Summer novelties of nail design - manicure in bright colors in the photo


The summer season is always characterized by a variety of events, activities and a wide variety of emotions. Therefore, a manicure is most often a reflection of a good mood. In addition, this year, bright colors have become especially relevant, which allow you to create countless designs for every taste.

Bright French manicure for the summer

French manicure is definitely on the first place in the list of the most popular designs for the summer. However, we are not talking about the classic solution, but more modern alternatives. A slanted, wavy or unusual shape of a smile line looks much more original.

The same goes for the twist French manicure, which is a combination of two shades. By the way, often this option is decorated with rhinestones. This makes the manicure more suitable for evening events.

In combination with French manicure, moon designs can often be seen. This solution is not new, however, the bright color scheme allows you to present the design in a completely new way.

At the same time, a variety of summer prints are also appropriate in this case. The main thing is that they are of the optimal size and shape. Otherwise, the manicure may look too complicated. And this, as you know, does not always look dignified.

Gradient summer manicure

A smooth transition of shades always looks beautiful. Moreover, in the case of bright colors, the manicure is even more stylish. And this applies to both vertical and horizontal gradients. But since summer is a time for experimentation, we suggest combining this design with various designs.

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It could be negative space or geometry. In this case, the manicure will be a little more restrained. The combination with the moon design also looks great. An exquisite floral image will add romance to the image.

Other drawings look no less attractive on a gradient background. So experiment and always bring your ideas to life.

Bright manicure for the summer with design

By itself, the bright coating looks very nice and modern. But sometimes you want to add an interesting design that will be the main focus of a manicure. Choose trendy designs that match the seasons and fashion trends.

Fruit design

Despite the popularity of bright design, such a manicure is often decorated with a fruit pattern. Experienced manicure masters mainly apply the pattern by hand. This allows you to make it as realistic as possible and carefully draw all the details.

But if you prefer to do your own manicure, then feel free to use the slider design. These are ready-made pictures, on a special basis. Place the selected segment in a container of water for a few seconds. The layer with the picture will begin to separate and at this stage it must be transferred to the nail plate.

If necessary, flatten the design with an orange stick and apply a top coat. This process does not take much time, but at the same time the manicure turns out to be incredibly beautiful and practically does not differ from the salon.

It is not necessary to decorate the fruit design as it is bright enough in itself. But if desired, you can add a small amount of rhinestones or sparkles. This is the most popular decor, which is almost never superfluous.

Summer minimalism

Despite the fact that in summer, girls most often choose bright, large drawings, minimalism is still in trend. Moreover, such a design can be realized on a bright background. To do this, it is enough to apply the base coat and wait until it dries completely. Then add some small details. These can be strokes, geometric shapes, floral motives, or even abstraction, inscriptions.

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Each of the options looks attractive in its own way. Decor is rarely used in this case. An exception is scotch tape in a suitable shade.

Nautical style

Summer is a time for vacation and travel. That is why nautical design is becoming a real hit. It is noteworthy that there are no restrictions in the process and you can make your own unique design. Pay attention to seascapes, sunsets and embankments.

Also, on several nails, you can depict a palm tree, an anchor, a steering wheel, starfish or fish. If desired, you can combine patterns in one manicure. In this case, decorative elements are not used too often. These are mainly sequins of different shades and sizes.

Flower pattern

A beautiful, romantic floral pattern on the nails always emphasizes the femininity of images. This design is especially relevant in the summer season. Choose bright, large designs if you like to be the center of attention. By the way, it is in this case that sparkles in the center of the flower are most appropriate.

For lovers of a more restrained manicure, we recommend taking a closer look at the micro-drawings on a bright background. This combination is a real trend this year.

Point Design

A simple, but at the same time original manicure with dots is one of the most popular in the summer season. The dots can be of different sizes, because this does not at all affect the effectiveness of the design. Also, in some cases, you can make the dots colored. Such a bright, unusual design is what you need in the summer season.

The undoubted advantage of such a manicure is the ability to do it at home. To do this, apply the base coat and wait until it dries completely. And then, using dots, apply dots in a contrasting color. Such a design will definitely not be boring and will suit any look on hot summer days.

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Photo of a manicure in bright colors in the photo

Bright shades will always be appropriate in the summer season. They pair well with everyday looks, are perfect for travel, and overall are a great opportunity to showcase your own sense of taste. Get inspired by a selection of ideas, among which every fashionista will find something new and interesting for herself.