Sophisticated and stylish turquoise manicure - 100+ photo ideas


Turquoise color is one of the most popular and relevant this year. This color is used not only in makeup, outfits, but also in manicure. The turquoise hue will give your manicure brightness, while it will look restrained. Of course, it all depends on the design and the chosen shade. Techniques are very popular this season: mirror execution, gradient, French manicure, combination of different colors and others.

Turquoise color is combined with blue, green and light tones, making the manicure design bright and attractive. Thanks to a large number of shades of turquoise, every fashionista can choose and pick up fashion ideas for nail art.

The combination of turquoise color with other colors

Even in mono version, the turquoise color looks attractive. At the same time, adding it with other shades, you will get a stylish nail art that will not go unnoticed by others. The most successful colors are:

  • pink - goes well with a pastel turquoise hue;
  • beige - a stylish addition to office nail design;
  • silver and gold are ideal for creating a beautiful design;
  • black color - suitable for drawing geometry, "smiles" and "holes" of French manicure;
  • white color is a fashionable combination that does not need to be introduced.

Rules for applying turquoise gel polish

In order for your nails to look perfect, it is worth observing several established rules for applying a bright turquoise color. Saturated tones of turquoise color look beautiful and attractive on long nails.

Of course, such a manicure design needs decor. After all, a large nail plate allows you to depict a wide variety of patterns and drawings. Short nails covered with a turquoise tone look no less attractive. If you are the owner of short nails, feel free to choose a turquoise color, because it is he who visually lengthens the nails. At the same time, remember that short turquoise nails should not be overloaded with decor. Limit yourself to small patterns or a few rhinestones.

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Like all light shades, the turquoise color makes visible all the imperfections of the nails. Before applying turquoise varnish, be sure to polish the nail plate and use a special base for varnish. Then, depending on the color saturation, apply gel polish in one or two layers.

Turquoise nail art with flowers

For most girls, the turquoise color is compared with spring flowers, greenery and the spring sun. In this regard, the best addition to the turquoise tone is a floral motif. Decorating nails with floral motifs has been leading for a long time among various other ways of decorating manicure. With the help of flowers, your manicure can be transformed, and the manicurist can offer you a large selection of bright, unique and original nail design ideas.

A manicure with flowers is performed in different ways. Trending methods of decorating nails are the creation of floral motifs using stencils, stickers with flowers, and hand-painted. You can experiment with the pattern and patterns, decorate the manicure with sparkles or rhinestones, you can also add turquoise color with light or darker colors.

Turquoise pink manicure

Two different emotional colors can be combined in a manicure: pink and turquoise. In this regard, nail art masters, using these two colors in manicure, give a dominant role to one. As a rule, more often this color is turquoise.

Apply different techniques for combining these colors. As an example, this can be a French manicure, powdery execution, broken glass, reverse French manicure, drawing one or more nails. Your choice of manicure can be done in a matte or glossy finish.

Turquoise color with white in manicure.

This season, a manicure that combines turquoise and white varnishes is very popular. The trend of the year are the colors: sky turquoise, mother-of-pearl turquoise tone and aquamarine. Various techniques are used in manicure, the most in demand are geometric design, gradient and highlighting one or more nails.

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Nail design masters offer both matte and glossy manicure. Rubbing powder, the use of sparkles, rhinestones and metal elements will be appropriate decor. Turquoise-white manicure is decorated with drawings. These are most often geometric patterns, stripes, lace and polka dots.

Originality of turquoise-black manicure

The most interesting and spectacular is a turquoise manicure with black.

For delicate and sophisticated girls, a turquoise color is very suitable. Black color is the same for courageous and confident girls.

At first it seems that the combination of these two different colors is not very appropriate, but at the same time the duo is very popular and looks spectacular.

Trending techniques for staining nails with these opposite colors are - French manicure and gradient. Combining turquoise and black color, everything is possible: accenting, and drawing ornaments, and the predominance of one of the colors.

Dark turquoise shades in manicure

A spectacular idea of ​​a nail design master is the creation of a manicure in dark turquoise tones. In matte and glossy colors, dark turquoise tone looks bewitching. It is possible to select several nails and combine textures. For fashionistas who prefer dark turquoise colors, manicure masters offer to perform it in a gradient technique using other dark colors such as black, burgundy and blue.

A festive look to such a manicure will give the decoration of nails with glitter, rhinestones, rubbed powder and foil. The main rule is the appropriateness of the design. Dark turquoise tones are suitable for both everyday wear in the office and for a festive manicure.

Turquoise french manicure

French manicure in a turquoise tone looks gentle and sophisticated on the nails. In such a manicure, instead of the classic white "smile" of the French manicure, they use a turquoise color. To give an interesting and effective effect to a French manicure, you can perform a double “smile”, where a white line is drawn next to the colored strip.

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You can play with the main color in French manicure, for example, instead of a transparent base, choose some color of a turquoise hue. Whatever French manicure you choose, it will look spectacular and beautiful on your nails.

Beautiful and delicate turquoise color on short nails

The most stylish and fashionable This year is the short length of nails. To visually lengthen short nails, vertical stripes are made as decor on a turquoise tone. For a spectacular manicure on short nails, nail art masters pay great attention to the popular ideas of turquoise nail design.

For short nails, a matte finish of turquoise manicure is often used. If you prefer the classics, the nail art master will offer you a moon design or a French manicure in a turquoise tone. To dilute the color, choose a pattern on the ring nail. For a more festive manicure, an alternative would be to fill one or two nails with glitter or rhinestones.

Fashionistas can choose the color of turquoise both as the main one and as a decoration.

Photo of a turquoise manicure

Nail art masters offer fashionistas a large selection of manicures. Experiment and boldly choose any design you like, while winning the attention of the people around you with your spectacular and at the same time delicate turquoise manicure!