Spring manicure ideas for short nails - design photo


Spring warm weather is pushing modern fashionistas to change their image. It was during this period of time that fresh and fashionable ideas appeared in the female transformation. Even a gentle and well-chosen manicure can make a woman a self-confident person. In the new year, nail art masters offer to slightly diversify spring manicure.

Color schemes in spring manicure for short nails

For several years in a row, the color design of manicure has slightly deviated from the rules for combining seasonal shades. Apparently, therefore, in the coming year, spring manicure can have not only pastel colors, but even dark options. The most unique and, one might say, indispensable design remains your favorite French manicure. Only a few brand new decorative elements have been added to its implementation. The main colors of the spring season of the year are lavender, lemon, the color of the morning dawn, pale green, azure blue.

French manicure for short nails spring season

Gorgeous French manicure simply strikes the hearts of many girls with its uniqueness and versatility. That is why he will never leave fashion. This manicure design option fits perfectly in any season. In the collections of spring manicure there are a lot of incredible designs that modern fashionistas simply cannot but like. And most importantly, this season, manicure masters distinguish, first of all, a short length of the nail plate. Yes Yes! It was she who became the trend of the year.

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Spring moon manicure for short nails

Moon manicure has always been considered and will be considered the most popular type of design that has a neat look. The classic style remains in demand in the fashion of the year, but incredible decoration styles in the form of small particles and a small amount of rhinestones are also allowed.

The most important feature of the year are incredible combinations of shades. This season, to perform a moon manicure, masters pay tribute to bright and contrasting varnishes. Also spring moon manicure looks perfect on short nails. Moreover, this length allows the application of bright varnish coatings.

Spring ombre manicure

Ombre is gaining more and more popularity in modern fashion. As for color shades, in the coming year, soft pink, pastel, milky and white colors have become in demand. But unique ombre options are also allowed, where there is an amazing combination of two shades that are opposite to each other. For example, pink and gray, black or orange colors.

Gradient manicure has earned great demand for its versatility, unusualness and practicality. But most importantly - this design does not require too long nails. Even a short nail plate can get an incredibly original look with a gradient manicure.

"Broken glass" in the spring season

The technology for performing this manicure is not too complicated. And most importantly, the small details of broken glass from the side looks like an aquarium decor. Thanks to the brilliant particles of various shapes, incredible ornaments are created that attract the eyes of others.

Not only winter manicure has its own variations of metal design. But the spring design of female nails allows this technology to be implemented. A variety of shades of silver, gold, copper allow you to transform any nails with their metallic sheen. Moreover, such a manicure has unique types of design: with ornaments, imitation of molten metal, cast metal fragment.

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Spring water manicure

Water manicure is a unique novelty that has brought modern fashionistas to a real shock. The most interesting thing is that this style of manicure can be done at home. The water design involves mixing water with several shades of varnish. For example, azure, lemon and turquoise shades can decorate any manicure.

Spring manicure "cat's eye"

This amazing variety of decoration fits perfectly on short nails. With the help of a magnet and a special varnish coating, real masterpieces are created. The main role is played by the shape of the magnet, which performs the main function of applying the ornament. Best of all, the “cat's eye” looks on the green, black, blue, burgundy, violet color of the varnish coating.

Lace design for spring manicure.

Monograms and lace are very often used for wedding design of manicure, as well as when creating an evening solemn female image. This version of the decor looks very gentle and attractive.

To make lace, you need special blanks in the form of stickers or stencils for stamping. Some manicurists prefer to apply a magnificent ornament by hand. In the modern world of fashion, there are amazing technologies for decorating women's nails in the form of special lace.

Stamping spring manicure design

Sometimes you just get bored with the monochromatic look of the design. For a change, try using stamping. This is an amazing fixture that already has an ornament. It can be transferred to the nail plate using a silicone stamp. The prepared ornament will easily transform even the most boring manicure.

Photo of spring manicure

Using the above nail design technologies, you can decorate even the shortest nails, especially since they are all the most popular in the modern fashion world of the year.