Cedar oil: a concentrate of taiga strength

Aromatherapy and essential oils

Cedar oil was given to the world by the Siberian cedar, a centuries-old giant revered by the indigenous peoples of Siberia as a sacred tree, a sanctuary of good spirits, an accumulator of positive natural energy. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this product has the most powerful rejuvenating and healing resources, because in a small bubble the power of the underground depths is firmly intertwined with the mysterious cosmic whirlwinds.

No wonder the cedar - a symbol of health and longevity - has long been endowed with magical properties. It is worth opening a magic bottle, closing your eyes and inhaling deeply, as in the same second the taiga aroma will take you from the bustling megacities, buzzing like beehives, to the primordial world of silence and harmony, under the canopy of sprawling cedars.

Useful properties of cedar oil

Pine nut oil, used in cosmetology, is obtained by cold pressing (pressing) - this ensures the high safety of all vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, making pine elixir a universal remedy for skin care of any type and endowing it with truly miraculous properties in the fight against premature aging:

  • regeneration processes in tissues are activated;
  • improves blood microcirculation;
  • blood vessels are strengthened;
  • swelling, inflammation and peeling disappear;
  • irritation and itching disappear;
  • scars dissolve;
  • age spots are bleached;
  • the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized;
  • oily sheen, blackheads and comedones (black dots) disappear;
  • the skin becomes moisturized, toned and elastic;
  • its color and relief are smoothed out;
  • mimic wrinkles disappear, and deep ones are reduced;
  • local immunity is enhanced;
  • increases the resistance of the skin to adverse external conditions.
Essential oil of cedar
Cedar oil has a calming effect and helps relieve nervous tension, and stress is considered one of the factors provoking premature aging.

Ways to use cedar oil for facial skin care

Before considering the numerous options for using cedar oil, it is necessary to distinguish between concepts. There are base and essential cedar oil: the first is extracted from nuts, has a pleasant, mild aroma and can be used in its pure form, the second is obtained from needles and wood - it has a resinous, tart aroma and is used in doses, in addition to the basic emollient ingredients. For example, finished cosmetics can be enriched with cedar ether by adding 3-5 drops to 10 grams of cream or gel base. In its pure form, it should be applied pointwise to the foci of inflammation, while the base oil can be used without fear of getting a chemical burn of the skin.

Important! Before using cedar oil, a sensitivity test must be done. We apply a couple of drops on the elbow bend: if after a day there are undesirable manifestations (rash, itching, peeling, irritation), then you should refrain from using cedar extract in order to avoid allergic reactions.

Cedar oil and nuts
You can also take pine nut oil orally - this will produce a complex effect of rejuvenation on the body; however, it is worth remembering the high calorie content of the product

Moisturizing compress

This simple recipe will be indispensable for caring for fading, depleted, dehydrated facial skin, and with regular course use, it will help delay the appearance of the first signs of aging:

  1. First you need to prepare a small piece of gauze, folded in half, or a cotton napkin with holes cut out for lips and eyes.
  2. The base oil of cedar is lightly heated in a water bath so as not to destroy vitamins - this will open the pores, and nutrients will be able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
  3. Wet wipes in warm cedar oil and apply on the face.
  4. The session lasts a quarter of an hour, after which the excess oil is removed with a clean cloth.
Pine nut oil and cones
The base cedar oil in its pure form will help to recover faster damaged skin, sunburnt and wind-chapped in the cold.

It is better to apply this remedy on moistened skin of the face after soft peeling - so the keratinized scales do not prevent the oil from evenly distributing.

Such a compress will quickly restore the lost firmness and elasticity to the skin, moisturize and soften it, activating regeneration processes at the cellular level.

Anti-Aging Mask

The following combination of ingredients will free the skin from the fetters of mimic and age wrinkles:

  1. Two quail eggs should be beaten well until foam appears.
  2. Then add a tablespoon of rice flour and half a teaspoon of exotic shea butter (shea), which can first be slightly melted in a water bath.
  3. And the finishing touch is five drops of cedar essential oil.
  4. Mix all ingredients well until smooth.
  5. And now apply to the surface of the face.
  6. After half an hour, wash off with warm water or herbal decoction (for example, rose hips).
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Shea Butter
Shea butter, obtained from the fruits of an African tree and quite sensational due to its miraculous properties, effectively protects fragile, fading skin from the aggressive influence of the external environment, moisturizes it and gently soothes

Due to the delicate influence of the components of this mask, cellular respiration is activated, blood circulation and regenerative processes improve - the skin becomes smooth, elastic and acquires a healthy glow.

