Helpful tips on how to keep your tan longer


Proper care is the basis for maintaining a beautiful tone of the dermis after the sea. Avoiding procedures aimed at the speedy renewal of the top layer of the cover, you can enjoy the resulting shade literally until late autumn.

In order not to spoil your appearance and not lose memories of your vacation ahead of time, you need to follow some completely simple rules.

How Vitamin A Helps

Vitamin A, included in the diet, will help provide the epidermis with sufficient nutrition from the inside. Any oils applied after a shower containing this element in their composition will “fix” the shade. In the same case, if it is possible to take retinol palmitate drop by drop a day with a small piece of bread, the effect will increase several times.

Food to keep you tan

Proper nutrition will also make a huge contribution to maintaining the tone of the dermis. Products containing beta-carotene are a natural fixative of the golden and chocolate color of the cover.

Moisturizing the skin

Overdried by ultraviolet radiation, the dermis needs to be moisturized and protected. Various means aimed at saturating the cover with liquid save it from peeling, which is the reason for the rapid loss of the resulting color.

Cleansing to maintain tone

Gentle cleansing can improve the condition of the epidermis and appearance in general. Timely cleaning of the body from the "old" layers of the cover is necessary in order for the tone to look even and fresh.

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The bath should be forgotten by those who want to enjoy the resulting color for as long as possible. High temperature uniquely injures the dermis, which leads to peeling and, as a result, the rapid loss of the upper tanned layers.

Proper nutrition to support marine tanning

Melanin is a pigment produced by the skin during sunburn, the action of which is aimed at protecting internal organs from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. It is thanks to melanin that a person, being under the influence of the sun, receives a beautiful tone of the epidermis. In order to maintain the effect of the golden cover as long as possible, you need to allow him to get enough of the necessary vitamins and elements from food.

With beta-carotene for beautiful color

Vegetables and fruits are the best choice to increase the length of the period during which a beautiful color will remain. The beta-carotene contained in many of them contributes to the fact that you can enjoy a longer sea tan.

The following are those foods that contain a large amount of this substance:

  • carrot,
  • watermelons,
  • peaches,
  • melons.

It should be noted that beta-carotene from carrots is properly absorbed only if the fruit is turned into juice and consumed immediately after preparation. The rest of the food should be eaten fresh, not cooked in any way.

carrot juice photo

From free radicals

To prevent the damage that can be done by free radicals produced in the body by exposure to ultraviolet rays, you can drink tomato juice that has an antioxidant effect. And also carrot, which is absorbed better than the fruit of the nightshade family itself.

From pigment spots

In order to avoid the occurrence of various age spots or just uneven skin color, it will be useful to eat foods such as strawberries, rose hips and all citrus fruits. Turmeric, which is an Indian spice, can also help in getting a beautiful even tone.

Tyrosine, which is found in large quantities in avocados, almonds, meat, fish and various seafood, ensures long-term maintenance of skin tone. This amino acid, which is formed in the body from phenylalanine on its own, can also affect mood and eliminate mild depressive disorders.

Folk remedies for beautiful skin after rest

There are many folk recipes that can help keep your southern tan as long as possible. All methods are easy to do at home if you have all the necessary products that will be needed to prepare products applied to the skin.

Coffee or tea

To enjoy a chocolate or golden hue for much longer, wipe or rinse the skin with coffee or tea. The tea leaves left after drinking tea will help not only fix the shade, but even narrow the pores and moisturize the cover.

Masks from the pulp of ripe tomatoes

It should be applied to the epidermis, well cleansed without the use of harsh abrasive agents. After 20 minutes, you need to wash off the mono composition by alternating warm (not hot) and cool water.

tomato face mask

Infusion of succession

Rubbing the cover with an infusion of string or chamomile can also keep the tan on the body longer. To obtain a liquid that must be used during the procedure, you should take 8 tablespoons of dried flowers and pour them with a liter of boiling water. You need to insist the mixture for about 2 hours. The best time to apply is in the morning.

Carrot mask

A carrot mask is also able to strengthen the shade obtained as a result of solar procedures. The root juice mixed with olive oil should be applied to the skin and washed off after 20 minutes of the procedure. However, you should not resort to the method for those who have a light skin tone, because instead of getting a dark tone, it will become an excessively bright yellow color.

Carrot face mask

Cosmetics to make the tan last longer on the body

Cosmetics aimed at a longer preservation of the skin tone acquired during the holidays also play a significant role in the lives of those who dream of “eternal bronze tint”. Almost every brand has such products, the main direction of which is compositions for fixing color.

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Theoretically, all these compositions can be divided into prolongators, tanning agents and activators. However, the filler of any package rarely performs only one function.

For example, most creams are aimed not only at fixing the shade, but also at moisturizing the dermis. At the same time, you can easily find carrot oil, which provides not only natural “help” in maintaining tone, but also nourishment, famous for the amount of beta-carotene substance.

However, whatever the main focus of the product, it is necessary to choose one that performs such an action as:

  • mild cleansing,
  • deep nutrition and hydration,
  • care for dry and sensitive skin.

Just three points will bring a pretty strong result, which will be the duration and quality of "wearing" a golden, bronze or chocolate hue.

In order to keep the tan as long as possible after the holidays, you should follow some recommendations that prevent the active renewal of the upper layers of the epidermis. Proper care, well-chosen folk and cosmetic products are aimed at protecting the cover from peeling, which causes the rapid loss of a beautiful color by the dermis.