Luxurious spring-summer manicure ideas - 100 photos


Every year, during the arrival of spring, almost all girls are transformed and become more beautiful, like the buds of the first flowers. A slight change in hairstyle, makeup and manicure can make a woman happier and more romantic. After all, the spring season is the time when the period of light flirting and female superiority rages. An indispensable element in the image of any beauty is a manicure. We offer to discuss all the fashion trends and trends of spring manicure, which is gaining popularity.

Warm season manicure trends

Spring manicure is simply amazing with its unique variation and inimitable design. The trend is multi-colored and plain nails, voluminous ornaments, interesting floral paintings. But there are also such types of design that simply cannot be ignored: French manicure, foam manicure, gradient design. All of them are very common in the modern world of nail art, and their new design technologies are simply incredible.

Monochrome manicure

One-color design is once again entering the world of nail art. To perform a spring manicure, masters recommend using delicate colors. For example, light blue, pink, mint tone will serve as an ideal option for the base coat. If the manicure has a classic direction, then it is best to use a burgundy, white-black or red duet. Especially for girls who love bright and juicy colors in their image, a lot of incredible monophonic, but rich options are offered.

Multi-colored manicure

Girls who prefer to be the center of attention should try a manicure, where each nail is painted in a different shade. The versatility of the color palette makes it possible to implement incredible ideas in a combined and saturated version.

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Volumetric design

To create original and unsurpassed ornaments, most of the masters use the well-known technology - modeling. This decor style has been in fashion for many years. But the most important thing is that modeling does not lose its relevance even among the younger generation. Convex petals, flowers and twigs are ideal for creating a spring or summer look. Thanks to them, chic manicure options are created.

Incredible foam manicure

The leader of modern technologies is foam manicure. The most important advantage of this technology is its simple and not tricky execution. Just a few steps of applying the foam obtained from any soap product can decorate an ordinary boring manicure. In order not to lose the originality of the pattern, it is necessary to use the correct and necessary shades of varnish. Foam bubbles look best on pink, blue, beige and white.

Gradient manicure

Most girls simply cannot imagine a manicure design without a gradient. Moreover, at the present time, modern masters recommend using multi-color lacquer coatings for this design. Shades of one color palette fade into the background. But most importantly, pastel and beige colors are being replaced by incredible ideas from combinations of black and burgundy, pink and white. You can decorate such a manicure thanks to rhinestones, broths or incredible hand-painted.

Flower manicure

Spring is the time when you can observe the wonderful awakening of nature. The opening of the buds and the appearance of the first flowers - this is what many girls and women prefer to depict on their nails. For the perfect manicure in this style, hand painting is often used. But, unfortunately, not all masters have such abilities. Therefore, in some situations, ingenuity is shown: in cosmetic stores, special stickers with ready-made ornaments and additional decorative elements are on sale.

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French manicure

Incredible interpretation has a modern French manicure. The transformation of a French manicure can surprise any fashionista who likes to try almost all the innovations on herself. “Warm” French manicure has slightly changed its acceptable facets and, one might say, brought bright colors into fashion. Now the “smile” line can be done in a two-tone bright version. Exquisite elements of geometry, rhinestones, beads - this is the embodiment of the master's fantasy in design.

Ornaments and patterns

This season, unique geometric prints are very popular. Most of them are done using the original color block design technique. All the usual rhombuses, triangles and squares are decorated and complemented by an abundance of glitter and stones. Pretty faces of insects or animals are also able to diversify the spring manicure. Their image is often combined with floral painting or green twigs.

New nail art

Decor is an integral part of any manicure, so modern masters decided to decorate women's nails with glitter strokes, voluminous patterns and additional decorative elements. Just a few interesting drawings can transform any pattern. A small amount of rhinestones or any stones will help to lay out an original and beautiful ornament on the nail plate. For the younger generation, modern masters offer an incredible combination of small flower paintings that should be transformed with the help of “caviar” (small balls) or glitter.

Photo manicure for spring and summer

So, let's take a look at the results. What is still fashionable to use in spring manicure? The masters did their best, because they were able to combine several original techniques into one gentle and excellent manicure at once. But the most important thing is that all manicure options can be easily done with your own hands. For example, even the foam design.