Fashionable pink manicure design: the best ideas for spring-summer 2024


Pink is an all-season manicure color. With the right choice of shade, you can create the most unique designs. Pink nail polish always looks good, at any time of the year, and in any weather. So in the spring-summer 2024 season, pink is back in trend. Pink color has many shades and halftones, and therefore choosing a color to create a new stunning manicure is not so easy. A delicate pink palette is a great way to make your look more feminine and delicate. In this article we will discuss fashion trends that can be easily implemented with pink nail polish.

Fashion trends for pink manicure for the spring-summer 2024 season

For pink, there are separate elements that will help dilute the color and add brightness to it or, conversely, make it more restrained. Decorative stones, rhinestones, bouillons and beads can be used as decorations. It is worth saying that you should not overdo it with the number of such decorations, because this can create a bad clutter on the nail plate.

Nowadays monotonous wavy lines and simple stripes are no longer fashionable. In the warm season of 2024, various jewelry is trending, the same type as stones and rhinestones, only in a variety of designs.

Pink manicure can safely be called demi-season, or even all-season. It can be done at any time of the year, in any season and even with any style. It is worth understanding that for different seasons and styles, the techniques of such a manicure may change. The warm weather trend will include the following directions and techniques:

  • Broken glass effect technique.
  • Hand painted nails on pink base background.
  • Drawing.
  • Openwork patterns on the surface of the nails.
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In addition, geometric patterns on a clean base pink tone are in fashion. Asymmetry will also be good, which will help diversify even the most austere and discreet manicure.

But if we talk separately about the color accompaniment of pink manicure, then the leading positions, of course, are calm, natural, powdery tones. Nails that are too bright will not look so neat, and even a little tasteless.

Pink manicure for short nails for the spring-summer 2024 season

The selection of pink colors for short nails should be discussed separately. Because not any pink will look beautiful and moderate on nails of below average length. Don't apply too much polish on short nails. The nail plate may simply become damaged. For short nails, solid soft pink tones with a predominantly matte, not too shiny texture would be ideal.

Short nails in pink varnish can also be decorated with a variety of elements, but very carefully. Rhinestones and sparkles are acceptable, but only in very limited quantities. There is another important point - decorations should not be applied to all nails. This could be 1-2 nails. For example, the ring and index fingers.

In case of brittle nails, we must not forget about pink manicure. This will be ideal for the nail plate, especially for the injured plate. Pink will help visually “adjust” and “smooth out” acute or negative moments. After applying colored pink varnish, a protective special nail coating is applied on top. This coating makes it possible to easily grow the desired length of the nail, without any particular difficulties, and in a fairly short time.

Pink manicure for long nails in the spring-summer 2024 season

With long nails everything is much simpler and more interesting. The black and pink style, the so-called emo-romance, looks great, which helps highlight an interesting design, make it more eye-catching and bright. For a romantic manicure, you can combine a calm pink color with a soft gray color. This is a great combination for creating a romantic, delicate manicure design that is suitable for girls of any age: from the youngest to women of respectable age.

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Pink and gray are classics that are very convenient to create various metamorphoses in the form of decorations, additions and classic simple painted designs.

In the spring-summer 2024 season, the ideal color combinations for long nails will be the following:

  • Pink + grey.
  • A combination of achromatic grey, black and pink.
  • Delicate pink with white.
  • A combination of pink and yellow for young young fashionistas.
  • The combination is a bolder pink and red.

In the case of various combinations, you can turn to brighter additions. It could even be neon colors or a combination of pink and contrasting black.

Decorations and additions for pink manicure for the spring-summer 2024 season

The fashion for jewelry and additions to nail designs will not go away or change anywhere, since this whole fashion movement appeared much earlier, and as long as it is in demand, it is not going to change.

Designs with accents on one or two nails will look beautiful. It is better to choose basic tones in basic neutral tones, to which you can then select accompanying, matching tones or decorative elements and decorations.

Dried flowers, broths, rhinestones, various translucent rubbed powders, foil and mica can be used as decoration. All these decorative elements will transform a simple, discreet, strict manicure into a more festive and elegant one, which can be done for special occasions in life.

If you have already decided to use decorative elements, then you should immediately think about how many fingers you plan to decorate. Since with a basic pink base, you definitely shouldn’t go overboard with decorations, and therefore you should think about the final design in advance and think through the smallest details. This especially applies to the decoration and embellishment of nail plates.

Photo of pink manicure for the spring-summer season

Pink manicure spring-summer 2024 is a predominantly gentle, modest and very feminine manicure that can be performed at any time of the year, and with any style and image. You can add other contrasting colors, as well as various decorative elements. All this can complement or even radically change the overall appearance of the final manicure.