Winter novelties in manicure design - photo ideas of beautiful nails


Fashionable winter manicure is not only about cute snowflakes and New Year's designs that we most often see on nails in winter. Other modern nail art techniques are no less relevant in winter manicure.

Hand painting, watercolor drops, stamping, geometry, negative space, gradient - this list goes on for a long time, but you can highlight the main trends and the most unusual design combinations that will be an excellent solution for a fashionable manicure.

Actually, today’s photo collection of new winter manicure ideas is just in time. If you are looking for new winter manicure design ideas that could surprise the most discerning clients, we will be happy to introduce you to the leading winter nail design trends and show them in a photo review.

Trendy winter manicure encourages both complex combined design ideas and simple nail design options. A simple winter manicure does not mean boring, we are talking about minimalism in winter nail design, manifested in accent and monochrome versions of winter manicure.

Black winter manicure in gold

The most popular winter manicure is the combination of black coating and golden decorative elements. Foil, sparkles, inlay, golden stripes or metallic rubbed holographic powder in a gold look look chic in a duet with a black manicure in winter. Golden patterns and cobwebs in the color of gold look great on black nails.

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Crimson gradient in winter manicure

In the fashionable winter gradient design, not only the blue or blue palette of shades is relevant. This winter, the trendy ombre effect on nails is represented by bright crimson shades. Red, burgundy, wine shades and marsala will create a wonderful gradient in a winter manicure.

Delicate winter manicure in nude style

To ensure that your winter manicure is tender and flawless, the trendy nail design in winter remains your favorite nude. A fashionable manicure in natural shades cannot do without an original design; it is best to decorate winter nails with beautiful inlays or velvet snowflakes.

Spectacular red manicure in winter

What do you associate with red manicure in winter? Santa's clothes, New Year's gift wrapping, mulled wine and winter berries are red, which is perhaps why the scarlet shade is so popular in winter manicure designs. In the winter season, red manicure looks very cool with a mirror effect.

Winter French manicure

In its winter version, French manicure is a rather colorful and rich nail design. It is fashionable to complement white classics with beautiful winter nail art, and a stylish black French nail design in winter goes perfectly with a veil design.

Lunar manicure winter

How about highlighting the hole with a snowflake or doing a lunar combined manicure in the negative space style with sparkling sparkles on winter nails. Both options for winter manicure designs with holes are amazing and interesting.

Dark matte manicure winter

Fashionable winter manicure often appears in dark design options, complemented by sparkling decor. This winter, dark matte shades on your nails will create a truly mysterious and magical design thanks to the fashionable techniques of flow, cat eye, stone and flame effects.

Modern winter nail art - fashionable designs on nails

It is pointless to touch upon the New Year and Christmas theme for drawings in a fashionable winter manicure design, because everyone already understands that snowflakes, Santa Claus, deer and other New Year paraphernalia are always relevant and quite in demand.

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In a fashionable winter manicure, it is not important to use such designs, because you can complement winter nails with other equally interesting and fashionable nail art options.

The captivating leopard print in winter manicure is one of the extremely stylish and original design ideas that can be presented in the most daring and unusual interpretation. Fashionable inscriptions on winter nails are no worse than drawings of a Christmas tree or New Year's toys.

Drawings of forest animals and funny birds, which can be depicted in a winter look with a scarf or knitted hat, will rush to show off the fashionable manicure design. A funny little penguin or snowman will perfectly reveal the theme of winter.

Among the abstract nail art used in winter manicure, I would like to highlight extraordinary spreading patterns reminiscent of sea waves, space or stone effect, as well as splashes of paint with black dots.

The best winter manicure designs - the latest trends

What makes a winter manicure charming and unique is nothing other than harmoniously selected shades and methods of nail design, turning into real masterpieces of nail art. What will look super impressive and stunning with what in a winter manicure design is presented below.

TOP 10 wonderful ideas for complex manicure design for the winter:

  • Multi-colored glossy nails + matte black with liquid metal design.

  • Combined manicure with glitter powder and glitter + matte nail with rhinestone design.

  • Sweater design with velvet sand + matte manicure with a pattern.

  • Dark geometric manicure design with negative space.

  • Leopard print in tandem with inscriptions in black manicure.

  • Multi-colored foil on accent nails with any monochromatic manicure.

  • Matte monochromatic manicure with foil and stamping on accent nails.

  • Plain satin nails in a foil and web design.

  • Complex design with rhinestones and different prints.
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  • Black French manicure, veil and rhinestone decoration.

Winter new manicures - photo ideas for the most beautiful and fashionable nails