Incredibly beautiful fashion manicure ideas and 170+ photos


New realities of life force us to take a fresh look at familiar things, such as a fashionable manicure. Therefore, for our readers today we have prepared a guide to manicure trends that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Considering what the gurus of manicure art offer us on Instagram and on the Internet, we can say with confidence that you won’t be bored, because manicure ideas have become even more daring and bright, inspiring and attractive. There are no restrictions on the choice of design for your nails in the new season - here are bold drawings, inscriptions, a sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbglitters, metallic decor and the radiance of foil.

Each girl will be able to find something of her own, something that she will like - in the trend are various types of manicure for short and long nails, made using the latest techniques and techniques. It is about them that we will discuss further in our fashionable review.

Nail Trend #1: Foil Nails

The undisputed favorite among decors this season will be foil - so different, but always memorable, just like the designs themselves, made with foil decor. Among the trends is foil in an ultra-thin solution called “potal”, which can be used to laconically decorate a single-color manicure or complement any other design. Also popular foil remains in the form of confetti, stripes, transfer and liquid. We recommend trying different versions of this decor, because each type looks stylish and elegant in its own way.

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Manicure trend #2: textures

Next on the course is the most popular manicure trend, which has already become a hit - “natural textures”. Imitation of patterns on nails of various natural stones and minerals, sea waves and other similar effects always looks unique, interesting and fresh, giving nails creativity and novelty. In addition to the patterns of "natural textures" themselves, glitter or potal is often used in this design, giving a festive look to the nails.

Manicure trend #3: stamping

When you want to make various bright drawings on your nails, and time is running out, then the popular manicure stamping technique will come to the rescue. With its help, craftsmen can relatively quickly create complex and intricate designs that cannot always be done by hand.

Ideal stamping drawings work great with different decor - rubbed shiny powder, glitter, foil, when it comes to evening manicure. But a fashionable manicure for every day in the technique of stamping is proposed with gradient transitions - this combination has already become mega in demand.

Manicure trend No. 4: "animalism"

To dilute the usual lines and stripes, flowers and branches, new prints in the style of "animalism" or in other words "animals" and "animal" colors will help. Similar patterns are represented by the following varieties - “under the zebra”, “under the python” (“snake”), leopard and cow prints. Using animalistic patterns, you can transform the usual French manicure and gradient techniques, which in this design will look much more spectacular.

Nail Trend #5: Gradient

Ombre is such a manicure technique that does not go out of fashion and will delight girls for a long time to come. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at the gradient manicure, moreover, in the new season it takes on new shapes. So, the masters offer a new trend - a radial gradient manicure, which is only gaining popularity. At the same time, designs with a gradient and drawings that complement it, prints, rhinestones and foil are still relevant. The fashionable gradient can be both gentle and bright, allowing you to embody any wishes of lovely ladies.

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Manicure Trend #6: French Design

French manicure continues to be updated and appear before us in new guises. Colored French design, with a gradient, a brilliant "millennium", aquarium and with an unusual shape of a "smile" - all this and more will be relevant in the new season. For lovers of a non-standard approach in the performance of French manicure, we offer a white manicure with drawings on the free edge of the nails, while getting a creative version of the manicure.

Manicure trend number 7: "Watercolor"

Watercolor painting of nails is becoming more and more popular every day, and delights lovers of delicate, sophisticated and unobtrusive nail art. In terms of elegance with this type of drawings, no other can be compared. In the watercolor style, you can draw leaves, branches, buds, as well as flowers, which in this solution are simply delightfully beautiful.

The best masters decided not to limit themselves to metallic luster in the form of foil and rubbed shiny powder, but went even further, using metal jewelry in nail design - pendants, rings, plates, chains, etc. This decor looks very stylish, giving the nails a special charm. You can use metal jewelry not only on long nails, but also on short or medium lengths.

Manicure trend #9: minimalism

Simplicity and lightness - these are the qualities that characterize the minimalist nail design. Small sizes, transparency, neutral and calm tones will prevail in the style of minimalism. Refined patterns of branches on the nails will add femininity and tenderness to minimalism on the nails, while white and milky shades will give the almond shape a flawless look.

Manicure Trend #10: Nail Designs

Modern manicure is hard to imagine without drawings. Fortunately, today there are many techniques that allow you to get beautiful drawings, this is stamping, sliders, as well as hand-painted with a brush.

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What is fashionable to draw on nails:

  • butterflies;
  • flowers;
  • branches;
  • foliage;
  • insects and bugs;
  • fruits and berries;
  • silhouettes and faces of girls;
  • animals;
  • landscapes.

Masters offer to accent two nails or one thumb with drawings, combining different images in one design, which will allow you to get great nail art.

Manicure trend #11: "different hands"

It happens that the drawings or decor for nails themselves are very beautiful, but using everything at once, sometimes you get a very “bulky” and “heavy” nail design. To avoid such an effect in manicure, the masters proposed an unusual solution - “different hand designs”. Fashionable manicure "different hands" suggests combining contrasting color variations, decorating only one hand with drawings and prints, leaving the other with a plain coating, thus harmonizing the fashionable nail design.

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