Nourishing mask

Both young and aging skin will like a mask with the pulp of such an exotic ingredient as “alligator pear”, which translates from English as “avocado”:

  1. One avocado needs to be peeled and, after removing the stone, grind in a blender to a mushy state.
  2. To the resulting puree, add a tablespoon of fat sour cream and five drops of cedar ether.
  3. Mix and apply on the surface of the face for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse with warm water.
Avocado puree
Masks with avocado and sour cream are quickly absorbed into the skin, deeply moisturize it, protect it from UV rays and prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

This mask provides intensive nutrition and hydration, resulting in improved metabolic processes, cellular respiration is restored, and the skin becomes velvety to the touch and acquires a pleasant glow.

Cleansing Mask

The components involved in this recipe are perfect for oily skin prone to breakouts - the mask can be used as a prophylactic against acne:

  1. First, crush two tablets of activated charcoal - a fresh preparation crumbles easily.
  2. Add a tablespoon of blue clay and a teaspoon of dry chamomile to the resulting coal powder.
  3. Now add a dessert spoon of base cedar oil and a couple of drops of ether.
  4. All components must be thoroughly mixed, achieving a uniform consistency.
  5. The mask is aged for about 20 minutes, after which the face is rinsed with cool water or herbal decoction (for example, plantain).

Blue clay, which has excellent tonic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties, can be replaced with any other: yellow, for example, will help remove toxins and toxins, while black clay normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands and tightens pores.

Activated charcoal in tablet form
Activated charcoal, like clay, is an excellent natural adsorbent that binds impurities, deeply cleanses pores, eliminates blackheads, removes oily sheen and prevents inflammation.

The result of this procedure will be matte skin, free from acne, comedones and age spots.

Exfoliating scrub

Owners of oily skin in the fight against the imperfections inherent in this type can resort to the help of an active cleansing scrub:

  1. Mix a tablespoon of warmed honey with the same amount of cognac and kefir.
  2. Add finely ground sea salt.
  3. And then flavored with five drops of essential oil of cedar.
  4. Mix well and apply on the face with massage movements, leaving for a quarter of an hour.
  5. After the specified time, rinse with cool water and moisturize with a nourishing cream.

Important! Due to the alcohol content, cognac has a drying effect on oily skin and quickly dissolves impurities, honey as part of this mask actively nourishes cells, and salt provides physical exfoliation of keratinized scales, however, people with very dry and sensitive skin, as well as those suffering from rosacea, should refrain from the use of such active scrubs.

Sea salt in the shell
Sea salt stimulates blood circulation in tissues, activates metabolic and regenerative processes, has an antiseptic effect, restores skin turgor

The powerful effect of natural ingredients will make the face shine with health: cellular respiration is normalized, pores are cleansed, skin tone and relief are evened out - it acquires a matte texture, becomes elastic and tender, like a baby's.

Relaxing steam baths

Steaming the skin can be both an independent procedure and a preparatory stage before applying masks, peeling and scrubs - this will ensure the opening of pores and deep absorption of nutrients:

  1. We heat the water in a saucepan - the steam should be hot, but not scalding.
  2. Add five drops of cedar essential oil.
  3. We place our face at a distance of 30 centimeters, cover our head with a terry towel and enjoy the coniferous aroma.
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The time of steam exposure to the skin depends on its type - dry integuments need three minutes (once a month), oily - up to ten minutes (twice a month).

Essential oil of cedar as part of a steam bath
Thermal procedures will have to be abandoned for people with bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, hirsutism (excessive hair growth due to hormonal imbalance), acne in the acute stage, as well as those with signs of rosacea on the face

A fragrant bath with cedar ether will increase blood circulation in the tissues and have a relaxing effect - the pores will open and impurities can be easily removed from the skin surface with a cotton pad dipped in micellar water.

Oil mixture for eyebrows and eyelashes

Cedar balm is able to restore not only the skin, but also eyebrows with eyelashes, restoring a languid mystery to the look:

  1. A teaspoon of base cedar oil will be the main ingredient.
  2. To it we add one drop of cedar ether and one capsule of liquid vitamins A and E.
  3. We mix everything and gently apply to the eyebrows and eyelashes with a cleaned brush from the mascara.
  4. We count half an hour and wash off with warm water.
Two vials with essential cedar oil
When applying compositions with essential cedar oil to eyelashes and eyebrows, make sure that the excess does not get into the eyes, otherwise a burn of the mucous membrane may occur.

Regular appeal to the help of such a coniferous balm will bring noticeable results in a month - the metabolic processes in the hair follicles are normalized, the structure of the hairs is restored, eyelashes and eyebrows will stop falling out, they will become thick and velvety.

If you drive an oily substance into the area around the eyes with your fingertips, avoiding stretching, this will have the most positive effect on the skin of the eyelids - very soon dark circles and fine wrinkles will disappear. Enough ten-minute applications in the morning and evening. In addition, pure pine nut base oil can be used to remove makeup - for this, a small amount of a slightly warmed elixir is applied to a cotton pad and wiped over the eyelashes.

