masks, eyebrows are protected from the negative effects of external factors, they are strengthened and nourished.

The greatest effect is obtained by using masks with the addition of burdock oil and vitamin A. After eyebrow tattooing, the oil is used to lighten the tone.