102 ideas for topical manicure for almond nails


Every fashionista knows about the popularity of natural lines in manicure. This trend is best reflected by the almond shape of nails. It looks very beautiful in itself and is an ideal basis for various designs. What types of design are most relevant? This is exactly what we suggest you look into right now.

Delicate manicure for almond-shaped nails in pastel colors

Romantic people more often than others choose to design their nails in pastel shades. This coating looks perfect on an almond shape and will always be appropriate. In addition, this manicure will suit any look, including a festive one.

But if a monochromatic coating seems too simple to you, feel free to complement it with a pattern. It can be a delicate lace pattern, small flowers, dotted or striped design. Each of them looks interesting in its own way.

At home, you can use a set of brushes, stamping or slider design for this. This will significantly speed up the process and only improve the quality of nail design.

Undoubtedly, a pastel manicure on almond-shaped nails can act as an evening decoration. In this case, it should be supplemented with foil prints, sparkles, a small amount of rhinestones or powder. In some cases, manicurists do sculpting.

But keep in mind that this type of decor is complex and in large quantities may look inappropriate. Therefore, it is better to trust this matter to professionals.

Abstract almond nail design

Among fashion trends, it is worth highlighting abstract drawings. The chaotic arrangement of lines, strokes, various ornate patterns and much more merges into a single, beautiful design. Such designs are located mainly on 2-3 nails. Thanks to this, the manicure turns out to be not too active, but at the same time a little more unusual.

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If desired, it can be additionally decorated with sparkles or rhinestones, as well as a dot pattern. This combination looks stylish and modern.

Elegant French manicure on almond-shaped nails

Despite the presence of a variety of types of designs, French manicure remains in fashion from year to year. This is because manicurists are constantly offering more and more new design ideas. This allows you to visually transform the usual option.

At the same time, no one limits the choice of color design. Therefore, French manicure can be in absolutely any shade or combination. The same goes for the “smile” line. It is not at all necessary to make a classic version. Take a closer look at triangular, oblique or unusual shapes.

A French “twist” manicure also looks great. Thanks to this, the manicure turns out even more stylish and is perfect for any event.

Decorative details are a great way to transform a French design. Choose foil prints if you want a romantic manicure. Rhinestones and sparkles will make it more festive and bright. Kamifubuki, powder and rub-in powder also work well with French manicures.

Negative space in nail design

Designing your nails doesn't have to be complicated. More and more often, girls are choosing a laconic, not too active design. This allows you to create countless looks and not worry that the manicure will not go well with them. As for negative space, it is one of the universal solutions for every girl. It can be implemented on any background, which is another significant advantage.

In general, negative space suggests that one or another part of the drawing will not be painted over. This only emphasizes the unusual approach to design. Additional decor is practically not used in this case. Because the manicure itself looks stylish and attracts the attention of others.

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Dark manicure on almond-shaped nails

Fresh, romantic nude always looks elegant on nails. But this does not mean that you need to give up more saturated shades. We recommend paying attention to a dark palette, namely emerald, blue, black, burgundy, purple and brown. Each of them looks incredibly beautiful on almond-shaped nails.

Moreover, such a manicure is suitable both for an evening out and for every day. The main thing is to choose the most suitable image so that everything together emphasizes your beauty.

Manicurists insist that a single-color coating is not the only suitable solution in the case of dark shades. Monochrome looks great on nails, as well as matte or velvet designs. This will be a great base for a knitted design in the winter season. In general, we can say that a dark manicure always looks luxurious.

Manicure for almond-shaped nails with marble pattern

Thin, barely noticeable lines - this is how a marble pattern on nails can be characterized. Making such an imitation of stone is not at all difficult. The main thing is to practice a little and then everything will definitely work out.

In the process you will need a thin long brush and varnish in several shades. Most often the base coat for marble print is white. But there are exceptions in the form of gray, black or pink. As a result, each of them looks completely different.

If you can’t apply the design yourself, purchase a stamping or slider design. In the world of nail art, it is believed that these methods are a little more complicated. But still, every beginner or inexperienced master can handle them.

To decorate a marble manicure, you can use foil elements and sparkles. In this case, it is better to put rhinestones aside, since this decor is too bright.

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Photo of manicure for almond-shaped nails

Almond-shaped nails have been considered the most fashionable for several years. This is not surprising, because it only emphasizes natural beauty. In addition, manicurists regularly offer fashionistas new, fresh design ideas that will look perfect on such nails.