Summer makeup 2024: trends, techniques, advice from professionals and photo looks


Summer is coming very soon - a time of bright colors, warm days and unforgettable adventures. And, of course, every girl wants to look irresistible in any situation. This year, summer makeup offers us many interesting and unusual solutions that will allow us to express our individuality and create a unique image. This season we can expect unusual color combinations, new techniques and original accessories. But first things first.

The main trends of summer makeup 2024

We'll tell you which trends will be especially popular in makeup this summer.

Bright accents on the eyes

The trend will be rich colors such as blue, green and purple. They can be used either separately or together. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment!

Matte textures

Matte makeup is back in fashion, and this season it will be especially relevant. Choose matte lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes to create the perfect look.

Metallic shades

Silver and gold shadows, pencils and eyeliners will be a real hit this summer. They will add shine and luxury to your makeup.

Mixing textures

Don't be afraid to mix different textures in one makeup look. For example, you can combine matte and glossy lipsticks or shadows of different shades.

Wet lips effect

This effect has remained relevant for several seasons in a row. Use glosses, lipsticks and pencils with a glossy finish to create a seductive look.

Preparing your skin for summer makeup: tips and tricks

Preparing your skin for summer makeup is very important. Here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Always cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and makeup residue.
  • Moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Apply moisturizer or serum to keep skin soft and smooth.
  • If you have skin problems such as acne or rosacea, see a dermatologist for the right treatment.
  • Use a makeup base to improve longevity and hide imperfections.
  • Apply sunscreen before going outside to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
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Eye makeup: current techniques and colors for summer 2024

Eye makeup is one of the most important parts of a summer look. In 2024, the following techniques and colors will be relevant:

  • Bright accents. The trend is bright colors such as green, purple, blue. They can be used individually or combined with each other.
  • Matte textures. Matte makeup is in fashion, so choose matte eyeshadow.
  • Metallic shades. Silver and gold will be the hit of the season. Use them in shadows, pencils or eyeliners.
  • Mixing textures. Try combining different textures in one makeup - matte and glossy shadows in different shades.
  • Naturalness. Don't forget that naturalness is always in trend. Choose natural shades of eyeshadow.

Lip makeup: fashionable shades and shapes to create a bright look

Lip makeup is another important part of a summer look. Fashionable shades and shapes in 2024 include:

  • Bright colors. The trend is rich and bright shades such as red, orange, pink and purple.
  • Matte textures. As with eye makeup, matte lipsticks and glosses remain relevant.
  • Metallic shades. Gold and silver are also popular in lip makeup.
  • Plump lips. This trend has been going on for several seasons. Use contour pencils and glosses to create voluminous lips.
  • Naturalness. Don’t forget about naturalness - choose lipstick and gloss in natural shades.

Bronzing and self-tanning: how to use these techniques in summer makeup

Bronzing and self-tanning are techniques that help create tanned skin without sun exposure. In summer makeup, they can be used to create a “sun-kissed” effect on the face and body.

Bronzing involves applying special bronzing agents to the skin, which gives it a golden hue. Self-tanner, on the other hand, is a lotion or spray that creates an artificial tan on the skin.

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To use these techniques in makeup, you must first prepare your skin. Clean it of makeup and dirt, then apply moisturizer. After this, you can start applying bronzer or self-tanner. Distribute the product evenly over the skin, paying special attention to the face, neck and décolleté.

If you want to create a more natural look, choose bronzers with a subtle tint. For a brighter and more intense tan, you can use darker shades.

Do not forget that bronzing and self-tanning can be not only cosmetic products, but also hazardous to health. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package and do not exceed the recommended dose.

Evening makeup ideas: luxurious looks for special occasions

Evening makeup is an opportunity to show your imagination and create a luxurious look for a special occasion. In 2024, the following ideas are relevant:

  • "Smoky eyes". Classic black “smoky eyes” remain in fashion, but you can experiment with shades and textures. For example, use gold or silver shadows to create a metallic effect.
  • Gradient. A smooth transition from light to dark color on the eyelids looks very stylish and impressive. You can use different shades of the same color or combine several different colors.
  • Arrows. Long and thin arrows on the upper eyelid are another fashion trend. Try using bright or metallic pencils to create contrast.
  • Sequins and rhinestones. If you want to look especially bright and stylish, add sparkles or rhinestones to your makeup. They can be on the eyes, lips or even on the face.
  • Natural makeup. Even though bright and rich shades are trending, natural complexions and makeup are still popular. Choose subtle shades of eye shadow, blush and lipstick to create a natural and sophisticated look.
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Makeup for different types of appearance: how to choose the perfect option

Makeup is an art that allows every woman to highlight her beauty and uniqueness. In 2024, bright accents, matte textures, metallic shades and the effect of “wet lips” will be in fashion. However, in order for makeup to look harmonious and emphasize your individuality, you need to take into account the type of your appearance.

There are four main types of appearance: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each of them has its own characteristics and requires a special approach to the choice of colors and makeup textures. To determine your type of appearance, you need to pay attention to the color of your hair, eyes and skin. If you have blond hair and blue eyes, then you are most likely a winter type. If you have red hair and green eyes, then your type is “spring”. If you have brown hair and gray or brown eyes, then your type is “summer”. If you have brown hair and brown eyes, then your type is “autumn.”

Once you have determined your type of appearance, you can begin choosing makeup. For the “winter” type, bright and contrasting shades such as black, white and red are suitable.

Photos of makeup for the summer season

Summer makeup 2024 offers us a huge number of opportunities to express ourselves and create bright images. By following the main trends and listening to the advice of professional makeup artists, every girl will be able to choose the ideal makeup option that will highlight her beauty and individuality.