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Fashion never stands still, and every year there are new, interesting types of nail design. Until recently, large rhinestones, monograms and rather voluminous drawings were in trend. Today, all of that is a bit off the mark. The usual classic has become more relevant. This is not only about the world-famous French manicure, but also a more elegant version in the form of a gradient manicure.

Types of gradient manicure

Gradient manicure this year is one of the most popular among modern fashionistas. After all, it can be implemented on nails of any length. In addition, you can combine many shades, which allows you to experiment and create a completely different effect on the nails. There are quite a lot of gradient options, so we will look at the most popular ones.

Classic or horizontal gradient to make the most simple. A smooth transition of colors is done along the width of the nail plate. That is, the shades are mixed together horizontally. This option can be implemented at home, but before that we recommend to practice on paper.

An alternative option is a vertical gradient. It is not difficult to guess that the transition of shades will be performed vertically.

For those who like the classic, we offer to add a little variety to the design. To do this, choose a neutral base color. In turn, the smile line or hole should not be clearly drawn, but blurred. This design looks spectacular and just will not leave you without compliments.

A chaotic gradient has become quite popular recently. It allows you to give free rein to your imagination and realize your ideas. That is, you can independently decide on which part of the nail the gradient will be performed. In this case, you will definitely be sure that the design is unique. And, of course, a gradient manicure is ideal for complementing it with an interesting or even unusual pattern.

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How to make a gradient manicure: basic ways

Surely every girl at least once thought about how the famous gradient is made. There are several ways, each of which gives a completely different effect on the nails.

At home, the easiest way to make a gradient is with a simple sponge. To do this, cover the nails with a basic light shade. Most often it is white, beige or light pink.

Then on a piece of foil should be applied several strips of varnish of suitable colors. A damp sponge is applied to the foil and thus the nail polish is stamped. Keep in mind that for each nail you will need a new piece of sponge, so take small pieces. The gradient is smooth, so this method is the most popular.

For the next method, instead of a sponge, you will need a special brush. The preparation process takes place as in the previous version. However, the selected shades of lacquer is applied directly to the nail plate. Easy, smooth movement of the brush should be moved from side to side. This allows you to feather the lacquer and achieve a smooth transition.

Professional manicure masters mainly use an airbrush. This is a device inside which gel polish is added. Then it is sprayed onto the surface of the nails in the form of a spray. This method allows you to make the most smooth transition of shades. Therefore, a manicure always looks incredibly beautiful. In addition, the use of an airbrush can significantly save time, as the process is quite fast. Using the device is simple, but it is better to practice a little on paper.

Gradient Nail Design

As mentioned above, the gradient design itself looks very beautiful. However, many girls still want to complement it with interesting details. This can be a decor in the form of beads, rhinestones, sparkles or foil elements. But increasingly, the gradient is combined with other types of design.

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French manicure and moon manicure

The classic is perfectly combined with the transition of tones. Therefore, it is more often possible to see just such an option. Moreover, a smile line can be made in the form of a gradient, or just an emphasis on several nails. Neutral shades, as well as delicate pastel colors, make the manicure especially gentle and romantic. This design is perfect for everyday life, as well as for a wedding or other solemn event.

Patterned gradient

Quite often, this type of manicure is supplemented with various patterns. In the spring season, girls mostly choose flowers. Depending on the application technique, the drawing will look completely different.

Geometric design is combined with a gradient no less often. The fact is that it is universal and will easily complement and decorate almost any manicure.

Various snowflakes and stars - a beautiful picture for the winter season. But in this case, the gradient is made slightly more saturated and dark. However, it all depends solely on your vision of design.

Striped manicure

Striped nail design is an option not only for relaxing at sea. Much depends on the selected shades. In addition, it is not at all necessary to make strips on each nail. The most optimal solution is to use them on only a few nails.

If desired, on these strips, you can make a gradient. Such a solution is quite difficult to bring to life, especially for a beginner. It is best to enroll to an experienced master. But, nevertheless, this idea looks fresh and unusual.

Gradient manicure: photos of the most stylish ideas