Eyebrow care with burdock oil: proven recipes

Aromatherapy and essential oils

Fashion is fleeting. Just a few years ago, thin threads were considered the ideal eyebrow shape, and many women mercilessly plucked the hairs. But today the trend is thick and expressive eyebrows. How can we return them to their former form? Burdock oil will help with this.

How does burdock oil work on eyebrow hairs?

The amazing is nearby. The most common weed has given humanity a product that is considered one of the best for caring for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. This is burdock oil. It is obtained by infusing the root in another vegetable oil.

The product contains many useful components that promote the restoration and growth of eyebrow hairs:

  • vitamins A, C, E, P, group B;
  • mineral components: cobalt, chromium, phosphorus, sulfur, selenium;
  • inulin is a substance that is considered a natural hair conditioner;
  • fatty acids - stearic, palmitic;
  • protein - a protein that is part of hair;
  • tannins.
Burr oil
Burdock oil is obtained from the root of the burdock plant.

When using burdock oil for eyebrow care, the product has the following effects on hairs:

  • strengthens follicles, which prevents hair loss;
  • stimulates metabolic processes and blood circulation in the surface layers of the skin. As a result, the roots are fully saturated with vitamins, minerals, oxygen and other biologically active substances;
  • promotes the production of melanin, which determines the natural rich shade of the eyebrows;
  • activates hair growth;
  • awakens dormant follicles, causing new hairs to appear in the eyebrow line;
  • makes the body of the hairs dense and strong due to the fact that their scales stick together;
  • promotes shine and elasticity of hairs.

Eyebrow care with burdock oil

Burdock root oil can be used as a stand-alone eyebrow care product or as part of various recipes. It must be remembered that it will take at least 2 months to restore the eyebrows.

Using pure product

It is recommended to apply burdock oil to hair in the evening and not rinse off until the morning. In this case, the beneficial components in the product will have the most effective effect, since the product will remain on the eyebrows for a long time.

  1. Before applying burdock oil, eyebrows should be cleaned of decorative cosmetics, dust, sebum and other contaminants. Experts advise using micellar water or other cosmetic compositions for washing, since using soap creates an aggressive alkaline environment that dries out hair.
  2. The burdock oil should be slightly warmed. To do this, you can pour the product into a spoon and hold it over hot steam for 1 minute.
  3. Using a brush, a cotton swab or a clean mascara brush, thoroughly lubricate your eyebrows. In this case, it is recommended to apply the oil first along the direction of hair growth, and then against it. This way the product will cover every hair. In addition, during such manipulations, a light massage is performed, which will increase blood flow to the follicles, they will receive the necessary beneficial components and thereby become stronger.
  4. Excess oil should be soaked with a paper napkin.
  5. Burdock oil should be used daily for 1,5–2 months.
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Oiling eyebrows
Burdock oil must first be applied in the direction of hair growth, and then against their growth

Red pepper recipe

Red hot pepper is known as a powerful hair growth stimulant. The component capsaicin included in its composition has an irritating effect on the skin, causing blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result, the roots of the hairs receive the necessary nutrition, become strong, and the dormant bulbs awaken and new hairs appear.

To speed up eyebrow growth, you can use ready-made burdock oil with red pepper or make the mixture yourself.

When using a recipe with hot pepper, extreme care should be taken to ensure that the components of the mask do not come into contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes.


  • burdock oil - 1 tsp;
  • alcohol tincture of red pepper - 2 drops.

Mix oil and red pepper tincture. Apply the product to the eyebrows and leave for 10 minutes. After this, carefully rinse the composition from the hairs so that it does not get into the eyes. Lubricate your eyebrows with burdock oil, after an hour, remove the remaining oil and leave until the morning.

It is recommended to use the burning mask 2 times a week. The course consists of 12–15 procedures.

Honey remedy

Natural honey stimulates the appearance of new hairs and activates their growth. It contains more than four hundred biologically active components that accelerate metabolic processes and fill the follicles with nutrients.

The recipe also uses lemon juice, which gives your hair a healthy shine.


  • burdock oil - 1 tsp;
  • liquid honey - 1 tsp;
  • lemon juice - 0,5 tsp.

Mix liquid honey and lemon juice, and then add burdock oil to the resulting mixture. Apply the mask to the eyebrows and leave for 15–20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

The procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a week.

Honey contains many beneficial components that stimulate eyebrow growth.

Moisturizing composition

Dry hairs are often the cause of sparse eyebrows. Due to loss of moisture, they become brittle and break off at the slightest external influence. Therefore, to restore eyebrows, it is important to moisturize the hairs. To do this, it is recommended to use a mask that contains the following components:

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  • burdock oil - 0,5 tsp;
  • lavender essential oil - 2 drops;
  • rosemary ether - 2 drops;
  • basil oil - 2 drops;
  • aloe juice - 0,5 tsp.

