Yellow manicure with rhinestones - amazing shine and brightness on your nails


Bright, fresh and simply very beautiful and feminine yellow manicure is recognized as one of the most sought after among young girls and older women. Thanks to the mass of various designs, it is very easy to create something unusual and amazing on nails of any shape. Today we will talk about the most beautiful designs of yellow manicure with rhinestones.

Matte yellow with rhinestones

Matte yellow looks very beneficial, especially if your nails are too narrow and short. The fact is that matte visually expands the nail plate and makes the nails longer. Matte yellow goes well with any kind of rhinestones, in color and texture. In this design, it will be very easy to create something luxurious and worthy of any holiday.

The abundance of rhinestones

If you love rhinestones and the more the better, then immediately pick up this design. There is no restriction on rhinestones, so it is allowed to completely highlight all nails into shiny pebbles. The main thing is to leave part of the nail or one free nail uncovered with rhinestones so that the main yellow coating can be seen.

Solid yellow with rhinestones

The most popular and practical yellow manicure is a plain one. It will be very easy to dilute it with rhinestones in a different color, for example, black and white. Other colors go well with yellow, but white and black are unconditional classics that highlight the yellow color very favorably. In a monochromatic yellow manicure, do not use too much rhinestones. This can spoil the overall picture and make the manicure too bright.

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"Acid" yellow with rhinestones

Neon yellow is considered the brightest and most catchy in the entire palette of yellow. It is acid that creates a vulgar and very noticeable manicure that can definitely attract the attention of others. Additionally, you need to carefully decorate it with rhinestones so as not to overload the design even more.

Yellow ombre and rhinestones

Yellow ombre always looks amazing, especially when it is complemented with rhinestones. The gradient can consist of several shades of yellow, which creates a harmonious and feminine design on any nail shape. Rhinestones can complement the gradient color transition, but here they should be almost invisible. After all, ombre is a self-sufficient design that only needs a little embellishment.

Yellow design with rhinestones and pattern

On a yellow background, you can create interesting drawings lined with rhinestones. This is a high skill that will require special skills from you. You can use the services of a master and make a design in the salon. Instead of laying out drawings with rhinestones, it will be good to draw a drawing by hand with paints or varnish, or use stickers. After such a drawing, you need to decorate with rhinestones.

Yellow french manicure with rhinestones

Always up-to-date French manicure and did not bypass the yellow color with rhinestones. Such a combination in the French form of manicure is not uncommon. Most often it is selected for the summer season, when the freshness of yellow is especially relevant.