Blue French manicure - great design in the photo


The colored smile line is always attractive and the multifaceted blue palette in French nail designs is considered the fashion trend this season. Blue French manicure is relevant at any time of the year and, despite its brightness, can look very gentle and feminine. The design subtly complements many images and is wonderfully combined with the decor, which allows you to embody the most extraordinary ideas into reality. Next, we propose to discuss in more detail some examples of the design of a blue French manicure, and we invite our readers to join us.

Manicure Features

Blue color is multifaceted, but, like many other shades, it has its own characteristics, which you definitely need to know about. The owner of a blue French manicure should not choose bright pink or red dresses, as well as complement gray shades with similar shades of nail polish. The blue palette is relevant in romantic images and goes well with a denim wardrobe.

Latest News

The variety of variations of the blue French manicure offered by nail designers allows fashionistas to create amazing ideas on their nails that can be a wonderful completion to many looks. The blue palette in manicure goes well with rubbed powder, rhinestones and various patterns. The “smile” line promises to pleasantly surprise girls with its interesting shapes, which will allow you to look at French design with different eyes.

Classic french manicure

The standard design of French design has long allowed fashionistas to use more than white varnish to create a smile. The blue tip of the nail in a manicure looks no less attractive, especially when combined with a transparent base. The "smile" line can be drawn with silver glitter or decorated with rhinestones.

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The accent nail, which is previously varnished in the color of a "smile", also looks very beautiful in classic French manicure.

Lunar manicure

The design of the blue moon design consists in the original method of staining, when the base of the nail, in contrast to the classic version, is covered in blue, and the area of ​​the lunula remains transparent or is made out in a different shade. The highlighted part of the nail can be decorated with crystal chips, rhinestones or coated with glitter.

In such an example, neat drawings on an accent nail, which can duplicate the color of a hole, look very nice.

Gradient french manicure

The blue gradient looks very nice and can be done in several ways. Stretching flowers can beautify the entire nail or form only at the tip. In the first example, a smooth transition implies the presence of white color in the manicure, the concentration of which beautifully highlights the line of the French manicure. The variant with a gradient along the "smile" line should be made vertical. On request, the manicure can be decorated with a pattern or shiny decor.

French manicure with an unusual "smile"

An unusual form of "smile" has recently been increasingly decorating the nails of fashionistas. Designers suggest decorating a strip of French manicure in the form of a triangle, waves, hearts or a double line. Such an idea is able to diversify the restraint of a manicure and complement the whole image with creative notes.

The exclusive blue "smile" can be combined on the nails with patterns, decorations and have different widths, which makes the manicure even more original.

Blue french manicure with floristry

Drawings of this nature are very popular among visitors to nail salons, because floristry is able to universally complement any manicure. Thin branches, neat buds, single flowers and leaves are able to exquisitely emphasize the smile line in everyday design.

For a festive or solemn option, you can decorate the nail plates with larger images and combine the pattern with decor in the form of rhinestones or beads.

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Geometric french manicure

Thin lines, zigzags and a variety of geometric shapes perfectly coexist on nails with a French design. With such variations of the drawings, you can constantly experiment and create unique ideas.

The details of the images are additionally drawn with contrasting colors or shiny strokes of glitter. Composite details of complex geometric patterns can be placed on each finger or single out one / two nails.

Blue twist-french manicure

The design of a twist-French manicure is characterized by a double "smile", one line of which must necessarily be found on the other in the center of the free edge of the nail plate. In this option, you should use not only one of the blue shades of varnish.

A twist-French manicure looks very beautiful with contrasting or close in tone to the blue palette colors. Stripes can be decorated with red, white, lilac or, for example, purple varnish.

Marine french manicure

The blue "smile" line is an excellent basis for creating a manicure with a marine theme. Thin white stripes, images of anchors, ships, seagulls and various shells will be the best complement to this design.

The "smile" looks very original, resembling waves and small colorful landscapes on accent nails. A similar idea is relevant for the summer period and will stylishly decorate the nails of women who are going on vacation to the seashore.

Offset blue french manicure

Modern variations of the French manicure allow women to experiment not only with color solutions, but also to modify the design in an original way. Among the topical novelties of the season, the offset line of the French manicure, which looks a bit unusual and allows you to visually lengthen the nail.

If desired, the manicure can be decorated with sequins, rhinestone patterns or drawings. The French manicure line looks original, capturing most of the nail plate or the “smile” located on the side of the nail.

Buffed powder design

The use of acrylic powder in the design of a French manicure can be a great idea for creating a festive design. Use one type of rub-on iridescent powder to highlight the "smile" line or lunula.

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A blue French manicure looks very nice with a similarly accented nail. Rhinestones, metallic stripes and other decorative elements perfectly complement a shiny nail.

Photo of french manicure in blue shades

A French manicure done in blue tones is a great alternative to a classic design. The blue "smile" attracts attention and looks very beautiful. Fashionable blue French manicure can be delicate and bright, discreet and catchy. In any of the examples, your nails will not be overlooked.