Important recommendations

You can get the maximum benefit from the essential and base oil of cedar, if you take into account some subtleties:

  1. All procedures are carried out on cleansed facial skin - it can be steamed if there are no contraindications.
  2. With an exacerbation of acne or the presence of damage, manipulations will have to be postponed.
  3. Ingredients for masks and scrubs must be fresh.
  4. Use only genuine products: high-quality pine nut oil can be washed off even with cold water, it will not become cloudy or thicken after placing the container in the refrigerator, and the essential oil will evaporate after a few minutes on contact with the surface of the paper, leaving no greasy residue.
  5. Cedar ether should be stored in the refrigerator, in a dark glass bottle.
  6. Mixtures are applied with cotton pads or special brushes.
  7. The applied oil can be preliminarily slightly heated by rubbing it with clean fingers - this way it will be absorbed faster.
  8. For the preparation of mixtures, it is better to use ceramic, glass, wooden or plastic utensils - the metal enters into oxidative reactions with the ingredients and negatively affects the safety of their useful properties.
  9. We rub the healing compositions with light movements, adhering to the direction of the massage lines.
Direction of massage meridians on the face
By performing orderly massage movements, you can achieve a lymphatic drainage effect - the oval of the face will become clearer, the skin will tighten, swelling will go down, and wrinkles will straighten out.
  1. Masks and scrubs are applied avoiding the area around the eyes.
  2. Oil applications on the eyelid area are allowed, but try not to stretch the covers.
  3. All products are kept on the surface of the skin for no more than fifteen minutes - facial expressions during this time should remain at rest so that the adhesion of the masks to the skin is not disturbed, and all useful substances are better absorbed.
  4. Exfoliating compounds are allowed to be used once every two weeks for two months, after which it is necessary to take a break for at least four to six weeks.
  5. Such a pause is also necessary when using soft nutrient mixtures so that the skin does not “get lazy”, because, as you know, you quickly get used to the good, but you need to apply them more often - twice a week.
  6. It is better to carry out cosmetic procedures at home before going to bed, not forgetting to wash off the healing products of your own preparation.
  7. Despite the miraculous properties of oils, no one has canceled factory-made moisturizers for skin care - oil can retain moisture in tissues, but it is not water in itself.
  8. Do not forget about the test for allergic reactions and some restrictions: cedar ether should not be used during pregnancy, taking strong drugs, kidney disease and epilepsy.
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Usage Reviews

I have problem skin, oily T-zone, small and large pimples all over my face, comedones, black dots and enlarged pores - in general, a complete set. Plus, on the cheeks, under the cheekbones, it constantly peels off. Finding something suitable is really difficult, but I did not despair and finally found it! Essential oil of cedar is dark yellow, viscous, with a specific smell. The smell is very masculine, heavy and I personally did not like it at all. I read on the insert that cedar oil is great for problem skin, and decided to make a mask with it - I diluted pink clay from the pharmacy and put a few drops of this oil there, I did everything by eye. After the first application, I was shocked, since none of my masks had ever given such an effect, large and small pimples dried up perfectly, the number of subcutaneous comedones decreased, the pores tightened. I have been using clay for a long time, but I have never had such delight. I made 3 more of these masks a day later, the skin acquired a very pleasant shade, the pores are not visible, all the pimples are gone, the comedones are gone, it doesn’t peel off, and, most importantly, the face has ceased to shine! That is, before, after washing after two hours, the skin became very oily, I had to constantly wipe and powder. And now I can do without powder and foundation! In general, owners of similar skin, be sure to try this oil.

I found out that cedar helps fight problem skin. In fact, that's why I got it. The effect was unexpected in a good sense of the word. I thought that it would lighten the black dots a little and ... that's it. According to the instructions, I mixed a teaspoon of base oil (I have a peach) and 2 drops of cedar. And she began to rub the whole thing into her face with her fingers. There was no sensation of oil on my face that I hated, no discomfort. Everything was quickly absorbed, the complexion evened out, the skin became fresh and supple - so nice!

Firstly, the big discovery for me was that this oil is great as a night care product. I just gave up night creams and completely forgot when I bought something like that. Moreover, I use this oil in any convenient case: if I'm not going to leave the house or immediately after taking a shower / bath. The effect is noticeable: I no longer have skin problems (well, at least there are no big, noticeable inflammations). I use the oil not only for the face, but also for any other area of ​​the skin. Sometimes I use it as a makeup remover. I like this way. Although much more often I first wash my face with foam / soap, and then I apply a thin layer of cedar oil on my face. I always use it as a lip balm at night. In winter, this is especially true, since any changes in the weather instantly affect the condition and appearance of the skin of the lips.

Cedar oil is a unique natural substance, the “gold of Siberia”, a treasure trove of useful vitamins and microelements, which is highly valued by culinary specialists, traditional healers and cosmetologists. The course external use of coniferous balsam as part of home-made products will help satisfy all the key needs of the skin, prolong freshness and youth for many years, and the use of pine nut oil inside will provide a complex effect of rejuvenation.