Oblique bangs - the secrets of success and what type of face it suits


Bangs are an amazing element of a hairstyle that helps to visually correct the oval of the face, rejuvenate it, or vice versa, give it a couple of extra years. In the modern world, a huge selection of different modifications of bangs is offered, among which it is worth highlighting some of the best options. Today we will talk about oblique bangs, and tell who it suits and what is its main advantage.

Oblique bangs success

Oblique bangs, like no other, are most suitable for a different type of woman's face. It is easy to install and always looks stylish, fashionable and relevant. That is why oblique bangs are in equal demand among young girls and older women.

Pros of oblique bangs

  • With oblique bangs, you can do a variety of styling or just hide it behind your ear so as not to interfere;
  • Oblique bangs better than other types help in correcting the oval of the face;
  • Oblique bangs are the first element in updating the whole image, without cardinal solutions;
  • Doesn't require frequent haircuts;
  • Oblique bangs are suitable for different hair and any length.

Who is the oblique bang for?

Oblique bangs suit a different type of face and in each of them it affects some specific areas:

Oval type - oblique bangs only complements the ideal oval of the face, so it can be selected in a short or elongated version;

Square type - for this type of face, the masters are advised to select an asymmetrical version of the oblique bangs, which will help visually soften the massive lower part of the face;

Round type - oblique torn bangs visually make a round face narrower;

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Triangular type - oblique bangs will visually make a protruding sharp chin more rounded;

Rectangular type - an elongated thick bangs or an asymmetrical version will help highlight the cheekbones and emphasize the eyes.

Types of oblique bangs

Short slanting bangs

Short oblique bangs look stylish and daring. She will be able to fit different hair, so she is most often picked up by young girls. A short braid bangs are a little tricky to style, but it's worth spending 5 to 8 minutes a day on it to enjoy the stylish look from morning to evening afterwards.

Long oblique bangs

Elongated oblique bangs are designed to solve many problems with facial skin defects or other imperfections. In particular, such flaws may include a too high forehead, a long nose, the absence of pronounced cheekbones, and more.

Asymmetrical bangs

This type of bang is also known under a different name - diagonal. This option is very effective and can perfectly change your image for the better, without a radical haircut.

Asymmetry can play an important role in correcting the oval of the face, so it is worth consulting with the master, which is still better to choose exactly for your type of face.

Ragged bangs

Ragged bangs create additional emphasis on the eyes, making them stand out even more. It will help hide imperfections in the forehead skin and visually soften square and rectangular faces.