Cut the aloe leaf and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. After that, cut it, squeeze out the juice and add to the oil mixture.

Apply the composition to the eyebrows and leave for 2 hours. After this, wash off the mask with warm water. The recipe is recommended to be used 2 times a week.

Aloe vera juice has moisturizing properties

Vitamin complex

The hair roots will become stronger and their growth will accelerate if you apply a product with vitamins to your eyebrows 2-3 times a week. The most beneficial vitamins for hair are vitamins A and E. Vitamin A makes follicles strong and stimulates hair growth, and vitamin E gives hair shine and elasticity.

The mask also contains castor oil, which is also used in cosmetology to moisturize, strengthen and grow hair.


  • burdock oil - 0,5 tsp;
  • castor oil - 0,5 tsp;
  • liquid vitamins - 1 capsule.

Mix burdock and castor oil and heat slightly. Puncture the vitamin capsule and add the contents to the oil mixture. Apply the composition to the hairs. After 2 hours, rinse with warm water.

The mask can be done 2 times a week.

"Hot" mask

Mustard powder will help activate hair growth, since the product has warming properties. The recipe also contains egg yolk, which restores damaged hair structure. Therefore, the proposed mask helps to quickly and effectively make eyebrows thick.


  • burdock oil - 1 tbsp. l.;
  • mustard powder - 0,5 tsp;
  • yolk - 1 pc.

Mix mustard powder and burdock oil into a homogeneous mass, add chicken yolk to them. Apply the product to the eyebrows and leave for 10 minutes. After this, carefully remove the mask so that it does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes, and apply burdock oil to the eyebrows, which will continue to have an effective effect on the hairs. After an hour, blot your eyebrows with a paper napkin and leave until the morning.

Procedures should be carried out 2 times a week.

Mustard powder
Mustard powder warms the skin and helps strengthen hair roots

Oil mix

Eyebrows will become thick, silky and shiny if you lubricate them every evening with a mixture of several oils. The most successful is a combination of burdock, castor and almond products. Almond oil has effective moisturizing properties, it saturates the hairs and their roots with nutritional components, so the eyebrows begin to grow well, acquire the necessary volume and healthy shine.


  • burdock oil - 0,5 tsp;
  • castor oil - 0,5 tsp;
  • almond oil - 0,5 tsp.
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Mix the oils together, warm them slightly and apply to the eyebrows. After an hour, remove excess product from hairs with a napkin.

Reviews on the use of burdock for eyebrows

At one time I plucked my eyebrows and they didn’t look symmetrical. Although, if I had gone to the salon, I would certainly have been happy with the result and I wouldn’t have had to restore them for so many years. When I thoroughly decided that I needed to return to the roots, I began to grow them. An important nuance was patience, without it there is no way. With tweezers I only pinched those that I considered unnecessary and distant from the area that was important to me. I regularly began to lubricate my eyebrows with oils (burdock, almond, castor), often at night. In addition, I used capsules with vitamins A and E, both solo and paired with oil for better results.

Eyebrows BEFORE and AFTER
After using the composition with burdock oil, the volume of the eyebrows was restored

In the evening before going to bed, I did the usual mustard mask for eyebrows! Gently apply thickly with a cotton swab (about the same as when tinting eyebrows). And if I could walk for a long time with this mask on my head, then on my face it was 10–15 minutes maximum, but then I got used to it and could sit longer. Afterwards, I carefully washed it off with a damp cotton pad, the main thing is not to get it in my eyes! I did this 2-3 times a week, and so on for almost 2 months. And applied cosmetic oils. There are a lot of mustard mask recipes, I do everything by eye. A little at a time: dilute sugar with a drop of hot water (to dissolve) + mustard powder (sold in any grocery stores) + a drop of any cosmetic oil. All this is mixed until the consistency of sour cream; the more sugar, the more it burns. And applied to the eyebrows.

Changing eyebrow thickness
The use of a mustard mask based on burdock oil made the eyebrows fuller and more voluminous.

I have long ago poured burdock and castor oil into a mascara tube - this makes it easier to apply to both eyelashes and eyebrows. I intensively smeared my eyebrows with oils every day, almost a month has passed since I disfigured my eyebrows and happiness came to me - I grew my eyebrows!

Burdock oil is an effective and inexpensive product that will help make your eyebrows luxurious and thick. The product is absolutely safe to use. In combination with other components, burdock oil promotes the rapid restoration of damaged hairs, as evidenced by consumer reviews.