Short haircuts with long bangs - 51 photos


Recently, most girls give their preference to short haircuts. After all, short hair is very convenient, comfortable, and thanks to the wide variety of haircut models, you can choose something stylish or creative. Today we are talking about short haircuts with long bangs.

Who is suitable for short haircuts with long bangs?

The thing is that thanks to the variety of bangs, such haircuts can be applied to any type of face. Of course, there are individual features of appearance that can become an obstacle or a complete ban in creating such a haircut, but here you need to consult with a professional hairdresser in the salon.

What types of long bangs are there?

In each haircut, long bangs will look different, but still they are distinguished from each other by different types, and, accordingly, by the result that they will give after.

Types of bangs:

  • Long bangs.
  • Long bangs.
  • Torn long bangs.
  • Asymmetrical bangs.
  • Graduated bangs.
  • Layered bangs.

What are the advantages of a short haircut with long bangs?

  1. Long bangs can be styled in different ways;
  2. Easy to install;
  3. Long bangs will visually help correct facial features;
  4. Short haircuts with long bangs make the look stylish;
  5. This type of haircut does not require frequent correction.

Types of short haircuts with long bangs


One of the most popular haircuts for short hair is the pixie. Pixies always have long bangs, which can be styled in different ways. Pixie is suitable for young girls and visually helps to lose a couple of extra years.

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Bob with long bangs is considered one of the most versatile haircuts that can suit a woman’s different face types. Elongated bangs in this type of haircut will help hide a massive forehead and visually make facial features more harmonious and smooth.

Long Garcon

Garcon is a very short haircut, but in the longer version it has bangs, which add extra volume to the hair.


Shag or Shaggy involves creating a slight negligence on the hair, where the strands are cut in sections. Thanks to this cutting technique, each section can be styled differently, just like the bangs themselves.


Here, long bangs are presented in a thick, rounded version, which merges with the rest of the hair, ultimately forming a cap. A cap haircut is not suitable for every woman, so you need to weigh the pros and cons and definitely decide on such a step.


Asymmetrical haircuts can have uneven cuts on the sides of the head, as well as asymmetrical long bangs. The most important advantage of asymmetry is that it can hide what is unnecessary in facial features, as well as emphasize and highlight what is needed.

Shaved haircuts

The most creative shaved haircuts are the best way to highlight your individuality. The presence of long bangs only emphasizes a shaved haircut, where shaving can affect any area of ​​the head: temporal, occipital, parietal, or all at once.