Spectacular red pedicure design - the most original ideas in the photo


Every woman and girl not only has to, but is obliged to take care of herself. Any representative of the fair sex should have a well-groomed hairstyle, manicure and, of course, pedicure. These elements are the calling card of all women. Well-groomed nails should be not only on the hands, but also on the feet. Moreover, modern masters simply work wonders when doing pedicures.

Features and meaning of red pedicure

The color red has always won the hearts of all representatives of the fair half of humanity. This shade looks perfect on women's nails. This color scheme always attracts special attention, giving a woman’s outfit a certain showiness, audacity, irresistibility and light charm.

Solid red pedicure

Red is a win-win color. That is why many beauties give him their preference. Moreover, modern stylists have brought red shades to the top of the most trendy and fashionable shades. But it is worth considering the main rule. If the color of sandals or open-toed shoes is red, then the pedicure should differ from them in several tones.

Red pedicure in velvet or matte design

In order for the pedicure to look as rich as possible, you should not focus only on the brightness of the varnish coating. It is also worth using bright or iridescent decorative products. Many girls very often use matte coatings to decorate their nails, thereby muting the bright shades. In some cases, a matte red pedicure is decorated with graphics, rhinestones and shiny elements. This work of art will serve as an excellent option not only on holidays, but also on harsh everyday life.

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Red ombre pedicure

Modern salon masters emphasize that this year it has become fashionable to decorate toenails in an amber style. This pedicure involves a gradual transition from a dark shade to a light tone. So not only a manicure can be decorated with ombre, but also graceful toes.

Red pedicure with foil and glitter

The simplest pedicure is a single-color coating, in addition to which foil and glitter are used. Basically, decorative elements are made in gold or silver shades. This will give your pedicure a rich look. This design can harmonize with any skin color. The decor can not be applied to all nails, but only to one. This could be the ring finger or thumb.

Red pedicure with geometric patterns

This year, a new style of pedicure simply burst into fashion. These are geometric patterns made in a minimalist style. Ornament means stripes, triangles or squares. These elements will give ladies' fingers a well-groomed and original look.

Red pedicure in animalistic style

An abundance of prints are especially popular this year. Animal art done on red shades of varnish looks more original and amazingly beautiful. This pedicure design does not take on an old-fashioned or vulgar look. To make it easier to work with the design, you can use special stencils or slides.

Red pedicure with kamifubiki

Pedicure design amazes beauties more and more with its universal ideas. Small elements of confetti can add some playfulness to a woman’s image. This nail decoration product is often used to design the thumb. It is worth remembering that if there is a lot of kamifubica, the image may be ruined.

Red pedicure with rhinestones

The bright red shade of the pedicure can be complemented with rhinestones. They will add sophistication and chic to girlish fingers. Using these decorative tools, you can experiment with ornaments. Moreover, the design can be created only from rhinestones alone. These can only be lines or a laid out heart, as well as holes. Girls who are used to being the center of attention prefer red manicure with rhinestones. Especially if they completely cover one finger (ring or thumb).

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Red pedicure in combination with other shades

Modern stylists advise using several color options at once when performing a pedicure. To create a beautiful and original look, you should try a combination of red and bed shades. For more formal events, it is worth paying tribute to the shimmer of gold and red lacquer coating. Well, for a summer holiday by the sea, you should use the original version of rich shades of red and green. For girls who prefer a calm and at the same time bright pedicure, the masters offer a smooth transition of red and pink tones.

Red pedicure with flowers

In the summer, many beauties try to decorate their manicures and pedicures with realistic colors. A pedicure with decorations in the form of flowers can add romance and sophistication to a woman’s look. This design can be made using modeling, stickers or watercolor techniques. Flowers can be of different sizes. For example, large rosebuds can decorate the thumbnail, while small daisies can be located on all fingers. Flowers look especially original on the red shade of the varnish coating.

Red pedicure with monograms

An intricate and original ornament with curls of various types - these are monograms. In winter, these patterns resemble window ornaments made by frost. But in summer, monograms are used to depict plant branches. To complete this decor, all you need is a cherry shade of varnish and a white tone for drawing out the monograms.

Photo of red pedicure

Few girls don't like the red shade of varnish. After all, this is exactly the option when you can express your sophistication and passion with the help of pedicure and manicure.